Saturday, June 30, 2012

Longest Day

Year's 1/2 gone yall!!!  OOOO,,, and today is the longest day,,, hahaha,, you thot the 20th was, right?  So did i.  The 20th had the most dayLIGHT, but today is longer.  Has 24 hours, 1 second.  Geez,,didn't you really wanna know that?  lolololol.

The more i read about the health care, the better it sounds.  Of course, for me it doesn't matter, i'm on everything anyway.  Something i don't understand is why my drug coverage has paid my costs with no co-pay except for one, Spiriva, all year.  It's never done that before.  For a few months , like 3, it was that way and the rest of the year had to pay the co-pay.  And Spiriva isn't the only one that isn't generic.  NOT gonna complain,,,hahahahaha,,,just curious.

My feet are still killing me.  At nite when i get up, i can barely walk on them.  Both, but the left is worse.  Then, they kinda loosen up or something, but still hurt. 

Just after i ate breakfast i heard a loud ,,,BOOM,,and my power went off.  After a few minutes, i left the house and went looking for garage sales,,was nothing worth stopping at, then i looked for nephew's food trailer at the town park.   Didn't see it,  so i drove by his house and it was gone, so i had missed it.  Went back, still didn't see it, so i called.  Yep, they were there, but not quite ready to serve yet.  It was 10:00AM!!!  I had asked for delivery,,,lol.  They're doing pulled pork buns and homecut fries.  Maybe cole slaw.  This is their first day.  They were probably up all nite trying to get things ready,,,,his fault tho, he went to Austin for a friend's BD party, on Thursday nite, and didn't get back til no telling when yesterday.  So i'm sure they peeled potatoes all nite,,,hahahahaha.  Then flash fried em to put in the freezer for quick cooking today.  Mercy,,,kids,,, lol.  Well, he's 21 now.

When i went by the house, his Mom was there and gave me a LOT of yellow squash and tomatoes,,we picked em right then.  So,,,got good things to go with the steaks today.  I dice up the squash, add butter and a little sea salt, microwave for a few minutes...  O yeah,,,weighted this morning,,,down 2 now, not 3.
I'm getting way too weak, not sure why.  No energy at all.  It's like i have to have some carbs!  That happened yesterday, too.   Just can't win for losing.  lol,,not losing, maybe winning?  Now that doesn't sound right.

YUKKK,,,on tv it's showing how to do a crab for cooking!  The cutting up part!  Ok,,side tracked enough.

It's gotten a bit cooler.  Heck, might even get a stray shower.  Thru tomorrow.  I'll take that, any time.  Especially in the summer.  Did yall know  most cell phones are now able to get bad weather reports, warnings?  Just started Thursday.  Almost all states and phone companys are doing it.  Mine is thru Verizon so i should.  It will make a sound like a text, sorta.  Then you can read it. 

Ok,,enough trivia.  I do read the paper every day,,,lol.  Get all kinds of useless info.  There was an article last Wed. about a county road in Williamson Co going across private land.  The landowners wanted to close it, and were ruled out, cause the road has been there decades, used by the public.  That's the same as we are doing,well, sorta.  We're saying river access.  It's another argument on our side.  Even tho it's just a county road.

Yall tc, and


Friday, June 29, 2012

June's So Gone

Still not much of anything going on.  I think the 4th celebration is gonna be Sat, the 30th.  Since i haven't bought the local paper in about 20 years, not sure.  Businesses will still close on the 4th.  There's an all day thing that goes on at the park here in town.  The Little Miss Sparkle contest starts it off, and i think there's a kiddy parade too.  Ends with a good band, street dance, and fireworks, if allowed.

It happened again,,,lololol... I get in the bathroom and my phone rings,, I've told everybody, if i don't answer, wait a minute and call back. lololol.  It's weird, how it happens all the time.  This time, was just a credit card co,,,left a message.  I don't have anything extra on my home phone, like caller id, long distance, anything,,,just the basic.  I have all that with the cell.  So if someone doesn't leave a message, then i never know who called on that one.

I've lost 3 lbs...i went ahead and weighted this morning, cause if i hadn't lost, i was quitting.  lololol.  Too darned much cooking, cleaning up.  The only vege i like is corn, and it's forbidden.  Fruits have too much frucose (sugar) so they are out.  I still have that huge bag of veges i can stir fry, make em almost palatible.  Gotta figure out some other things to eat.  Gonna add salads for sure.  WITH dressing!!!  I've made it thru 6 days, almost 7, so i can add a few more carbs.  Try to stay with about 60-70.  What it amounts to,,,IS,,no white, no sugars.

Not sure what i think about health care.  We were forced to have car insurance, so what's the difference?  It actually might help people like my son.  I'm past the age for it to matter anyway. 

Highs in the 90s for the next few days,,HA!!!,,according to the great weathermen.  Yesterday WAS cooler tho.  Keep your eye on my little weather thingy.

Just had to kill 1 or 2 flys yesterday,,maybe getting better.  Still have no idea what caused it.  Years ago, i bought some fly traps you hung outside.  It was a lid they went into a gallon jar thru, and couldn't get out.  To attract them you put something stinky in the jar,,like a fish, and hung it way away from you.  Believe me,,,they worked!!! BUT,,,to clean out 1/2 gallon of dead flies, and stinky fish, was a horror.  We had to dig a hole and bury that.  This was out at the ranch and got worse when we were raising 2 pigs to eat.  Even tho they were not close to the house.  These are just the common ol house flys i'm being bothered with.  Never had this many tho.  Woulda helped to have lots of gallon jars...

I've been watching a live cam on ustream about the decorah eagles, but they have left the nest and looking into others today, i found one i LOVE.  It's called pete's pond.  In Afica.  Has lots of wildlife show up to drink.

Cya,,tc and


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Long Time Coming

Had a lot going on this morning,,so not much here today. 

Took little Jude to the Vet for his check up, rabies shot.  He was wanting outside about an hour and a half before we left, couldn't let him go out.  He was good, just a little howling,,He freezes up for the vet to handle him.  He weighted in at a mite over 11 lbs.  He was so quiet coming home, didn't make a sound til i told him we were almost there.  I opened the carrier in the car and he looked a minute then hopped out.  All done, til next year.

