Tuesday, December 13, 2011

..... the 13th,,,lol.

I made it!  lol.  Glad i went yesterday, today is so foggy, not safe to drive.   I went to the Bluebonnet, there since 1929, and got the fish.  ummmmm.. Got home and got my big red wagon to load my stuff in, dropped my plate of leftovers, but,,,it landed upside down is all, so was ok, just mixed.  Got everything in, almost, just left the 24 pk of water out there.  Way too heavy for me to even move from wagon to inside.  Don't know where i'd put it anyway.  ONLY reason i have that, was, if you bought duracell batteries, which i had to, you got that water free.  HEB has that kind of thing a lot.  I'm gonna just bring in a few at a time.  I shopped there instead of Walmart because i didn't need other things.  Well, had to get stamps, glue, but HEB had those.  You can get lost on some of their freebies. lol.  Buy this, get all these free. 

I keep reading others blogs, and i don't think there's any sun left.  Not here either, and won't be.  But i love rain, so bring it on.

Lol, told DD he should check out Ol Jules, and then!!1 today, he's got all this stuff about the sun.  hahahaha  He's always talking about stuff that DD does too.

I ordered some stuff way back, about a month ago, and filled in on ,,other instructions,,to put on the box,,Do Not Open til 12-14.  I had it delivered to my niece and her family at Lake Worth.  Since i had never done this, i texted her too, not to open til then,, the reason being she and her oldest have birthdays starting on the 14th.  She told me, tho, that it was on the box, so they have gotten to stare at it, wondering what,,,  Well, tomorrow is the day.  It's BDs and Christmas time.   One time, we were at the check out counter with my oldest son's pellet gun, paying for it so we could hide it in the trunk, and here he walked up.  Well, it was the WORST thing he ever had happen,,because he had to wait til Christmas to get it!! The thing he wanted more than anything,,was torture.  It was about 6 weeks, too. lolol,,poor kid.  They pored over those catalogs, making lists, and just wore them out.  I got 2 Christmas ones.  But he told me one time,,how do you always know what i want?,,,

Visibility, 1/3 mile right now, just after noon.

I know there was something else i wanted to put on here, but,,,where it went i don't know.  So yall tc, and