Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Great Trip,,,

Did a lot yesterday.  Besides the grocery thing.  Got new glasses ordered, and did it thru Walmart.  Checked another place, and for the exact same lense, they were over a $100 higher.  So,,back to Walmart and got those ordered, takes a week.  O well, i don't care, rather do that than make a long trip.  No emergency anyway.  And,,,got new frames too!,,,They have frames from $9 up!!!,,Good looking, good ones too.  Mine were $25, but geezz,,i love em.  Wasn't planning on getting new frames, because of the price, and these are just 3 years old, and still great frames, but,,i really liked the others.  They're a dark copper color.  I've worn glasses since i was 14.  Tried contacts once, but,,,they felt glued onto my eyeballs, when i was in a car.  Just didn't work.  Besides, i was outside a lot, playing softball, practice, doing all the stuff i did back then.

Went to the famous Bluebonnet Cafe for lunch, had fish fillets, with pinto beans, fried okra, and spinach.  They always serve big homemade rolls, and cornbread.  I always debate whether to get the fish or the chicken fried chicken livers...loooooveee them too.  Then almost always, i get the fish, and with the 2 fillets, was enough left for my supper.

All that promising!!! from our dear ol weathermen,,for rain, and all we got was less than a 1/4".  Very little. 

Stopped on the way back at my g/dotter's.  That's why i got back so late, lol.  There had been an article in the paper about home mortgages not being filed, going thru i think,,MERS, and people don't know it until they try to sell and then find out it's never been filed as being theirs.  It's everywhere, not just here in TX.  I had cut it out for them, and it told how you could check online.  And i guess you could just call the county office and ask too.  Anyway, they had gone thru a mortgage company buying their home a few years ago, and it needs to be checked out.

We had spent a couple of years back in the 70s, looking for another house, then my real estate agent called and said she had it.  Long story short,,it was THE ONE.  Since it was on a Saturday, and we needed to put earnest money down, i just called our banker and asked if they would finance another house for us,,,lololol,,and he said yes.  So,,i gave them a check, went in on Monday and got all the paperwork done, and that's all it was to it...Reason it was 2, is, we hadn't sold the one we were living in yet and still owed some on it too.  That was how our small town business worked.  I could always go in and get a 3 month or a 6 month loan, no ?s asked.  They would hold a car title, but not put a mortgage on it.

Hey DD, looks like WEATHER is headed your way.  Hope it's at least some rain, darn it, i miss your swamp.  lol.

You know, i tell these younger people not to lay out in the sun, or use tanning beds, it's like talking to a wall.  My g/dotter won't, and would never, get out without protection.  She took it serious.  Said she didn't want skin cancer.  I stopped by one day, hot hot hot, and she was out with a long sleeve shirt on, and a cone shaped hat, working in her yard.  About like my son wearing that huge sombrero, and a white long sleeve shirt when he has to stand out on a parking lot at the auctions.  They all laughed at him the first time, but,,the next week, a lot of em had those on. lololol.

hahahahaha now there's a tampon recall.  lmaoooooo.  Bacteria on the tube.  Remember one time, my cousin was down here to hunt, and was asking all the females if they had any used ones.  hahahahaha,,,said it attracted bucks.  Well,,,okkkkk.  But nobody had any. He was the one that was out all nite partying, then went hunting with the others, but stayed in the truck passed out or sleeping,,said he raised his head up one time, and there was this big buck standing over there, so he raised his gun up and shot it,,left it laying.. When the others came back to leave, without anything, he told them there was one laying over there.  They didn't believe him but went and looked,,and sure nuff,,,there it was..  That's how you hunt?,,,,lololol.   Not gonna get into all the stories i could tell about him.  Never a dull moment.

Ok, been longwinded today, must be cause of yesterday, but,,