Just got home and G came by and stayed a couple of hours,,,always enjoy.  Then i got in my chair and laid back and shut my eyes a bit.  Just now got thru with a shower.

Got off my diet last nite.  Had felt so bad yesterday, kinda sick at my stomach, and eating that meat, green beans for supper didn't help.  (i think i'm allergic to green stuff,,).  Soooo, about 8 i made 2 waffles and ate them,,yummmmm.  Back to the diet today tho.  My sugar read 243 this morning...after that.  Why, i don't know.  I ate those for breakfast every morning before.  It's 97 now, just checked.  Have never figured out what matters with this.  In all the years,,5?, i've had it, one time,,it was over 300.  I rushed to the doc,,pa actually, and nothing was done, just didn't eat for a while.  That was the only time it ever did that.   My sis N's can go up to over 500 some times,,now,,that IS scary.  She does the shots, and stress is her problem.  Hers is called brittle.  Mine is just type 2.

OO mercy!,,,Nothing to write about, so yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lap Band, Diabetis,,,Yeah I Have Em

Lol,,was asked about those.  I had lap band done about 3 years ago,,lost the whole first year because i had a stupid doc.  and a leaking port.  Had to change docs to find that out.   Had to have it replaced.  But, when it was finally set to the right place, i would burp up stuff or whatever during sleep, and get pneumonia.  So i had it all unfilled,,can't do the pneumonia. 

I have diabetis 2, hi blood pressure, and hi chloresterol.  All because of my weight.  I control it with pills.  Like, this morning my sugar was 66, kinda low.  Gotta watch that, maybe decrease one of my pills.  My blood pressure stays way down, under the 120/70. and the chloresterol is about 150.  BUT, i have to take all these darn pills to keep those doing good.  HATE it.  That's why i'm trying this protein diet.  Been 4 days and i'm not sure if it's doing any good or not.  Would hate to think it's not.  It's NOT easy to avoid carbs and sugars.

Uh oh,,just had a fly go across my face!!!  Thot i might have gotten all of em yesterday, but NO.  Get the swatter and fly spray out AGAIN.  It smells my chicken (leg 1/4s) i'm cooking in my convection oven.  Doing it now before that triple digit heat gets here later.  Austin set a new record of 109 yesterday.    I saw 107 here when i got out,,,once.

Saw on RVSue, in the comments, someone was telling her that rattlesnakes came out for the heat..BS.  In this kind of heat, they are in cool damp shady places.  The only time they like heat is when they are leaving their dens and come just outside of it, to soak up the sun.  My front flower bed is overgrown with the viney ground cover plant in it, so to get to the faucet, i will have to clear it out with a hoe,,,NOT gonna step in it first.  Even beating around with something won't make them move.  (Son told me that the other day).  We're rattlesnake country here, and B and J are experts on snakes.  So avoid cool damp shady places!  That's where i found one a few years ago,,under the lantana where my AC drips.

Called about my jury summons and was told i didn't have to...Cause i'm 70.  It reads,,,if you're over 70 you have the choice,,,didn't know if that meant 71 or not.  She laughed about me and the diuretics,,,lol.  All i have to do is drop the letter off there.  It was municipal court, not criminal.  LOLOLOL,,i had to ask what the difference was.

We went back under a burn ban a few days ago,,,don't know if there will be fireworks or not.  They're shot off over the river so probably so.  I can see them from my drive way if i want to sit outside, which i probably won't.

OMG ID had 22* yesterday, and KS had 115.  Going to ID.  Become a snowbird.  How's the weather today, BB?  Know what DD would say...hahahahaha,,,Go to the malls,,DD,,sit in one all day.   Or,,swim in your swamp,,,kinda yukky thot.

Yall tc and


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gosh, Don't Know Why I Keep Doing These

Don't know what's going on with this laptop.  Froze up on me yesterday and just did it again.  THEN, get all this update stuff from google, (not using that, using IE) and can't continue until i say ok.  Had to sign in again too.  Now, does this have anthing to do with the freezing up or not?

This extra low carb thing is hard to do!  Seems almost everything has them.  The green beans i ate had 4 in 1/2c.  I think.  Not gonna get the can out and look again.  The stir fry ones have 7 per serving.  I had to do this before the lap band surgery, and lost about 10 lbs in a couple of weeks.  That was doing the strick count. 

Austin is forecasting 107 today.  Guess where i'm gonna be?  lolol,,,Only thing i have to do is get the trash out later. 

Do yall have more flies than usual?  I sure do.  I don't remember ever having this many.  My sis said the same thing.  I'm having trouble keeping them out of the house.  Every day seems i'm chasing one.  Just saw another one by the trash but don't know where it went.

I took all my filters out of the ACs and vacuumed them.  They were clean back when i turned them on, but,, once a month is good.  The one in this area i do more often.  This,,being dining room, kitchen area.

I feel like i just don't have anything to say.  I did get to see SSs new house in Longview.  I LOVE it.  It was built in 1940, so it has big rooms, yeaaaaaa.  It's been remodeled and she said nothing needed doing to start with, unlike others they had looked at.  4-3, 2 living areas, large garage with upper storage.  On an acre, with the back against 5 wooded ones.  She mentioned building a pond, and i told her just let me know....I did mine.  B helped me level the liner, but the rest i did myself.  Even digging that big hole,,,,lololol.  Wasted a year trying to find out how to build the waterfall, and one day i just got out there, and started stacking,,AND, it worked!  Don't use it any more, the pump quit working, but i'm not able to do it now anyway.  It's full with rain water, need some minnows in it. 

My left foot is really giving me trouble on the bottom of the heel.  Feels like a stone bruise, but not going away.  I didn't do anything that i know of.  It did start when i went with my son and his gf about a month ago, and did way more walking than normal, with just flops on.  Got up one time this morning, and could NOT walk on it,,,had to wait a few minutes.  Then limp along,,,lol.

