Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BeBack Thurs. or Fri.

Woke up way too early today, will take a nap later.  Not leaving til 4:00.  That way i can get there before dark to find the motel.  I'm using Js GPS, so don't expect any trouble.  G told me the big intersection is under construction building a new overpass, at 281 and 1604,,,the one we are close to and have to go through.  I want to locate the best way to the hospital today, too.

Gosh, i'm seeing all the damage from Sandy right now.  In RI.  It's so bad over such a huge area.  Saw where one of the late shows was done with no audience,,Letterman i think.

My little weather thingy was showing rain, but,,, not here at the house...It is 2 miles N so maybe there.

See yall when i get back, decided not to take the laptop.  So yall tc, and


Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Nothing

Like i told DD, i like this cool weather.  We had a low in the 30s, but will warm up good later.  Then back to the 80s by mid week.  I think it's unusual to have the warm weather this late.   The time in San Antonio is gonna be in the low 80s.  lololol,,,Beats the last time,,iced in for 2 days or so.  That was in Jan. tho.  I used half a tank of gas going out to smoke.  That saved me from being iced out of my car tho.  My x liked to have never got his open after sitting there, had about an inch of frozen sheets of ice on it.  I stopped about half way back to get gas, and had just gotten out of the ruts i had been driving in and OMG,,,there was still sheets of ice on the back part of my car, over the gas door.  Had to bang on it and then it fell off in big sheets.  The temp had gotten up to about 32*.    The x and our son had run off and left me,,,when they passed that 18 wheeler going 10 mph.  Took me a long time to try that,,getting out of the 2 ruts, driving across that frozen stuff to the other side,,,(2 ruts).  I got up to 15 mph to pass,,,hahahahaha.  Made it fine, but i was shaking,,,lol.  That truck never slowed down.

I got home and my heater had gone off, so the house was COLD!  It had needed to be cleaned out and after that was done it was good.  All he did was blow out the dust with canned air.  It has all those safety things.

Gotta get busy,,,do a few things. Like vacuum,,,shower.  So yall tc and


Saturday, October 27, 2012


3 more days and we are more and more ready to get this done.  I have a list ,,,lol,,,of course,, so i won't forget something.  It's things to take and things to do since i plan on staying there 2 nights for sure, maybe 1 more.  He,,and me too, are hoping he can leave on Thursday, but,,,lol.  Think not likely., will be Friday.  Weather's gonna be beautiful.

I'm still hating it that i missed DD and the Mrs.   Just couldn't work it out that day.

Did any of yall read that new blog i told you about a couple of days ago?  I found it in the paper, sorta, and what they write about is so true of us,,,lol.  (Us, as in 'old people') 

Just had lunch,,2 pm, and i think it's gonna have to be nap time.  Eyes are telling me that.  So yall tc, and


Friday, October 26, 2012

4 More Days

No post today, nothing new.  Tc, and


Thursday, October 25, 2012

DD At Inks Lake!

I just saw my email this morning,,DD and wife at Inks, thru tonight.  Gonna try to make it out there later today.  Gosh, i love to meet the bloggers.  His cell phone not working, so i'm waiting on an email to know what slot he's in,,,can find out later, but,,,

Got up a little earlier today, gonna help J unload some stuff out of his car, and couldn't get ahold of him.  Just did about 15 minutes ago, and found out he had done a lot already so maybe later.  He had left his cell phone at his g/fs,,,and sure nuff, just as soon as i stepped in the shower, he called.  I've told everybody if i don't answer, call back in a couple of minutes,,,lol.  He wasn't calling my cell.  He's bringing breakfast tacos, wish he'd hurry,,,,

5 more days!! and that front will be in later, not gonna need my ac tomorrow....lol,,,yeaaaa.

Nothing going on, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Blog

Found this new blog and LOVE it,,,check it out. 


Still counting the days down,,,til next WEDNESDAY!!!

Got up tired today, still am,,,and when i tried to nap,,,started this little hacky cough,, then sneezed a couple of times..Nothing unusual.  Gave up on that and refilled my pill box.  It holds 7 days, with 4 slots for each day.  I take about the same number of vitamins and prescriptions,,so i divide them out.

We,,J and i, went out to the park about lunch and the geese were there so since i had old bread with me,,we stopped and he fed them...For the first time!!!  He loved it...

