Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Bar in Texas

Tffnguy made me remember this,,,,talking about chickens in a pen.  This is honest to God the truth.  There was, heck, maybe still is, a bar in Austin, out there on Burnet Rd.  kept a chicken in a  pen, sitting on the bar.  On the bottom of that pen,,was a checkered pattern with numbers in them.  You could place ur bets and pay up, on any number on the bottom of that pen.  When the chicken pooped,,,that number won the pot.   The whole bar sat and watched,,,waited,,,hoped,,wished for that chicken to poop.  Then all the yells,,whooping and hollering.  Pen got cleaned out, started all over.  Made for a happy chicken.  Lots of food, lots of attention.

I barely made it to church at 11.  But,,,i did.  Very few people i knew.  Very very few oldies like me.  There at the beginning.  It was our 60th reunion.  Now folks,,, i was minus 5 when it started,,, hahahahaha.  Lots of memories in that little church where we all grew up.  Mom always got the prize for having the most kids there on Mother's Day.  Every year!  They had 3 of us, then later, decided to have 3 more.  In one 9 month period, our Mom, and the 3 oldest of us, had kids.  How's that for getting started on being ur own grandpa? lolololol..  Had a diabetic episode, and had to leave right after i ate lunch.  Had to get home to check it.,,,was 117, so it must have done a huge drop.  To be that after eating.  Didn't know if it had gone hi or lo,,,why i had to check it.  Was feeling weird.  Had snacked before i left, but then we didn't eat 'til about 1.  Sooo sad,,,i missed all those desserts!!! hahahahaha