Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who was saying,, hate to read blogs that start with,,, nothing to say?

Ha ha...

Got my new scanner last week, and been fooling with it since!!!  Being on hold for 45 minutes, yesterday and today,, trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong.  Still don't know, BUT,, set it back to original and now it's working,,, hahahaha...This county just has 2 things to pick up, but this homepatrol is supposed to pick up analog too... Heck, when i heard them talking an hour or so ago,,, I LEFT IT ALONE!  Maybe another time, i'll look into that.  Still have the old scanners for that.

BB, this road you're on, takes so long to get there.  It's wait, do this, wait again,, do that,, wait again,,etc.  Then you finally get a date set,, weeks down the road.  There will be a doctor that'll fix you up, and then you'll wonder why,, you waited so long.  Meanwhile,, do what you have to do, to get there.  Lots of experience here.  (My son)

The ol dog days are almost here,, by this coming weekend,,will be here.  We've been so lucky this year, cooler, rainier.  LOVE IT.

Gosh, lost this, and finally found the draft.

I'm gonna try something,, see if i can lose some weight.  No supper.  I eat it even tho i'm not hungry, soooo,, WHY?  I can snack a little if i need to.  Right now, it's noon, and i ate breakfast about 10, so lunch,, later.

DD, does your pond have anything in it?  Would love to see pictures,,you know,, lol.

Ok, enough of this nothing,, yall tc, and