This wasn't all of them,,,the rest flew over and back into the river.  He had never seen that either.

Don't pay any attention to the dates on my pics,,never right.  The batteries always have to be fooled with, just for the cheapo camera to work.                                                                                             

Hey, just a short one today, so yall tc, and



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meteor Shower?

No meteor shower here today,,,thick clouds.  I've tried to watch some before, but never got anything from them.  They will tell you that there will be x number of them per hour,,,HA,,,maybe 1-3.  The only thing i remember actually seeing was that meteor with the long tail,,,back a few years.  I'm sure DD can tell you the name,,,lol.

Turned my ac on last nite, and will today too.  Close to 90, and that means hot and humid. 

I think the sun is fixing to come out.  Prefer clouds.  I think i saw something about a really good cold front coming in next weekend...  Getting close to surgery date, and last time it was an ice storm.  Don't think it will turn into that,,but,,,this is TX...

I went out to Ns house yesterday,,been a long time.  I couldn't stay in her house the smoke was so bad.  We sat outside down by her chicken pen.  She just has 4 hens left now.  I don't know how anybody can afford to smoke.  I'm soooo glad i quit.  Every great once in a while, i want to pick up one,,,but that lasts just a couple of seconds.  Being around it is too much for my lungs now.  Wood smoke is the same.

On tv, Parks and Wildlife,,it showed bob whites,,,and OMG,,,i don't even remember when i last heard them.  Was common way back.  Gosh, how many other things seem to be gone now, that were everywhere just a few years ago. 

Been a boring weekend, so yall tc, and


Saturday, October 20, 2012


How did i think the time changed tonite?  I looked on some site a couple of days ago, and it said it did, but,,,nothing was said on the news or in the paper, so i looked again today, and it doesn't change til the 4th of Nov..

J has to quit one of his meds,,tramadol,,,and i don't know how he's gonna make it.  It's a pain and anti-inflammatory med, and has to be tapered off.  That letter  said none of those kind 7 days before surgery,, and nothing with any aspirin at all.  He just takes 2, and the other was the blood pressure one,,which he can take.  We will call Monday to be sure about them.  I've kept telling him, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TIL IT GETS FIXED!! 

I need to make a list of what i need to take with me,,, the little things,, I've jotted down some of them, like book, laptop, snacks,,,pills,,etc...lol. 

I used to keep a loaded bag ready to go,,,just pick up and be gone.  That was when i would meet my b/f or he would come by and we would take off, anywhere.  

I thot of something i don't think i've told you about, so,,,  Way back i think in the 80s,,,i looked out my window one day, and there was a herd of cattle in my yard,,i'm talking like, 25 or 30.  They were eating my shrubs, flowers, everything.  I went running out and ran them off, then called the sheriff's office.  They had come up from the river.  A rancher had hauled them there and just left them on the river for the free grazing.  Well, next day, same thing.  I'm getting a little p___ed off by now.  WELL, the third time!!! i told them the next time i saw them i would get on my 3 wheeler and herd them up to the courthouse square!!!  The dispatcher,,,said,,"Aw,,you wouldn't really do that"  And i told her yesss i would!!  It was about a mile straight shot up the street from my house.  hahahahaha,,,never saw them again. 

Had a few things come by here too, but there was usually someone chasing them.  I heard a calf bawling last nite, one time when i got up, just down the block.  Made me remember when the stockpens always had cattle there, and their bawling was just a normal thing.

Yall tc, and


Friday, October 19, 2012

11 Days ,,,,,

Yep, 11 more days.  didn't realize i've missed 3 days, but,,,gonna happen right now.

WOW,,,was 39* when i got up today!!!  Lowest it's been since ,,,uh,,not sure. lol.

Got more done today of the pre op stuff.  Doc's office called and told us how much to send for the insurance company pre-pay.  So we chased around and got all that taken care of.  The pre-op package of instructions also came today.  Nothing new for him,,said he'd been there, done that.

I booked myself a room for the nite before,,,and today he did too.  In the same place, and they said they would put them close together.  The motel is 4.9 miles from the hospital, easy route.  Might be the same one i stayed in way back when he had the neck surgery, and was iced in for days.  Ice storm in San Antonio,,,lmao.  I was there, it happened!!   Could this time too,,,who knows what,,2 weeks from now.  Well, 11 days... lol.

