Friday, May 6, 2011

CC Fraud

Had a call this morning,,,wanting to verify my purchase of a new macbook. I said,,"What???",,,They gave me the order #, my cc#, my name n address, etc,,and i told them no way, i did NOT order that. So,,next thing, i had to call my cc company and get that n 3 other charges taken off. They told me to cut up my card, NOW, which i did, and they had a new one on the way, would take 2 days. And by the way,,,I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW FORMAT. No automatic spell check. Ok back to cc. lol,,,But wait!!!,,,one more thing, ive lost this post 3 times already, hahahaha, n had to redo. Not leaving any more til im done. sooo,,,I am NOT gonna stop ordering online, have done it forever. Love the convenience of shopping online, finding the best buys, and getting it brought to my door. I also like the mostly no tax, n free shipping. When i smoked, i ordered my cigs once a month, avoiding the 10.oo a carton TX tax. The doc in Austin asked how i could afford the 2-3 packs a day, and i told him about the online thing. He said,,,dont tell anybody else. lololol Now its gas,,,wonder if i can get that online,,hahahaha.

Now,,let me tell u about this new pair of house shoes. I just found them in my closet a few weeks ago, and have been wearing them because they have an open toe. WELL,,,,the left 1 came up with rocks inside the sole,,somehow. So i took a hammer n tried to crush them,,but,,omg,,,made em lots worse. Finally cut the bottom open in 2 places, and wow,,,inside was this,,,stuff, hard like black glass r something, and i emptied it out best i could. But its still like walking on rocks. Hello, trash. DAM,,,sure liked em too.