I'm outa here, so yall tc, and


Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey, Mondays Don't Matter Any More,,,

Nothing new today, staying in and cool.  Just got out and went to the store before it got hot,,ha,,hot now.   Needed more eggs, tomatoes, and bread.  The bread is 13 gr carbs per slice, so i limit myself to 2 a day. 

Called bro G yesterday to tell em have a safe trip, and found out they were already up there!!!,,,He had told me they were leaving today, not Friday.  Got a wild hair and went.. lol.  I always hated to make plans, just get up and go.  He's the one that wants to leave in the wee hours.  Then i always say, why ruin the whole day? 

Gosh, tv has gone to the dogs and then some.  Having to catch movies to record, so i'll have something.  Watched 2 over the week end from TCM.  Not too good, but ,,,,  was Harry and Tonto,,,and Sundowner.

My Jude hasn't shown up this morning, but i think i know why,  The place behind me got mowed sometime,,and i didn't even hear it.  So he's hiding.  That ol guy that did it, sure didn't do a very good job, left a lot, but, better than it was, won't have to worry about fire so much.

Got text from my niece, SS,,,lol,,lottajoy,  and they've bought a house and moving stuff into storage til paperwork done.  Haven't sold the other one yet either.  Texted her back, saying,,CALL ME.  lol,,,i can't have a conversation doing those!!!  I want to hear about the house.  They lived in one there in Lake Worth that was wall to wall houses.  Postage stamp yard.  So i know they wanted one with property.  Their 3 kids need running room.. 

Don't have to cook today, well, after i boiled some more eggs.  Have leftovers.  My feet are really killing me lately.  Feels like stone bruises, hard to walk on.

Don't remember if i told you i got a jury summons or not, but i just can't do that any more.  Just got a call back and was told she would find out more and get back to me.  I know my Doc would excuse me, but that might not be neccessary.  The meds i take would not let me sit for long periods of time, diuretics,,So i could just see me holding my hand up,,asking to be excused,,,lololol..

Yall tc, and


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Still Not Good

Really really getting concerned about BB.  I've never seen him go this long without a post.  PLZ BB, if you read this, let us know you're ok..

I had 3 comments from RVSUE ,,didn't even know she read this, but she was asking about WHAT had happened to Ben.  Gosh, it was on his blog in the comments.  I read comments again on the older posts because there's more, and it was all on there.  One of the first i had read.  When i read a blog, there might be a few comments, but by the next day, a lot more, see what i mean?  Then when i saw how many i went right into them and got the shock that was so upsetting. 

Sue, i'm not a follower of yours because of having to sign on with too much of my personal stuff to do it.  But i do read it every time it's renewed, and sure do enjoy.  Would sure welcome you on mine.

DDs sounding like he has a HUGE job to do, what with putting together that storage shed for his mower.  Don't you know it's too darned hot?  Besides, it might blow away with this upcoming,,lol, hurricane.  I'm gonna sound like Ben now,,those stupid weathermen,,it COULD do this,,it COULD do that,,doesn't take a brilliant mind to know this, does it? 

I still haven't finished the paper.  Here it is, noon.  N called just as i was getting up and we talked til i just had to have some coffee.  So nothing has been normal today. 

Stuck to my diet fairly good.  Protein, protein, and more protein,,trying to stay under 30 gr carbs a day for the first week.  That is HARD.  2 toasts, 1 glass of milk might have put me just over a bit.  Had 1 toast, 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, iced tea for breakfast an hour ago.  That holds me a long time.  Cooked a pot roast yesterday, so i have that to eat too.  With stir fry veges.  Meats, eggs, cheese, mostly.  Not gonna weigh for a week.  lololol,,hope it goes wayyyy down.  Even the veges have a few.

Ok, i'm rambling, so it's time to go.  Yall take care!!! and


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogs ARE Family

It was such a shock to read about Ben this morning!  It hit me hard, even tho we didn't get along, didn't see eye to eye,  i still feel like a  family member has passed away.  Get tears every time i'm thinking about his finally getting his Casita, getting it ready to go.  Yes, i still read his blogs every day, even tho i was blocked from making any comments. 

Maybe when this shock gets better,,, i can see that he went the way i want to.  Like MY Dad. 

His Aunt in NM helped me with my Indian ancestry, gave me ways to go back and try to find the connections i needed.  She is an amazing woman, sharp as a tack too.

I'm getting tears too, when i think about his 2 rug rats.  How lost they must be.  My Jude is about the same age as i am, in his cat years, and the thot of going before he does, just is not good. 

I regret not knowing he went to the hospital, so i could have had him in my prayers.  I never went back to any blogs after yesterday morning, so i missed it.  The last i had seen was his friend from Austin was coming.

This is my tribute too, to a member of our blogging family.  Amazing how close we are.

Yall tc, and,,this is hard to say right now, but


Friday, June 22, 2012

Butter Keeper?

Just got a wild hair and did it today.  Been putting it off for weeks, but,,,went to HEB in Kingsland today.  Backed out of going furthur,,to Walmart.  Didn't really need to.  Found all i needed on my list in HEB.  When i told my son i was going he asked me to bring him back that double carton of soy milk, so i did.  He had called earlier from a garage sale asking if i wanted a jump box.  I said,,huh?  Then he explained, it will jump your car battery and also air the tires.  OF COURSE i wanted it, so he's gonna bring it by later.  He said it was like new.  Told him that's why i quit going to those, got enough already. lololol.  They bought some kind of huge wicker thingy couple of weeks ago, 500 new, 50 there, and it was still new.  The girl had just bought it.  Then, he was offered 25 more if he would sell it.  hahahaha.