Gotta tell all yall how much better it is to read comments with answers.  Never figured out why anybody asks John Wells questions,,cause i've never seen him answer,,,  So all yall that do answer, again let me say,,,,THANK YOU!!!

Nothing new, same ol same ol, except BBs here to catch a fish,,,lol.  Back in TX i mean.  Saw where a 600 lb marlin got landed in a boat today,,or jumped in,,,or something,,  it was flapping all over the place, knocking men down,,,i think the camera man ran.  Got some good stuff first, tho.

Well, yall tc, and


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

14 to Go.....

J got here early today, with that breakfast taco,,,yummmm.  He's crashed now, and i hope he sleeps for a long time.  He takes the anti inflammatory pill every 8 hours, and  after 7, the back is back to a major problem,,then it takes another hour for the med to work.  So,,there is a 2 hour stretch that isn't good.  The BP pill is once a day, so np there.  14 more days,,,we are counting...

I've about decided to go late the day before and get a motel room.  Being at the hospital by 9 am would be impossible for me,,from here.  He said there's a motel right by the hospital, so that's what i've about decided to do.  When i told him he said he might do that also,,,lots better that way.

It's been a lite rain since i got up, and i think it was before, too.  Hi,,,75 today,,,wonderful!

Today is my  dotter's BD, and i went over and got some of those bulbs for the Queen's Wreath, like for G/dotter.  Then i've got a HB balloon and a card.  I'll take them by after she gets home later.  Her b/f is having serious back problems too, and needs surgery.  Not like Js,,his will be outpatient, laser.  But his back does lock up sometimes too.

That's all i've got, so yall tc, and


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jude's Happy Now

When J rescued Rescue, he asked if he could stay here ONE day, after he was thru at the vet's.  I agreed,,,to ONE day.  He's a wonderful young kitty, very smart, BUT,, i was put in the position of having to choose, him or Jude.  Jude is so gentle, he doesn't understand that Rescue was chasing him to play, and he quit coming in my yard even.  That was it!  J took Rescue to his gf's house late yesterday and Jude showed up later, and was even at my back door this morning.  You could hear him purring thru the whole house,,,lol.  After all these weeks, he's still looking around like he's gonna be jumped, but,,,at least he's showing up now.  I wasn't gonna just dump him,,,i was gonna take him to J's house.

Not sure what time those storms showed up, think about 1 am,,,but there was sure a lot of noise.  It did that about 3 times, thru the rest of the nite.  Hail with it too.  News said it was up to 1" here.  I heard it at times, but i just went back to sleep.  Got the house open today, feels good.  Can't tell the front is here but i guess it is.

16 days,,,til surgery,,,lol.  Yeah, we're counting the days, he says it will be like pulling a thorn.  I've told him it will never be this way again,,,because he will have the medical coverage from now on.  It's been over 2 years getting to this point.  We didn't know that it didn't come with disability.  So going thru all the choices and being turned down, over and over,,took all that time.  Thank God for this PCIP that covers people with the pre-existing conditions.  And i will give Obama credit,,he's the one that did it.

Well, my dishes are still there,,,in the dish water,,,so yall tc, and


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rescue's Gotta Go

The reason i haven't posted is because there was NOT ONE comment on the last one!  No one even said a word about  the cat pics.  I'm sorta like BB, getting down and seeming to have nothing to write about anyway.  And today is no different.  NOTHING.  I had been asked for pics of Rescue, and i put 2 on here, soooo?????

Maybe it's an age thing.  I will be 71 next month, and i'm sure not doing as well as even 10 years ago.  That's depressing enough.  I have a hard time walking, and i know i need to get out and do it every day, but,,,,do i?  Nope.

I am taking Rescue somewhere today, he's been here long enough.  Waiting to call my son, telling him he has to go.  When my Jude won't even come in the yard, cause Rescue chases him, time to go.  He did chase off a big dog while ago.  And i know he's wanting to play with Jude, but Jude doesn't know that.  I had a male cat run off one just like Jude before, not gonna happen again.

Looking like it might rain.  More chance later today and tonite.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rescue,,,got Rescued

IMG_0766  This is who I call Rescue.


Yeah,, on my computer desk,,,not making too much of a mess tho.  You can’t tell how long his tail is,,it’s at least 3” longer than normal.  And you can’t tell how big his feet are.  They are huge.

