Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still Waiting,,

On my doc's call, that I thot I would get this morning.  Since she missed a day, yesterday, she's having to do makeup. 

All the years I worked in offices, no one else could do my work.  It was there waiting til I got back.  I never took more than 3 days vacation at a time, and included a weekend.   That was one reason why.  The last office job I had, I worked 4 1/2 days, putting in 40 hours.  I was on salary, but still.

My son (after I called him) came by and got my list and went to the store for me.  I haven't been out of the house since last Fri or Sat.  Not that i'm missing anything and it's so darn hot anyway.  He picked up a rotisserie chicken for me and mercy, was it good.  I had a big container of potato salad to go with it.  Made me feel like I actually had a good meal.  I keep French bread in the freezer, sliced, so just stick a couple of pieces in my toaster oven, good to go.

I'm getting those darned black beetles back in the house again.  Woke up a few nites ago, felt something crawling on my arm, and yep, that was it.   Wish there was some way to keep them out of my house.  I've tried spraying around inside and outside the walls, but here they come. 

See yall later, tc, and



  1. Now Trouble, you know you are just so dang sweet that even black bettles are attracted to you. . .

  2. DaaGum it girl, I sure do wish you was feel'n better. I ain't the one to tell ya how to feel better.....but daaGum it girl.

    Ha, them black beetles remind me of them great big ol' roaches over in Port Aransas. Skeer hell out me when one crawl'n up my leg or across my bare chest. I come unglued...that for damn sure.

    1. Some people calls 'em water bugs, but they ain't nuttin but a giant roach to me.

    2. Know what those are too. Don't have those very often. They are attracted to wet.

  3. Unfortunately every time I went on work was waiting for me as well! It has been twelve years and I still have nightmares about it :(