Saturday, July 19, 2014

Have to Put This Here

I'm documenting our weather for July!  Our high yesterday was mid 70s,,, and yeah i said 70s,,, lol.  Had a little breeze out of the N too.  Never had to turn on ACs, had house open.. Love to do that, air it out.  Really rare for summertime.

Way back our swimming pool was closing on Labor Day, and we had a front making our high maybe 70, can't remember for sure... See.  Why i documented our weather this July.  lololol.  Well, back to this subject.  The kids HAD to go that day, after all, it was the last day til the next summer.  LOLOLOL,,, they were the only ones there, had to stay in the water, too cold to get out.  The life guard was all wrapped up.  They didn't last long.  I still have to laugh about that.  That's why i always say, be glad to get to Sept.,, never know about the weather.

For some reason,,, i started researching spine docs in our area.  (maybe BB made me think to do this, too).  Maybe because my son's doc has done nothing to help him since the last surgery except give him Epidurals.  We had never questioned the doc's ability, since he was recommended from the one before, as being one of the top in the nation.  WELLLL... i looked it up and he's just a one out of 5 star, 5 being top rated!  I found several in Round Rock-Austin.  Lots closer, better rated,, like 4-5 stars.  The first one we called didn't take Care Improvement Plus insurance, but the other 2 did.  Chose one that comes to Marble Falls, 35 miles away every 2 weeks, and his office is really easy to get to in Austin.  4 1/2 star... lol.  There are 2 at this place.  They have an office in Round Rock too, 55 minutes away.  J will gather all his records,, ( they said to fax them  hahahaha,, NO WAY, cheaper to buy the gas), and get them there Monday, and gave him an appointment for Tuesday.  There's something really wrong,,AGAIN, that needs to be fixed!!!  After the doc looks at these, and he sees him Tues.,,, we will know what's what.  I do have to say, this doc in San Antonio has done great, up until this last one.

Well, that's what i've been up to, so yall tc, and