A lady in HEB was telling me about some kind of dish that you could put your butter in and not have to refrigerate it.  Said something about it using water in it too.  I have never seen one, but sure would like to have one.  This real butter stays hard.  She said they were kinda old, likely to find them at garage sales.  Anybody ever had one, or seen one?  I wouldn't even know what it was if i did find one.  Guess i'm gonna have to google it.  lol.  Now, i think i remember my grandma using just a saucer with  a cup or bowl over the butter, sitting on the table.  When i was little i know i helped churn some of that lolol,,never learned to milk a cow tho.  Tried,,,I have one of those churns now, don't know why or what i'm gonna do with it.  Was at Mother's.  2 of em.  She never got rid of anything.  Some people call them antiques,,i call them junk.  Got a trunk too, now i have it loaded sitting at the foot of my bed, in the way.  I like OPEN spaces!  Don't know if i could ever make an rv work or not, cause of that.

MsBelinda was talking about Letterman jumping on Justin Bieber,,,and wow, he sure did, that %#$#.
Tatoos are none of his business.  Personally, i don't have any, but my dotter does, and i like hers just fine.  My g/dotter had one put on the back of her neck.  Don't know why i never did it.  Time and place never right i guess.  Dotter got hers at the biker meets we held when i was married the 2nd time.  They are little, can't see em unless she wears something with straps.

Gonna go shut my eyes for a bit, so yall tc, and



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mystery Solved

OMG!! Have no idea why i woke up at 4:30 and could NOT go back to sleep.  Heard the paper man, so about 5 i got up, turned coffee on and saw daylite show up.  I've set my coffee to make at 7:30, but it makes in just a few minutes.  Really quick.  I'm up, but,,my day is ruined.  lol. 

NE getting the heat now, that we always do.  Horrible for them tho, we can handle it cause we always have had to.  AND,,we have ACs, well, almost all of us.

I did find out who put my paper by the door.  It was the man that mows.  He's out there right now, mowing.  While i was out yesterday i went ahead and got more gas while it wasn't so hot.  The heat showing up this weekend will end that weed growing.  So this one might last a while.  I pointed out to him the line to NOT cross to my E.  Told him not to mow one blade of the slob's next door.

Did any of yall watch the Justin Bieber special last nite?  hahahahaha,,,I didn't, but,,i recorded it.  Heck it might be worth watching.  I've always liked good performers and he is one.  I was watching "So You Think You Can Dance".  I always loved to dance, and to watch good ones too. 

Well, breakfast time,,so yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hey,,Longest Day Here

My weather thingy is showing rain, but it's not.  It is cloudy and could at any time, so i'm not sure where it is located here.  Normally it's right on the nose with the temp, so bring it on!

It's the summer soltice today, and i'm always glad to see it gone, like i am in Dec. on the winter one.  I look forward to the winter one more, tho, cause it means longer days of sunshine afterwards.  With the ^&*Y((&^&^^(* daylite savings time messing it up, it's still good for a few months.  I've seen so much about that, saying there's no reason to have it any more, so, why do we?  lol, No one knows.  It does not save anything, anywhere, any more.

Some one came by before i got up, have no idea who, yet.  Reason i know, is,,my paper had been picked up and put by my back door.  My bro G came by, but wasn't him, and the lady delivered my drugs, and it wasn't her either.  Probably was my mower man.  That new neighbor mows, but leaves a lot, now he's leaving it all along the W side of his property, my E.  I'm telling my mower to NOT mow one blade of that!  The creep.  He's weird.  And the ones that go there are too.  Fine with me.  Hope it burns up that new storage building he put right out my back door.  And does NOT mow around either.

Only other one could have been J.  He's gonna use my desk top to do defensive driving.  He went by to pay his fine, and they dismissed it because he's taking that.  He still says it was worth it,,every penny, to see all the grins from everybody about it.  Even people he doesn't know,,,And especially the man that was with him.  HE says,,best ride he ever took! hahahahaha.  That car turns in the 13s at the drags.  Used to win a lot with it.  Like the cop told him,,J,,take it out of the city limits to do that. 

Ok, things to not do, places to not go, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just poured out almost 1 1/2" of rain we got late Sunday.  Just blew up and came on thru.  2-3" in Western part of county.  It had severe hail in it, but before it got here, that disappeared. 

Gosh, don't know about yall, but it just gives me the shivers to think about camping inside those forests in CO, AZ, NM and other places.  The fire danger.   We liked to put up real cedar trees for Christmas, and we were careful, watered them, etc.  WELLLL,,,one time when we took it out, i just threw a match on it, and it went,,,"WHOOSH". Instant fire ball.  Never again did i have one in my house.  Got a beautiful artificial one right then,,on a good sale.

When i was in the 3rd grade,,not sure what age that was,,,lol,,,our house burned.  I was at school, but could see the smoke from the windows, knew it was our house by that big oak tree.  It was on the highway going thru town, and people stopped and carried out everything.  The fire was in the attic, (wiring) so we didn't actually lose anything, but the horror stayed with me forever.  I could be out somewhere, and hear the fire siren (small town) and i would have to go see where it was.  As soon as there were smoke alarms,,we had them.  Saved our house one time too.  We were eating supper and it started beeping,,i said,,why is it doing that and got up to look.  When i opened my son's bedroom door next to the dining area,,there was a fire going close by the bed, window.  J was the one that did the quick right thing,,wet a big towel and threw it on it,,Hubby threw big pan of water and scattered candle wax.  How that did that i still don't know.  He had the candle in a metal pan, sitting on a box, and the wic floated out, caught the box on fire,,  HOW did that happen??  It scared him so bad he wouldn't even sleep in there for several nites.  I still can't sleep in a house without an alarm.

I've been staying in,,just don't get out in the heat.  I need to go go Walmart today while it's not so bad, but,,,been saying that for a week,,,lol.    Who knows,,might just do it later.  I'm not on a schedule..  Filled my car up yesterday, and that trip to San Antone  was 23.2 MPG.  That was driving over 70. 

I called J yesterday and told him to call the doc and tell them if anyone cancels a later appointment,,let him have it.  That way i can drive him.  Just can't operate at 6 in the morning.  That's when he needs to leave for the 8:30 one.  He said he would.

