Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wondering,,,,,,wth is DD????

Still!!!! NO DD.  Think that long walk out his drive might have gotten him.  OR,,his puter broke down again.   Sure not like him to just up n leave, not saying anything.  R maybe Alzheimers  set in, n hes lost in that swamp.

Sure was good eatings, out at Ns.  Pork ribs, n chicken.  She makes a really good potato salad.  Its a lot like mine,  a little on the sweet side.  Lumpy.  Was told one time, i should market mine, lol.  Never used any recipe, so cant tell anyone how to do it.  But i do use lots of sweet relish, and a little dill.  Lots of mayo, a little mustard.  You ever buy those sweet onions, then try to cook with them?  FORGET IT.  All theyre good for, is eating raw.  And i still prefer that good ol onion. 

Easter bbq out at nephews house this afternoon.  Hes the one that cooked the small piglet,,whole, with an apple in its mouth.  lol,,,Might be doing it again.  He and  another one, win cook offs.  So u know ur gonna have good eatings,,,again.!!

Not much of a paper today.  Not loaded with sales things.  Guess i got all those last sunday.  Not even any coupons to cut out.  lol,, i pretend to be frugal, but then forget to use em.   Even when im holding em in my hand.   U c all this on tv, about saving big bucks on ur groceries.. BS,,,no way.   Im doing good to save 3 bucks.  Of course, i dont have a place for double r triple ones, all i get is face value.  Even with double, if ur buying name brands, ur NOT saving.

Geez, just nothing much to say today, soo,,,maybe, bbl.