Thursday, May 9, 2013


Am I dreaming?,,,or,,did DD nor BB post today.  HMMMMM.  WTH....  Now, I did let everybody know I wasn't gonna keep up the daily ones, at least for now, but, these two?  HMMMM!!!

Maybe DDs stuck on his telescope,,,and maybe BB has headed out for Louissssiannna.  Aaaaiiieeeeeee,,,

Just about time for supper, and I have some frozen meals, and some French bread.  THEN, Idol is gonna show which one of the 3 gets eliminated.  The young'un is the one I hope.  Not because she's not good, but,,,, Candance should win,,,and I love Kree. lolololol,,,I sure didn't vote.  How could you choose?  the Voice eliminations were ok, just one I didn't like, and now I don't remember,  lololol.  OOOO yeah, the 17 YO boy.  With the ring in his lip.

Ok, yall tc, and