Monday, August 1, 2011

OOO Monday

Loved ur blog today, DD.  Never got to travel, as i married at 16, and a little over a year later, had my first child.  My only dotter.  There just was never a chance after that.   When our 3 kids got to be 5-12, we took them to the coast, a first for me!, and was going to all the sight seeing places down the coast, til they got to fussing enough for me to say, LET'S GO HOME.  Cut that trip short, not gonna travel with fussing kids!  Never mixed them again, lol.  Always took my young bro, B, and never ever had a problem with the boys.  And took a friend along with my dotter on those trips.

We were probably the only mom and dad, that our teenagers would go with.  But, we went to all kinds of races, even had GTOs to run in drags later, and add in the motorcycle, boat races.  We were FUN!! lololol  Always had add ons, too.  There was a place marked off on one of the CRs, a 1/4 mile, and when my son agreed to run someone that had kept on , all the other kids couldn't believe i was there.  As a fan! lololol.  He took off way ahead, but blew something and had to stop.  Don't remember now, just remember all the black smoke.

OMG hahahaha, just saw on news, a couple got married with a computer as the host.  Used ipads to say their , i dos. hahahahaha  I knew anyone could get a license to do it, but,,,a computer?
Better get river flow in, before i forget.  J=40 M=20 L=6

Got a few hours of watering in late yesterday.  Fixing to be BIG protest, if the school is using city water to water sports fields.  That's what an employee told my son.  The wells had dried up, so they went to city water.  And i will sure be one of em.  Not gonna let my TREES die, if they can water GRASS!!!  So, the poor little kids might have to play on dead grass, or dirt??? Sooooo WHAT???  Poor little things can't handle it, cancel the whole season!!  See what i mean? hahahaha,,,already got me going.  Bro G is gonna find out.  Then,,,that city council will catch hell.

I recorded 2 movies Sat. and put them in last nite, well, had seen the first one, so ff thru it, and then,,,had seen that other one too!  Don't do reruns.  I keep several recorded, so fell back on another one. 

Ok folks, gotta do a move.  HAGD