Monday, March 19, 2012

He'sssss Backkkk

I have noooo idea where that cat went!  I drove around a few blocks and not a sign.  I think he was hiding from another cat, after what happened last nite.  I was going to keep him in, but he wanted out, sooo, out he went.  Way later, about 1AM, yep, still awake,,i heard growling.  Sure enough, there was another cat out there that ran off when i opened the door.  Got him back in, and he still wouldn't stay so in a while he went out and i went to bed,,,again.  He was there this morning so nothing happened.  I don't see but 1 or 2 wild cats around now.

I watched that Frozen Planet last nite, and was just amazed.  Need to see that in the summer,,lol.  It was filmed in the Arctic, and Antarctica.  Don't know which was worse, the N or the S.  That's why i love it here, can't take the cold.  Now i'm getting to where i can't take the heat either,,hahahaha.

The wind has been blowing hard all morning out of the S.  Still forecasting storms later.  Willy B Wright? lololol,,That was the name of the armadillo picture in the paper showing the forecast.  Not there now, and i don't know when they quit using it.

When i was at HEB a few days ago, they didn't have plain ol honey graham crackers. The stock man showed me a new box and told me they were just a little smaller,,well, YEAH,,like an inch square!  I'm very tempted to take them back!  Hate to be done that way.  I guess they're gonna get like the Walmart in Marble Falls, just don't stay stocked on everyday stuff.  Didn't have a few other things either.  And then,,i forgot to use the few coupons in my pocket,,,lollololol.  Do that all the time.

Gotta get milk and go to the library today, no matter what.  Out of the first, and gonna be out of the second before long.   Guess i could get dressed and do it now.  Think i will, so yall tc, and