Friday, May 31, 2013

Time to Catch Up

Since I still could barely get around, I went back to see my doc Wed.  That shot she had put in the muscle didn't do anything, so this time she xrayed it, and I found out it's arthritis.  How can it feel like the muscles are hurting when it's the joint?  I'm seeing a specialist next Wed. and in the meantime i'm taking aleve and tramadol.  With those I can walk a little better, at least.  And yeah, a replacement will be in the future, but hopefully not for a long while.  J showed up when I was still in the xray room, and looked at them like a professional,,,,lol.  (He's still doing super)

With that hurting so bad, I haven't done anything that wasn't absolutely necessary.  I did make it to the library yesterday, can't run out of books to read.  I'm still reading David Balacci, and soooo glad he has written so many.  Finished all the ones with Oliver Stone in them, so into the others now.

Kinda thinking about going to the lunch at church, even tho i'm not hungry.  Been eating my waffles, then supper, and not hungry in between.  J brought me a big bowl of spaghetti that I've been eating on for 2 days,,,best I ever had.  And I make great spaghetti,,,lol.  He said he had found a new sauce at HEB, and was keeping the jar so he wouldn't forget.

BB, I don't know how you play golf with your hip and leg hurting.   My fast pitch softball did this to me.  That has about that same twist.  O well, i'm old, gotta expect bad things.

Need to get my shower done if i'm going to lunch, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What a "Memorial" Weekend!

My bro B had a cook out Saturday, and I even stayed way past my bed time,,,,everybody was telling all these hilarious stories, and I laughed so much, it's a wonder i'm not sore.

Then Sunday, g/dotter cooked all this good stuff, and it was such a good time. 

Hey, I recorded and watched Magic Mike! lol.  Not sure what to say, lots of stripping/dancing,,,but,,,not much else to it.  Really don't think you guys would like it,,,lololol.

I still haven't decided if i'm going up to the church for lunch or not.  Have an hour to do that.  Not hungry, but like to visit with the others there.  Mostly ones I grew up with.

Gotta remember to get my trash out today,,,,it's TUESDAY,,, holidays always mess me up.  It has something in it that sure doesn't smell good.  Gotta go.

Gosh, I think I have a sleeping disease.  That's about all I did yesterday.  Then slept good last nite.  Got a call and I thot it was after 8, but,,,wasn't... Was 7.  It was an automated emergency response the city put in a couple of months ago,,,saying don't use the water on the south side of town, because of a leak.  I live on the north, so i'm ok.  Glad to know it works.  I use a filter for drinking, cooking water any way.

Ok, enough time on this, so yall tc, and


Friday, May 24, 2013


lol, and don't know why it matters any more.

Doc told me I have bursitis and put a shot there.  I was so glad it wasn't arthritis.   I've had it before, years ago, in my shoulder.  What I get for pitching softball all those years.  Fast pitch.  She offered me vicodin and I turned it down,  asked for a milder one.  So,,,got tramadol,,,and just one does about the same!,,,And,, I could take 2 if needed!  Had to laugh when I told  my nephew about the vicodin,,,,he couldn't believe it.  I walked by this kid in a wheel chair, and when I turned back around he said, Hey,,,,and it was him...  Just sitting in that, cause he could I guess.  He was there for a knee, and told to see a specialist.

Don't know if it was the tramadol, or the 2 corn dogs I ate for supper, but something made me really sick.  Carried a bucket around until just a while ago.  Ate tums.  Seems better now, so I took another pill,,,now i'll know.

Heard it thundering almost all nite.  No rain yet, but still a maybe.  And,,,it was thunder I just heard, again.  Bring it on!

Since the finales on most of my shows on tv,,,now there's nothing on!  Not last nite, nor tonite.  Not even any movies to record.  Some of the ones I've recorded from HBO, or Cinemax, are horrible.  Give me Hallmark or Lifetime,,lol.  Those others don't even make sense.

B is cooking tomorrow, and g/dotter, Sunday.  Lots of good food coming up for the weekend.  So here's hoping yall have as good a weekend as I do, and tc,


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cold? this Morning

Yep,,it was cold this morning,,55*.  Felt GOOD!  No rain tho.

The Voice still has my favs on.  Out of the ones left, the 2 eliminated I agreed with.  Next week, gonna be bad.

I found 1 movie to record today,,,The Last House on the Left.  It's 2 3/4 hours long, so it better be good.  I've had to start writing down the dates, and what i'm recording, so i'll know when I look at the list on Titles.  (In the machine).

I've been going up to the little church, (grew up in it), sometimes for lunch.  They serve anybody that wants it, for free.  3 days a week.  I'm not hungry at 11:30  but I like to see some others that grew up in it too.  It was our family church. 

Mother always got the award for having the most kids there on Mother's Day,,,lol.  She and Dad had 3, then 3 more, when I was having mine too.  It was a really fun family.  No one in town knew whose was whose,,,lmao.

Yall tc, and


Monday, May 20, 2013

Sad Day in OK

I turned the tv on about 5, and ........  still watching the horrible tornado news that hit in OK.    Our counties are under a tornado watch, so I will be keeping an eye on the weather, plus listen to my scanner.

Been in most of the day, just don't get out much in the heat.

I did call and get a Dr. appointment for Thursday, with my hip/leg thing.  It hurt so long last nite I finally got up and took another aleve.  I couldn't find a spot to get comfortable.  AND, my feet were hurting too.  I don't know what to do with it.  I can barely walk.  Do I walk and try to loosen the muscles up,,,or do I stay off my feet as much as possible? 

I looked at the Hot  Pockets in the frozen section a few days ago, and ,,,there are so many now,, took a while to pick out a couple of boxes.  Got some on crescent rolls.  Yum,, one makes me a meal.  I thot the Philly Cheese one would be good, and it's ok, but not as good as I thot it could be.  The other is chicken, cheese, broccoli, and it IS good.