Got my fly buzzing my nose again.  Been here a week!!  Yall tc, and


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miss You, Daddy

I know it's Father's Day, etc,,,,and mine left us in 85.  Still miss him every day.  He enjoyed life, and all of us, til he died.  We were the house with all the kids, and friends of the kids,,,and on and on.  He taught us the most important life lesson,,,how to play and enjoy each other.  He left his work there, didn't bring it home.  That was US time.  He set up the ol horseshoe stakes out in the back yard way before it was cool.  Always lots there throwing those things,, seems like most of the kids in town.  Then ,,,the washer holes.  Visitors would come and play, go home in other towns, states,,set up their own.  I could throw those heavy thangs the whole 40 feet.  We won lots of contests, having done them for so long. 

Wasn't just those,,we also learned dominoes,,card, and other ones too.  Playing dominoes as soon as we could add the ends together.  Then of course, the 42 and moon later.  I remember one time,,when i was maybe 11 or so, and we had the kitchen filled with neighbors and us playing jacks!!!  Does anyone remember some of the other outdoor games?  Like mother may i,,drop the handkerchief,,ring around the roses,,,penny pitching,,hide and seek in the dark,,,  Like i said,,,there was never a dull moment at our house.  Hop scotch...mercy,,,lots of em. 

Dad came from a large family, 3 bros, 4 sis, and they were all that way.  Mom just had 1 bro,  1 sis, and they didn't grow up like Dad's family did.  The 4 bros even had a band, played for dances.  They grew up on a farm up there by Honey Grove TX.  Blackland.  Worked hard, played hard.  They moved here in '48, when farming wasn't doing good.  He eventually worked for the railroad,,til it closed this end down.  We were the end of the line.

One time, when i was maybe 4 or 5,,we were awakened by chickens squawking in the hen house, so Daddy grabbed his shot gun and i was peeking out from behind him when he shot at that skunk carrying a hen out of the yard,,  and he missed,,,lolololol,,,didn't even scare that skunk.  That hen was still squawking when they went out of sight.  Up there, there were timber wolves too.  Huge gray ones.  I got walked to school because of them, and it was a LONG way.  Barefooted, thru the snow,,,,hahahahaha,,,not really.  Those wolves are probably still there, used to be when we went to visit, you could hear them at nite.  They would get into my aunt's garden, loved watermelons. 

Gosh, haven't revisited those memories in a long time..  There's just one of the sisters left now, and she was my fav.  She had some strokes and can't talk now, but i talk to her dotter every few weeks.  One of my fav cousins.

Family life like i've known it, just isn't there any more.  Not even with my own.  It's gone.  Really really sad.  Life in the fast lane,,,,,

Hope yall enjoyed some of this,,,it was really good to remember.  So yall tc, and


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kinda Late Doing This

HJ is talking about lost mines today.  And,,of course, they are everywhere.  A classmate of mine spent years looking for one, and never found it.  We had a gold rush here, back in the 1800s,,tent city of over 10000 miners.  I think i've talked about this before.  And about 30? years ago, they opened up another gold mine out NW of town.  Very secretive, if you worked there, you could not say anything.  Leave it up to bro B,,,tho.  Helped pour cement out there one time, and of course, snooped around.  Just saw a lot of big cans of stuff.  Didn't see any gold,,,lol....

Then, one time, there was this big ad in the local paper, wanting to know about one about 40 miles NW.  Had a map, was wanting someone to recognize the spot it was showing. 

We made it to San Antonio Thurs. and i don't know why J thot he could get those shots.  The doc wouldn't do it, said he had shook enough over doing the last ones too soon.  J didn't realize the ones he went to get, still had the same medicine as the others, and that was the problem.  They are different ones, just include the same one ingredient in both.  Anyway, he has to wait 2 months in between, so it's 5 more weeks.  He made the appointment, BUT,,it's at 8:30 AM,, I can't do that. But his gf said she would take off work if needed, and he said his dad would do it, too.  Since i'm not sure how either of them would react to this,  i really need to go.  I act,,,then react later,,,,  We did get to see his xrays,,MAN,,,just about makes me cry right now even.  The way doc was talking tho, i think he was saying that the plates and metal in there now, is what's causing most of his pain.  Not sure about when he would remove all that. 

We laughed a lot,,,tho,,later.  Since he didn't get the shots, he said he'd drive if i wanted,,and YES i did.  He knew the way and all.  We asked where a Red Lobster was and it was close so we stopped there.  Shoulda known we were in trouble when he took off the wrong way thru the parking lot, and i told him we got out back the other way,,He said trust me,, i know what i'm doing,,,famous last words,,Got to the back of the parking lot and had to go back past the Red Lobster, just like i had told him,,,lolololol.  That's when he said,,some places there got him turned around,,,hmmmm.  Shoulda watched a little more then,,but, didn't.  We got onto our road out,,and miles and miles later,,,we were going thru some construction and i said,,we didn't come thru here.  Got to looking, no signs to even let us know where we were...Finally saw an exit with a McDs and stopped and asked,,yep, we had been going the wrong way, and had missed BOTH ways we could have gotten back here.  SOOOO, here we go back the way we had said we sure were glad we weren't going earlier,,,(traffic stopped,,etc) and i get my TX map out and look at that little one on the back for SA,,,my,,we're on loop 1604,,not even sure where.  With the construction, signs are rare, soooo,,,we miss the 281 N,,but,,i tell him I10 is on up the road,, shouldn't be that far.  HUH!!! Miles later,,we find it!!! AND,,,we get on it!!! Even going the right way,,,,We just thot that was the funniest thang we ever got into...taking that scenic route,,,wanting to check out that McDs over there.....God knows where....He blamed it on leaving the RL,,in the construction,,,lolololol....even after going the wrong way to get out of the parking lot!  hahahahaha,,,

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hump Day,,and it's the 13th

Guess DDs the only one to use that link i put on yesterday's post.  Over the years, when i gave a gift for a birthday, i would make a copy of that day in history and give it too.  Everybody loved it, and you would hear all the oo wow,,gas was,,, bread was,,,, i didn't know that.  lololol.

 One time, when g/dotter was a teen, i was giving her jewelry in the box, so i wrapped it in money... lololol.  Different bill denominations,,, She took forever to unwrap it,,,lololol.

