Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lost a Week

Got up today and started shutting windows...  Was 61 and north wind.  I let the cats in one at a time to eat, then each wanted back out.  I think they like it.  I cleaned out my heater yesterday, and then lit it.  It's doing good.  Those heaters have the biggest pilot lite i've ever seen.,,,about 3" long, and it puts out heat just by itself.  There's no adjustment.  Boy, can they heat up a place!  Mine is small, like the burner part is about 10-12" wide, and that's all that's needed.

J and i went over to Marble Falls yesterday, just a quick trip, 2 stops.  He had to make one stop, and then a quick stop at Walmart.  Gonna talk toilet tissue here,,,lolololol.  The only kind i like, i can't get here, so that was one reason for Walmart.  hahahaha,,,It's Charmin, strong mega rolls.  It's that mega part i can't get here.  Those double rolls keep me changing all the time!  OK,,,said my say on that,,,hahahaha.

He called 45 mins ago, saying he was bringing breakfast tacos, in about 20 mins,,,I triple that, but i sure am getting hungry.  These are soooo good. 

Now,,,Back at the end of Sept.,,,the last Wed, he had all the pre-op tests done that his Doc in SA wanted, and  they were supposed to fax the results to SA.  We waited a week, heard nothing, and called SA to find out the status, hoping they had a date for the surgery.  Well guess what!!! They hadn't even gotten them!!  So he has lost a week on this.  The nurse in SA called and got them,,we hope,,was told so.  By the place here.  We will call again Monday to be sure.  We don't know why they did this,,,the doc here hasn't called back so we can see what he says. 

Nap time,,yall tc, and