Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gotta Eat ,,,,, Something

Wish something sounded good to eat.  Guess i got off on that this morning when i had to eat waffles, instead of oatmeal, when oatmeal was what i wanted.  The pan i cook it in, needed washing, so,,i just did waffles instead.  My bro had given me some sirloin he grilled, and i ate that for supper, but,,,just was NOT quite tender enough.  I didn't eat all of it, so i had left the pan to heat it up later.  O well, the rest is going out,  since warming it up, had taken all the juice out of it,,, left it not good.   Just doesn't pay for one person to cook.  Got stuff in my freezer, and gosh, if i cook some of that, i have to add sides.  lol,,,i really do need to cook some shrimp i have.  I even have FF too.  And i keep a carton of potato salad.  OOOO YEAH,,, i could heat up some of that ham.  hmmmm, think i just might do that.  OK,,,bbl.