I haven't heard from J yet, on our trip tomorrow, to San Antonio.  He was gonna call the doc and see if there was anything he had to do,,OMG,,the phone just rang and it was him,,,how's that for timing?  And there's nothing he needs to do, but be there.  His gf is going too, which i'm so glad. 

Woke up this morning just before 8 and it was really dark.  Had a little thunderstorm move over, and cooled it off so good i haven't turned on the ACs yet.  Looks like about a 1/4" rain in my gauge.   Guess i'll need some more 20s,,to get mowing done,,lololol.  I think he mowed 3 times last year, the whole year.

Guess you can see, i don't have anything to talk about.  Just saw one of those MRI tubes on TV, and don't remember if i told you about there being a chair you can sit in now, to get them done.  I had told them at the doc's,,,i wasn't gonna get in one of those any more.  I had my teeth bleached,,ONCE,, and it took like,,an hour to pack my mouth with gauze (not kidding),,then she would put the stuff on, had to sit 15 minutes with your mouth propped wide open, then clean it off, do it again,,,3 times!!!  By the time that 3rd one was done, i was just about to start screaming,,  Those 15 minutes crawl by.  Wasn't worth it, didn't last.  Mine were stained with the usual, smoking, coffee, tea.  You have to do upkeep and i did til i ran out of that stuff.  Hated doing that too. 

Enough nonsense,,,so yall tc, and


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yeaaaaaa,,,Haircut Today

This site can take you back in time to 1920.  DD was doing it on his blog today, and i've always loved to look back, too.  Scroll down the page til you  see the different years to go to.

This is one i've used a lot to give to someone on their birthdays.  Their special day in history.  They always love it.

I called around earlier, and when a shop wouldn't even answer their phone, let a machine do it, i hung up.  I finally found one and have a 2:30 appointment.  It was brought up in my last post about cutting my own hair.  I've done that for years using a razor comb, but,, this style i'm wearing now has to be done with clippers,,,short on sides and back, not quite a mohawk, but close,,,lolololol. 

When all my kids got in school, i just almost went to barber school.  It would have been a drive to Austin for about 9 months, but with one or two more sharing rides, wouldn't have been bad.  I had cut hair from the time my dotter was about 2, doing the boys and hubby later, too.  I had been to the school there, got everything arranged,,UNTIL i found out i would have to work under another barber for TWO years!!!  NO WAY!  By then, i was the only one here doing the longer cuts on boys, and just no way would i work under a barber here.  I told the younger one, he sure needed to learn to do those, and he did.  Heck, i was doing em for free!  Quit that when they got to demanding them when THEY wanted, not when i could do em.  Beauty school was out, didn't like all the other stuff like perms, etc.

I won the contest with DD yesterday,,,i  WANT TO LOSE THIS ONE!  I got hotter here than he did there.  Now, would you want to win that one? 

Gosh i hate to turn my desktop on, and have to when i need copies.  I know, i need a wireless printer, but sheesh, just do copies every once in a while.  When i turn it on, there's always updates to be done, and i don't know why, but i still do them.  That room is too hot, and too cold.  Besides, my laptop is faster.  Maybe it's thru updating now, and i can turn it back off. 

Anyway, yall tc, and


Monday, June 11, 2012

Bring Em On,,,

Made it thru the Hatfields and McCoys,, was great!  TY DD for telling about them or i wouldn't have known.  I, like everybody else, can highly reccomend them.  I looked at tonite, and ,,nothing.  Good thing i recorded 3 more yesterday.

I didn't get out yesterday except to go to Taco Bell and pick up a couple of tacos, nachos,,for supper.  Nothing appealing to me about getting out in a 100+ temps.  Gonna be worse today.  I'm reading a good book,,The Help,, got movies.  Even my heart doc, i always carry a book with me, saw it and said he'd seen the movie.  Has to be hilarious. 

Gosh, i need a haircut.  That 20.00 for this,,,20 for that, is 20ing me to death.  I do a lot of trimming myself, but,,,gets to the point i have to have help.  Even tho i just want half a cut, it still costs the whole amount.  Not sure anyone works on Mondays around here either.  Never wore my hair long after Mom finally! let me cut it when i was 12.  Hated it.  SHE couldn't grow long hair so she made ME...make any sense?  She never forced my sisters.  Even tho my dotter had this blond curly hair, i whacked it off because of her screaming every time i had to wash it.  Told her when she could do her own, she could have it long. 

She and one of my sisters,, got to be about old enough to want their ears pierced,,kept on all the time about it.  SOOOO, one day, just to shut em up,,i told em to sit down, and i'd do it.  OMG!! They did!!!,,,I HAD TO DO IT.  I did it like mine were done,,,put a clothes pin on them,,for a while,,put a cork behind, thread a needle, dip in alcohol, and using a thimble, push that needle thru into the cork,,pull it out,,,tie the thread.  I was shaking like a leaf,,,lololol,,and they weren't,,didn't feel a thang.  I even got them straight, and they healed right up in a few days, put the earrings in.  Learned my lesson,,keep my mouth shut,,never say things you didn't mean.

90* here, at 11AM,,, dog days,,here you come.  Yall tc, and


Sunday, June 10, 2012

And,,,It's Another Sunday

Made it thru the 2nd Hatfield, McCoy movie,,reallllyyyy hard to stop.  With nothing on tv most of the time, i have lots of movies recorded now, to take up the nites of nothing on,,,  Today i'm doing 3 more, Lifetime,,lolololol,,i know you guys don't like em, but,,,i sure do.  Like the Hallmark ones too,,so there!!! hahahaha,,  But for tonite, that 3rd H&M one is on.  I have HBO, and Cinamax but,,most of those, almost all, i just don't like.

Haven't heard a word from SS, since i called and found out they both got jobs in Longview.  Know they're horribly busy, house hunting,,moving,,selling one.  They were gonna move personal stuff, til the house in Lake Worth sold.  Heck, she would never have a problem finding a teaching job anywhere, coming from that prestigious one she's been at.  And as for him,,named SE TX coach of the year his first year, in baseball, when he was at Hi Island, np either. 

