Sunday, October 9, 2011

What is That Stuff?

Rain, Rain, and more Rain!!! All nite long.  And more coming.  How can the cable have just one channel?  Makes no sense! 

OK back to rain!!!,,,River's up, creeks flooding, low water crossings closed.  Heard on scanner down at Kingsland slab, has 2 feet of water over it, closed.   And it was totally dry.  Saw where we might get as much as 2.65" overall.  That was on the one channel i can get this morning.  When i look to see what we got, it just shows since midnite.  O well, we got rain!!!

Electricity just now came back on.  Now i don't have even one channel.  O well, nothing i wanted to watch anyway,, fixing to take a nap.  Not sure that antibiotic is working.  I am so cold, i put on warm ups, lots better now.  Have a little heat on in here too.  I slept GOOD last nite so that's a big plus.  I've eaten a boiled egg, 1 pc of wheat toast.  My blood oxygen i'm watching, was 88-87 at first, then went up to 95, which is good.  After that bad bout of pneumonia, i bought one of the things that clip on ur finger and gives u a reading, just like the  docs.  lol  So i'm taking lots of deep breaths.  AND, i can move around enough to do a few things.  Just the chills and my eye sockets r sore.  Explain THAT!  Ok,,enough.  If i get to feeling worse, i'll go to the ER.  O yeah, i coughed for quite a while after i got up.

Maybe bl, nap time.

6:30 pm
Cable came back on, and then i had to set both the tv and vcr.  Haven't done a thing today, been in survival mode.  Napped a few times too. lol.  Watched a few episodes of Hoarders.  My Mom was one.  She filled every room in the house, all the outside buildings, everything, with mostly JUNK.  There was a trail to her bed and just one side to sleep on.  She kept buying freezers, had one even sitting out on the front porch.  Run out of room, buy another one. After she passed, took all 5 of us about 6 months to get rid of everything, and empty the house enough to put it on the market.  We just let it go, let her do it.  We knew it was a disease, but it seemed to make her happy.  She went thru the Great Depression, and i think that had a lot to do with it.  She'd buy things at garage sales, or other places, broke things, because they could be fixed.  Then they never were.  There was an old freezer out in one of the storage buildings that had been buried for about 20 years, not running.  Heck, couldn't even open the door to look in, let alone get to it.  No one wanted to open it and look, but bro B did, then shut it real quick, lololol.  I had picked up a pile of magazines and stuff off a shelf after we had worked out way over weeks, and put them in the wheel barrow to go to the HUGE dumpster, and he picked up one, and OMG, under it was about 10 of the newsletters i had worked on way back in high school!!  They covered all the happenings, news, etc, and were monthly.  To me, they were priceless.  It meant a lot to be mentioned in them.  In one, someone wrote about me, that when i got a new haircut, i got a new personality, lololol.  i had all kinds of wild ones.  A flat top with duck tails,,once.  I worked in the art dept. of it.  Back them, u cut stensils.

Enough for today, might be something coming on tv.  It's 7 pm.