J and I went out to the park yesterday,  and it was so nice.  He liked the sun on his back.  3 MORE WEEKS!!!  His surgery is the 31st.  Finally!  Has to be there at the spine hospital by 9 AM, further instructions following by mail.  Counting the days now.   Not sure if I will stay down there or not.,  His gf is gonna be there, so I probably won’t stay but 1 day.  If it’s like all the others, he will be up and walking by the next day.  He will have to wear a brace for a few months, but,,,NO MORE PAIN.  The surgery gives instant pain relief.  The steroid shots he got were not from the bad batch, found that out too, tho I already knew that.  He’s in my living room on the floor, on a pallet.  lol,,,I think Rescue is with him.  That cat is SMART.  Had cats always, but had 2 before this one, that were super intelligent. 

Gonna get up to about 80,,,feel good weather.  Lots of south wind.  We’re going back to heat.

Yall tc, and,














Monday, October 8, 2012

X Those Beans,,,,

J has already called, saying he would be here in a bit with the breakfast tacos.  Hope he's half way on time, sure am getting hungry.

I didn't get to sleep last nite til after 1,,,rolled, tossed, got up for a while.  I will NEVER eat beans with bar b q any more.  I was so bloated, i took some tums.  They have been doing me that way for a long time, but ate them at noon, and then paid for it half the nite.

About 5 yesterday, i was coming in from the park and heard the bridge was blocked with some kind of farm equipment and a bus.  There was traffic backed up forever,,,lol.  I stopped by the little park at the South end and just waited, had my book.  After a bit this duelie came off pulling a wide something and the traffic got to moving.  BUT,, there was a cop waiting on him at the end of the bridge.  Then later a highway patrol showed up too.  The guy didn't have a valid dl, the farm thing had nothing on the back to be on the highway, and it was too wide for a 2 lane bridge.  Ended up he went to jail, a wrecker showed up, but not sure if they hauled it off or not, i left.  He had a little dog with him and i guess his gf was traveling with him, cause she pulled up right after he stopped.  Guess she took the dog.  He was from Paris Tx,,,lol, where i have a lot of kin.   Was doing good to have gotten this far with it.  He also had a couple of warrants too.  Is that dumb,,,dumb and dumber?  Heard a lot on my scanner.

J showed up, and we ate those tacos,,,yummm.  He had me look up this steroid injection stuff that i had heard about last week.  There were 2 bad batches sent out that could cause a fungal meningitis.  I told him he didn't get that with his injections, but we're gonna ask about it when the doc's office calls back,,,,i already had a call in to see if they had gotten all they needed with his tests.  Nothing to do with that, but we will ask.  His gf and dad were in a panic about them.  I told him he would know if he had that stuff.  And yeah, he had some of the symptoms, but,,,goes with his back problem.

He went out to get his 2 pills that are due now, and must have gotten lost,,,lol.  Not really, he's messing with Rescue.  Told BB i'd put a pic on here as soon as i can.  The ones i took were with my camera and bad batteries, so not doing them.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Boring Day

Almost noon, and ,,, nothing accomplished,,,  I've eaten my waffles, and washed dishes,,,that's it.  Both cats have been in and eaten, one at a time.  Rescue didn't want to come in for a while, so i didn't chase him,,lol, if he's hungry enough, he'll come in.  He was acting kinda scared,, have no idea why.  He finally made it.  He was feeling frisky all day yesterday, outside,, he's still just a big kitten.  I keep telling J to find him a home.  He'll run and bounce off J's side when he's playing,,,no claws.  He did that in the house too, bouncing off the walls and things,,,lol... He lands with all 4 feet doing that.

Out of all the movies on this weekend,,i found one yesterday, and one today!  To record.  I even watched a western from yesterday,,,last nite.,,,,Buck.  Wasn't much to it, but i kept on til it finally ended, at my bed time. 

I did go out to the park for a while yesterday,, was nice to just sit out there in my car, and read.  J was here most of the day, and we both thot we would go to Bs, but never caught him at home.  J's gf was busy most of the day, but got thru by mid afternoon.  B gets antsy when he's home alone,,,lol.  I know he was there by the time the Longhorns came on.  

My yard was mowed like,,,a week ago, and it already needs it again.  Gonna just let it go for a while, maybe catch it for the last time by then.  My windows on the N are wanting to fog up today!  It's still cold, 48*.  And that wind is still blowing too.