If yall haven't read the blog of lotta joy,,you need to, and tell others to, too.  It's listed as one i follow as WITLESS RELOCATION PROGRAM.  I just finished the last one of her past, and i get chills thinking about it.  And tears. 

I can never thank God enough for my parents, and we did get our share of spankings,,The worst was when Mom told us to go get our own switch,,,and if it wasn't a good one then she would get one and it would be worse,,,Heck, we believed it,,never took a chance,,,hahahahaha. 

I still laugh about one time,,we didn't come up from the creek to eat supper, after we had been called several times,,,,and here come Dad,,we knew we were in trouble, but,,he forgot to duck going under a big pipe there by the bridge we were under, and while he was stumbling around almost knocked out,,we ran by fast as lightening,, He forgot what he had come for and we made our escape.....He rarely ever paddled us.  And he let me be me,,the biggest tom boy in town.  Mom kept wanting to girlie me up,,but no way.  I had 2 brothers, 3 neighbor boys to grow up with, had to hold my own,,ya know.  Was about 13 or 14 when i discovered boys were a different species,,not to be fought, beat in games,,,etc.

And i guess, back then, things like lotta joy writes about, were just kept secret in families.  I know families now, that have been that way, and it's lots better now than back then.  It's more watched for in schools, and the medical area.

Yall tc, and,


Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Don't Wanna Go,,,to the Vets

Still not over that trip, my feet are still kinda sore too.  Sooo, i'm still not doing much.

I heard about a possible rabid fox last nite, and just now, another one.  I got a card, reminding me to take Jude in for his update shots, even tho the rabies last 2 years and it's just been one.  When there's more around the vet reccommends every year.  It's the setting an appointment, then trying to have him around where i can get him into a carrier and go.  The best i've ever found, is an old nylon travel bag.  You put one in it, zip it, and then they're  Easy to carry, too.  Guess i need to get it out and let it lay in here, for him to get used to.

I woke up before 7 today, and could NOT go back to sleep, so i got up about 7;30.  Already need a nap.  It was cool too.  Almost to the summer equinox and not bad.  Know it's coming tho....

Ok, that nap is yelling at me now,,so yall tc, and


Friday, June 8, 2012

Hmm,,Thot I Lost This,,

I was so tired yesterday, that i kept thinking, gonna call and cancel my 2pm apt with my heart doc, but,,then would think,,nooo,,go and get it over with.  That's what i finally did.  I just drove over there, saw the doc and came home.  No walmart, no heb,,nothing else.  I was doing great, said come back in a year.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaa,,,glad i went on and did it.

I have the old dvd, vcr combo, and i've been looking at them after being told they don't make em any more.  Heck, i found plenty.  It was kinda confusing, tho, about tuner, plug onto cable thingy,,,and what they actually do.  I just want one to do what this old one does, IF it ever stops working.  And, i guess i need to look and see what else would do recording, etc.  My bro B has something that records bunches of movies, if you want, and stores them.  But it probably cost, too.  What i was looking at, was 100.  Now, that's my speed, lol.

I think i'll start that series, Hatfields and McCoys, tonite.  I have em all on one tape, can watch when i want.  I saw they were back on today, or at least 2 and 3, not sure where 1 was, on lifetime.  Everybody i've talked to, DD, has said the same as you,,really really good.  Starts right off with a bang.

I've been out of waffles, will get more today, but i've been eating a fried egg on toast, with cheese and bacon.  yummmm.

I clicked on publish,,and it wouldn't go,,,thot i had lost all of this.  Now it seems to be working right, which is saving the drafts.  That way, i can go back and find it in edit posts.  Part of it is gone, and i'm not sure i even remember what it was,,,lol.

Sooo, yall tc, and


PS,, told em at the doc's,,that i wasn't gonna do any more of those stress tests, not getting back in that tube.  The nurse told me there is one in Fredericksburg now you can get it done sitting in a chair, don't have to lay on that tiny metal table for a long time, not moving.  I might consider that if it ever comes up again.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Long Day

Woke up to RAIN!!  I think i missed the heavier stuff, but it's still raining.

When i got up for the first time during the nite, i could hardly walk on my feet.  They were so sore from yesterday's traipsing in and out with J.  We got everything accomplished for his medicare and medicaid,,which was turning in the application for medicaid.  Both offices were in Georgetown, so no trip to Lampasas is needed.  AND, it's all done except the wait.  Medicare won't take over til 9-13, and there's no way to wait for the surgery.  30-45 days will have to be done to see about medicaid.  In the meantime, i take him to San Antonio next week to have serious injections put in, and they will put him to sleep to do this.  That will help him for a while on the pain.

The medicaid office there had the most friendly, decent people working there, i've ever seen.  We had filled out that huge app except for a couple of things.  We had the other things too, that had to go in with it, all except the medical expenses the last few months.  They made copies of everything, got it faxed in right then.  We will put off applying for that TCIP now, til we know about the medicaid.  This surgery could cost like,,250,000.  YEAH,,that's right.

That was just 2 of the stops,,lol,,,there were about 6 more.  That's what i meant about my feet.  Should have had other shoes on.  Was way too hot to wait in the car.  They are just about ok now, tho.  Good thing, i have to go to Marble Falls today, doc appointment at 2.  That's the ONLY thing i'm doing, too!  Well, might eat lunch.  There's a pretty good Mexican food place there.  Good prices on lunches.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

City Letter From Their Attn.

My bro G came by and i never got back yesterday.  He brought the answer from the city attorney, and if we understand all that mumbo jumbo stuff they use, that gate has to go.  We're not thru yet.  That letter helps US,,,we think.  Need a lawyer to interpret it. lol.  We still have to meet with the mayor, and probably go back to the council again.  They have had other major problems, so we have just waited, not gonna forget tho.  There's also a new council member, which we THINK is good for us.  Know the other one wasn't.  Hey, our family has multiplied a lot,,we have clout,,,lol.  Had the mailman tell me one time,,wow you're kin to everybody!  hahahaha,,,told him it just took 50 years to hear that.

