Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Been a While

Well here it is,,, almost 11pm,, and i have been to bed, tossed and rolled for over an hour, and got back up. This is almost every nite. I'm so tired during the day i just sit and stay on the computer, or watch tv. What a life!  I'm not making any progress with my walking, but it has nothing to do with my hip (it's great), it's all the years i had before, not being able to walk much. So now i have a lot of catch-up to do. IF i could sleep!

My feet start hurting after i go to bed with neuropathy. I sit up until i get so sleepy i have to go back to bed and hope they'll let me sleep.

I looked at BBs blog and he hasn't posted either. Has anybody heard from him?

Sure hated to hear about Dusty. I know that'll take a long time healing. Be ready there, Dizzy. Are you making big pots of food, like stews, chili, beans, spaghetti, etc? That way not a whole lot of cooking....Me? I'd do a lot of pickup. Even the freezer section at the store has lots of prepared foods. Guess you can tell I don't do a lot of cooking...I can make a peach cobbler with a can of peach pie filling,  a pie crust out of the refrigerator section, torn up into the pie filling, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar... Now how easy is that?

Got me hungry,, having to cook a piece of toast. lol.

My g/dotter brought the little man up on Saturday. He is a super entertainer. Has copper color hair, and my bro has christened him Copperhead.... He does all the kids. Calls one Freckles, and I asked him why one time... said he had ONE on the side of his face.  Well, anyway, Copperhead is 20 months old, and the only time i saw him still, was when Daniel Tiger was turned on. Now i know where he gets his moves...rolling his shoulders, bending his knees, and rolling his hips too. Shaking his head... o yeah, he's got em. She said he really impressed a lot of people at a music fest they had been to.. Got the folk music fest coming up next week, in Kerrville. People camp out in a pasture!! for 3 weeks, in that horrible heat... I hope she takes a leash, seriously. That little red head RUNS all the time.

I'm sitting here staring into space, so guess I've run out of anything to say. Yall tc, and

Friday, March 10, 2017

Anybody Needing a Hip Replaced?

Had the hip surgery 2-13,, got home 2 days ago. 3 days in the hospital, the rest in rehab. I was walking the first day. Isnt that amazing? Is, to me. Its been 3 1/2 weeks and theres very little pain, and thats better every day. My home physical therapist came by earlier and told me to use just the cane most of the time.

 I dont have any food so i have to go to the store,  went out yesterday and picked up something to eat at a drive thru. I was able to drive with NO problem...Not sure how ill get groceries in,, but will worry about that later.

Its HOT today, supposed to be a cold front go thru tonite. Really tempting to turn the AC on..

I  have so many good memories of my son,  and thats how i am getting by.

Gotta go, yall tc, and


Saturday, January 28, 2017

This is Hard

Don't know how much I can write, but need to do this. My son passed away last Tuesday, don't know why yet. He was 52, and my last.
I had a good day on Monday, and had gotten out, drove by and he was home, so I stopped and visited for a while.  He hadn't been doing good, but wasn't worse or anything. I left about 5 and he had gone to the bathroom, but told me thanks for coming by. His friend that was teaching him the guitar went by the next day, Tuesday, and found him. There's a lot we don't know yet, but it had to be something sudden. He had never had any problems with his heart, so,,, we just don't know.
His future was horrible, with his body problems, and he told me that day that he had been told he needed 3 vertebrae fused in his neck. When he got up he couldn't feel his legs or arms for a few minutes.
That's all I can do right now.
I feel like I'm coming down with something. Lots of phlegm in my throat and feels like it's getting sore. I called and asked my pharmacist and he recommended mucinexDM so I got a box.  I think everybody has it. Gotta keep my mouth shut, no talking.
Ok, yall tc, and