Friday, August 26, 2011

August About Gone. WOOOHOOOO

Wellll, Friday again.  Where does the time go???  I'm not busy, so how does time fly so fast? 

DD, i so agree with you, about it being a small world.  I've run across people way off somewhere else, from here.  Guess everybody has done that.  Still is amazing tho.

Somehow, since yesterday, i've come up with a different format on IE.  Wish it wouldn't do that to me, lol.  It must update, and maybe it's Windows Live.  Who knows?  My bars were different this morning up there on top, like to never have found my favs. hahahaha.  Got em back where i want em now.  I subscribed to a feed for DD, thinking that might let me post to his blog, but,,nope.  Not gonna give up, DD.  There has to be an answer, and i'm hard headed enough to want to know how it just quit one day.

That Irene is HUGE.  Sure would like one to come into TX, but NOT like that one.  DD, what did the rain do to ur swamp?,,Got any pics?  Or water? lol

BB sure has found a great place, down there.  Almost as good as Inks. lol,,,Had to say that, u know.  But, he's saying he caught a couple of fish, but,,,,,lol, need pics to make me a believer.  I think those wasps chased him away too soon.  Got a cure for those, BB?  What i'm seeing around here now, are those yellowjacket looking things, big as red wasps.  I don't have a digital camera or i would put pics on here.  Never was into cameras, but,,,have my flip.  Guess i could film them.  I'm still planning on getting a lot of film all around the county, showing what the drought has done, if,,,it ever is over.  Every time i'm out, i'm horrified. 

I know everybody is tired of hearing about weather, Lord knows i'm sick of talking about it.  Somehow our river flow has increased.  It's 40-21-8.  That 8 has come up from 3,  meaning that little bit of showers has hit in just the right places.  I guess. 

Gotta shut down here, and eat brunch.  It's after noon already. 

Yall tc, HAGD