OK,,,enough of nothing,,,lol,,,shower time.  Yall tc, and


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lost a Week

Got up today and started shutting windows...  Was 61 and north wind.  I let the cats in one at a time to eat, then each wanted back out.  I think they like it.  I cleaned out my heater yesterday, and then lit it.  It's doing good.  Those heaters have the biggest pilot lite i've ever seen.,,,about 3" long, and it puts out heat just by itself.  There's no adjustment.  Boy, can they heat up a place!  Mine is small, like the burner part is about 10-12" wide, and that's all that's needed.

J and i went over to Marble Falls yesterday, just a quick trip, 2 stops.  He had to make one stop, and then a quick stop at Walmart.  Gonna talk toilet tissue here,,,lolololol.  The only kind i like, i can't get here, so that was one reason for Walmart.  hahahaha,,,It's Charmin, strong mega rolls.  It's that mega part i can't get here.  Those double rolls keep me changing all the time!  OK,,,said my say on that,,,hahahaha.

He called 45 mins ago, saying he was bringing breakfast tacos, in about 20 mins,,,I triple that, but i sure am getting hungry.  These are soooo good. 

Now,,,Back at the end of Sept.,,,the last Wed, he had all the pre-op tests done that his Doc in SA wanted, and  they were supposed to fax the results to SA.  We waited a week, heard nothing, and called SA to find out the status, hoping they had a date for the surgery.  Well guess what!!! They hadn't even gotten them!!  So he has lost a week on this.  The nurse in SA called and got them,,we hope,,was told so.  By the place here.  We will call again Monday to be sure.  We don't know why they did this,,,the doc here hasn't called back so we can see what he says. 

Nap time,,yall tc, and


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Made It

I still can't believe how much better J is feeling, taking those BP pills.  He called about 2 hours ago, asked if i had eaten,,told him no, had just got up, so he said he'd bring some stuff,,be here in about 30 .  Well,,, i ate and he's still not here!,,,I did call and tell him,,,lol.

Had to have a little heat this morning.  Was 52 outside, so i turned on a couple of burners on my stove.  Just those will heat up this area in a few minutes.

Did i tell you i threw Rescue out a few days ago.  He looked all around, found the opening to go under the house, so all's well.  I just don't do litter boxes any more.  Jude quit a long time ago.  J saw a chicken hawk fly across the street to a little tree by the porch where he was, but he took off for under the house,,,lololol.  Guess he knew what that was too.  He's at home outside now, so i don't keep him in all the time.  And last nite was Jude's turn,,,  Jude is still scared of him,,and Rescue's wanting to play, but Jude doesn't understand.

Fixing to go to the library, and pay my utility bill.  J's out the door taking pics .  I'll show you some of them,,maybe ,,, if they will work.  He has one of those really expensive cameras.

Now, BB,,,if all of this stuff of mine isn't boring, just why do you think yours is?  lololololol  I've said the same thing,,,gonna quit, but,,taking a little time off helps a lot.

So Yall tc,,,and


Monday, October 1, 2012


Having my waffles right now.  Thot my drain in the kitchen sink was stopped up, and i was running hot water,,thinking it was grease,,,and i took the stopper out, and there was a piece of potato peeling laying over it...lololol.

J said he'd be by in about an hour, so that means 2 or 3.  Maybe he's still feeling better, he was running an errand for his dad.  I've never known a man that can be punctual.

I was so bored yesterday.  I went out to the park, finished the little bit left of my book,  went back out later.  It was like i just couldn't sit in the house.  Don't know why Sundays seem to do me that way, long days, and lonely.  Yeas ago it would be a huge crowd, usually in Mom and Dad's living room, watching football all afternoon.  That was always a fun day.  Family is too scattered now, not anything like it used to be.  I told my bro a couple of days ago, the kids growing up now, will never have the sense of family like we do.  Maybe it's been going away for a long time, tho.

My friend Sue and her hubby are getting a divorce, a very friendly one.  I have to smile,, he comes for supper, puts his paycheck in their account,  they're just living in different places now.  Maybe they're doing it for the financial help she can get, being single.  She's on disability already.

I know these are lots shorter now, but there's just nothing to write about.  Soooo,,,yall tc, and