Don't know if i've told you, but mom and dad had 3 of us...Later,,when i was 15, they decided they wanted more, so,,here came 3 more.  That's how mom and I had kids together, twice.  Sorta,  my bro B and my dotter, 9 months apart, then our 2 youngest, 4 months.  We had a blast, and no one could ever tell whose was whose.  We mixed and matched all the time.  lol.  We took B with us a lot, with our 2 boys, cause they loved it, and were no trouble when he was with us.

My son J LOVED to aggravate his big sister, make her chase him,, him laughing, her screaming at him.  So,,,i told her to tell him she was gonna kiss him when she caught him.  She did, and OMG,,did that EVER ruin his fun..NO WAY,,he said.  I think he quit the aggravation right then!  You do what ya gotta do,,,lol.

I'm supposed to go with him to Georgetown today,,,noonish,, I'm ready and can leave any time.  Hope he doesn't back out.  Need to find out for sure about Medicare covering his upcoming surgery.  His doc keeps saying it will.  Then he can go from there.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day of Nothing,,,,

Well, this is the 3rd day of doing nothing,,I'm barely getting out of the house,  too darn hot.  I get out and do what has to be done, and that's it.  I might ride thru the park, or a few other places, but don't stop and enjoy now..

My mower man came by and almost woke me up this morning,,mowing,,lololol.  I was awake, just not up, wanting to go back to sleep.  It really wasn't that early, like 8, but i was still not wanting to get up.  Now it looks so good, and just in time for maybe some rain coming.  We just got put back on a burn ban.  This might be a year of zig zagging. I love the rain, so bring it on.   Taught my kids to love the lightening, not to be scared. Watch the beauty, and they still do.  I never made them afraid of anything, and if someone else did, i corrected it.  We all loved the monster movies, but i explained how they  used makeup to make them, and one time, it showed that on tv too.  So there were never nightmares.  Now,,my Dad loved to tell the kids scary stories just before bed time...but they loved it.  My Mom would come home from work, (nurse) and find a whole bedroom full of kids surrounding their bed.   The kids would beg him for more!

I had my g/dotter and a niece with me for the nite one time,,(always on Fri) and i would take them out to do things no one else did.  This time, i took them for a walk in the cemetery at nite.  My niece was holding on hard to my hand, and my g/dotter was skipping on ahead.  There was a scuffling noise and my niece squealed, and my g/dotter never slowed up, just said,,It's just a rabbit...My hand was numb,,,when we got thru..hahahahahaha. SS was one of these nieces, and her sister the other.  Right about the same age as g/dotter.

My bro G and i went to the city council meeting last nite.  They were gonna discuss whether to release the legal opinion on this gate thing to the public or not.  They will, but i don't have the copy yet, i left early.  I will let you know when i find out.  Gs gonna bring a copy by today.

BBL, i think, so yall tc, and


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Boring Blogs

Hey DD, i remember way back when you said something about,,,you post what you think is a good post, and NO response,,then,,a so so one, and get comments.  I'm at that point right now.  I had no comments on yesterday's,,and i had thot it would have had a lot.  lolololol.  Shows you what i know, huh?  Guess they're as boring to everybody as they are to me.  And just to let everybody know, if i don't do one,,i'm just taking a break.  Not gonna waste my time doing boring blogs.

I went to the parade today, at 10am.  Maybe it's me, but it just wasn't a good one.  Lots of vehicles not even decorated, just signs on them.  A few horses, very few floats, and it lasted about an hour,,,of this.  It's the rodeo one, but the rodeo started last nite.  Makes no sense.  I parked in a place i could sit in my car, and about 1/2 way thru, i tried to leave, but,,i was blocked in.  Had to sit thru the whole thing.  I could pull out on the street then, and turn off and go around it.  I think my blood sugar got too low, so i ate as soon as i got home.

Well that's it,,, yall tc, and


Friday, June 1, 2012

No Where To Go, Nothing To Do

Hmmm, my electricity just went off, oops, now back.  Blinked 2 times, then stayed off about a minute.   Had to reset a few things,,,mainly my coffee pot, and the vcr.  Since i changed to battery operated clocks now,  not much to change.  Best thing i ever did.  lol.

How is it possible for there to be NOTHING on tv from tonite thru the whole week end.  I mean from 7 pm on.  I'm gonna record the Hatfields and McCoys tomorrow, but,,,nothing on today to even do that.

Went by my son's house late yesterday, and his dad said he'd be back in 8 minutes,,lol,,that's what he said.  Sooo,,, i wait.  They had fleas so bad, he was in the process of spraying the house,  (my son).  Just from one day to the next, they were there.  I'm knocking on wood,,so far i'm ok here.  I use the bombs.  I have to get them at the feed store, not the $Store, to kill eggs, larvae, and all.  They come 3 to a package, and i use 2 in the house, 1 under.  You can't believe all the dead bugs that turn up for a LONG time.  I know i didn't do it last year, didn't need to, and maybe not the year before.

Every time i see the tv programs like,,20/20, Dateline, etc, i remember one about a year ago,,,about a case over in Burnet County.  They featured it on one of those.  This couple came up with this bizarre idea for him to die.  They went to a cemetery, dug up the body of an old woman, put it in his car, wrecked it, and set it on fire.  Not much left.  He cut his hair, changed his looks, and went to Austin to live, she collected this huge insurance payoff that they had just taken out.  (Of course)...Sound like a soap opera?  There was NO suspicion for about a year.  Then someone called in saying they had seen them together in Austin.  They were telling their 2 kids that this was another man, not their dad.  Freaky, huh?  Well, with them  being so stupid, they got caught, and both went to prison.  And to think, they could have gotten away with it.  O yeah, the authorities did dig up a grave and found it empty, later, so they knew which one had been burned.  Maybe they told them.  Don't remember how they knew where to look, but they did.  How's that for your scary story for Friday?  loloolololol,,,I haven't tried to, but you might can find it on google.  

Well, that's all i got,,so yall tc, and


Found it,,,