Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Watch Out, if You're Laughing at Me

Now yall got me ready to go fishing.  lololol.  Learned at a very early age, about 6, that if i fished, i had to do my own baiting, handling, etc.  So, one time i was just below the dam, and there were a line of men sitting on the dam, all of us fishing outa the same hole.  Well, hells bells, i catch a gar!,  which is rare to start with, they almost always break the line, but,,,i land that thang.  All those men sitting up there, pointing and  laughing at me, like,,now what will she do?,,,You know, like when they think we're all stupid or something.  I just did what i do, got my needle nose pliers out, broke the line trying to get that hook out, and tossed that gar back behind me.  Wasn't but about 18" long.  (My youngest son quit swimming in the river after he saw Jaws).  And again, i did what i do, put another hook on, baited it, cast back out.  Shut those men up, i tell ya. LMAOOOO.   I might look small and petite, but watch out.  Well, small back then.  hahahaha  They didn't laugh no more!  I grew up with 2 brothers, and all the neighbor boys, i was as good or better in whatever was going on.  My Dad encouraged me, lol, much to Mother's chagrin.  Just never was one for dress up, dolls, girlie things.  I was really heartbroken one year when the boys got bb guns, and i got a DOLL!!!  for Xmas.  She just never saw the light.

I felt so bad yesterday, i just didn't get back out to water late in the day, so, i ran my hours this morning.  I didn't water at all last weekend, cause we got that little shower.  So, i don't feel like i'm too much a law breaker.  Of course, you can always rationalize anything. lol.  My bro G called about 5;30 and asked if i wanted to ride out to Ns, they were cooking doves, and YES,,,i did.  Gosh, they were sooo good.  C said it was the first time he had ever cooked them.  Did fantastic.  His Dad and some others had gone into Mexico to hunt, brought back 100s.  (A company had paid for the whole thing) As many as was legal.  So C brought home about 200 from his Dad's.  Just cooked about 20, and there were several left.  Guess what he's having for lunch today? lololol.  Was funny, each one had one wing on it. hahahaha, That made it legal.  His Dad and he do roping up there in Cleburne.  Well, i think his Dad still does.  He was coming down here to buy a water truck from one of the hunters, that lives here.  Said construction crews up there were renting them for an ungodly amount, IF they could even find them.  Another event caused by the drought.

OOO YEAH,,,keep forgetting.  Glad i put the site on here, but the river flow today is,,,,39-24-4.  We keep hanging in there.  After the river dried up in the 50s, is when they built another dam, about 2 miles upriver, at our city park.  One time, a bunch of us were out there, just hanging out, (yeah we did that too) and all these huge colored lights showed up in the North.  They were moving around too.  Think that didn't make us hightail it home?   hahahaha, Martians landing, we just knew it!  Next day, someone heard it was a rare showing of the northern lights.  Well, it was rare, cause i sure never saw em again.  Here.  Seen them on tv, but NOT here. 

Way back maybe in the late 60s, or so, there was a movie,,,The Russians are Coming.  Don't know why i thot of that, but that was one hilarious movie.  Heck, i lived thru the Cuban crisis.  My friend J,,said she didn't know whether to get real religious, or go out and do everything she had always wanted to.  We all just kinda sat and waited, thinking it could happen, THE END.  For 3 days!!!  Then afterwards, everybody started building bomb shelters.  Even our new high school was built as one.  We all got letters, telling us where to go, in case of,,u know.  The school was ours, but a lot said Long Horn Caverns.  For years and years, there were barrels of food stuff in there, don't know if it still is.

Ok,,time for that nap.  Still need to catch up.  HAGD

PS, years later, we were told those gar were the best of all, to eat, u cut the back strap out.  We sure wasted a lot, throwing them away, and i still haven't tried it.