Monday, May 23, 2011

What is Today?

Hey thx Bob, i remember that too, the train brought water here. I think 1 of my earlier blogs talked about this. Only time our river dried up. My neighbors across the street, were bringing home these huge catfish they found in the holes left. My mom took pictures, one time there were 2. These were the Jehovah Witnesses neighbors. There were 2 girls, 1 a year older, the other a year younger, were best friends. I even went to,,services,,with them, but always told em,,can't convince me about ur beliefs. I was a die hard Baptist even then. lol. One thing i gotta say, they lived their beliefs like none other. I had to admire them for that. 2 of the boys went to prison rather than serve in the service. Saluting the flag was like worshipping another God. The younger girl died of a heart problem that could have been fixed with surgery, but that meant blood transfusions, so she wouldn't do it. But really gooood people.

Tears all morning, seeing the news, the tornadoes in MO. Lot more killed. I did tell yall my nieces were ok,,didn't i? Geezzz, we could have some bad weather pop up today,,weatherman just said.

Loved that ol Hermit's blog today,,,lololol,,,had to teach a canadian some of the Texas talk 1 time. I sure didn't ask to learn canadian. hahahahaha. What true Texan would??? Most i ever learned is some Tex-Mex. hahahahaha,,,Now,,u do know,,that's NOT spanish. It's like true mexican food, not near the same as tex-mex, which i prefer. Gosh, how did i get to that, from Texas talk? Sometimes, my mind just wanders, randomly. hehehehe Might be my upper age, r something.

Yall ever seen that movie, Hachi? Was on last nite, a real tear jerker. Bet YOU would even shed a few. For the ones that haven't, it's about a dog. lol,,,The dog whisperer is on, saw 1 like him. Not gonna tell u another word either, but it's worth watching.

Is today Monday?,,,gosh, think so. Ok,,yeah it is. bbl