Voice is on tonite,,,,I really like the 4 judges, and know 2 won't be back for next season.  Blake cracks me up all the time.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, May 18, 2013

How's It Hanging?

lol DD, there's another one for ya. 

Just made Js g/f some potato soup, since she's "under the weather",,,(gonna have DD busy today).  Mother used to do that when any of us were sick, and it hits the spot,,(omg,,,).  It'll sit on your stomach good, and just make you feel better.  I  licked the spoon after stirring it, and it's soooo good.

Just in case someone wants to know how I make it,,,you cube potatoes, dice onion and cook together.  Then I add some butter, milk, salt and pepper,, mash up a little.  I pour off the water or it'll be too thin.  (Can add some later if needed).

Have to go to the store later for a few things.  Like milk.  I should do it before it gets so hot, but,,won't.  Too early for me to get out.

I looked for movies and there was not even ONE to record today.  I have some tho, so i'm not out.  I know Netflex is just 8.00 a month, but,,, I have that thing I just bought,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, May 16, 2013

AC Time

Here it is, 5.30 and 95*.  BUT,, turned my ACs on this morning.  That time again, and actually we've made it a little longer this year before having to use them. 

My leg/hip is still hurting,,,from pulling that groin muscle weeks ago.  It's on the outside now,,,just not sure what it is.  I'm taking Aleve in the Am and Pm,,,it sure helps.  Hoping it will go away some time in the future.  I told the Doc about it when I was there, but she just kinda let it go.

J is doing good, and has started AA,,,hope he keeps that up.  I went with him the first time, Wed. at noon, and I was impressed.  I can see how it would help,, you have people there that have been in your shoes.  Know what they're talking about. 

My favorite Idol of all time,,,Adam Lambert, is gonna be on tonight as a guest.  He made it HUGE, and finished 2nd in the contest.  Never hear of the one that was 1st. lololol.  America sure gets it wrong some times.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Still Nothing

Same ol, same ol.  Why I don't blog.   Seems there's nothing new, hate to keep saying the same ol thing, you know.

I'm into the Voice too, BB, and, Idol, which ends this week.  The 2 left are both so good, really don't care which one wins.  Then, i'm adding on So You Think You Can Dance.  Loved dancing and music all my life.  I can't pick one from the Voice,,,they are all good.  Hated to see the 2 go last night.

I hear that Idol is totally changing for next season, and all new judges too.  Maybe even the producer.   Can't wait to see what they do.  Been with it from the get-go.

See,,,nothing.  Yall tc, and


Thursday, May 9, 2013


Am I dreaming?,,,or,,did DD nor BB post today.  HMMMMM.  WTH....  Now, I did let everybody know I wasn't gonna keep up the daily ones, at least for now, but, these two?  HMMMM!!!

Maybe DDs stuck on his telescope,,,and maybe BB has headed out for Louissssiannna.  Aaaaiiieeeeeee,,,

Just about time for supper, and I have some frozen meals, and some French bread.  THEN, Idol is gonna show which one of the 3 gets eliminated.  The young'un is the one I hope.  Not because she's not good, but,,,, Candance should win,,,and I love Kree. lolololol,,,I sure didn't vote.  How could you choose?  the Voice eliminations were ok, just one I didn't like, and now I don't remember,  lololol.  OOOO yeah, the 17 YO boy.  With the ring in his lip.

Ok, yall tc, and


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Still Have the "Blahs"

Yep, those ol blahs are still here. 

Went to see a Doc last Friday, not sure what you call a joint one, about my wrist/hand.  It had gotten to where it hurt all the time, and I couldn't find a comfortable place for it.  I got the full treatment,,,and the x-rays showed arthritis.  There were 3 choices of how to treat it, and I chose the injection.  (What he recommended).  Soooo,,,he got out this long tube of stuff, with an equally long needle on it,,,and I layed my wrist across the table and watched him do it.  It did hurt for about 24 hours, but aleve helped, and now it's about 70% better. 

Now that I can use my right hand, what do I do about that groin muscle I pulled a couple of weeks ago, that won't let me walk very good?  LOL.  I was doing squats trying to strengthen my legs, and did that.  Any suggestions?

Been trying to figure out how J can owe the hospital in San Antonio, about 2000.00 when he had met his out of pocket expense before the surgery.  The insurance company says someone has been overpaid, and there should be a refund, but can't tell me who.  Now the hospital it going to turn it over to a debt collection agency.  I was hoping something would penetrate my subconscious during the night,,but,,didn't.  I have all the paperwork showing what was billed, what was paid, but, there's no way I can tell if it was overpaid or not!  Not the way it's listed on all of the claims.  I tried to call the Doc's office yesterday, left 2 messages, but they still haven't called me back.  They should be able to tell me if it was them or not.  There's so many different ones,,,,

Gonna go catch up with BB,,,don't wanna miss that trip to LA!!!

Yall tc, and


Friday, May 3, 2013

On a Back Road




Darn it, hope you can see the Indian Blankets there.  There are so many now, parts of the country is red.  It’s been a really good year for the wild flowers.  This county is the best of all, it’s like you can get to the county line, and,,oops, no more flowers.  In every direction.

The new neighbors to the East of me, got an Australian Sheppard puppy.  I groaned,  cause this neighborhood has been a quiet place for the 12 years l’ve been here.  Now, sure enough, they are letting it run loose, and of course, it’s barking at every little thing.  Hate to have a talk with them, but I’m going to.  There’s a pen there, which I did mention, but the dog isn’t in it.  He said he was going to make one, but,,,when?  Hate to rain on his parade, but,,,,Not a dog lover,,,sorry yall.

That’s it, folks, so tc, and