Thursday, February 6, 2014


It hasn't been above freezing today, high was 28.  Gonna stay like that until about noon tomorrow.  Jude's been in napping all day, running out for a few minutes when necessary.  He's old and decrepid like me,, and sometimes he holds one of his back legs up.  I'm sure it's arthritis.  I think we're about the same age.

I can comment on blogs now,,,, why, i have no idea.  From one day to the next, it worked. 

Somewhere i read that taking glusosamine sulfate at 2000 mg twice a day, had worked wonders for someone.  So when i reordered my vitamins. i got some of that too.  I'll let yall know if it does what it's supposed to.  lol, The order was left on my porch today, and when i brought it in, it was frozen.  i just set it down and left it til later.

Ok, good tv nite, so better close down, yall tc, and