Friday, January 18, 2013

Flu, Head Cold?,,,What is It?

I talked to a cousin up in Paris yesterday, and they're having the same thing we are.  It's NOT allergies,,it's like what she called it,,a head cold.  And it's contagious.  Everybody around here has it, or the flu. No flu for me yet, and I took the shot so I have hopes.  Anyway, my son came by and said he'd been in bed all day, had thrown up once, had the shakes, and was still nauseated.  Great!  I offered him some of the ramen soup I had made him yesterday, but no,,all he wanted was some crackers.  He did have a 7-up with him.  I gave him some tums, and in a while, he was doing good.  He left to go home to bed again.  After he used my phone, I told him, didn't want to insult him, but,,i'm cleaning it with purel,,,lolololol. 

I did get all excited when he told me he saw about a 14 point buck in my drive way about dusk yesterday.  Right behind my car.  Gonna open my blinds back there, and see if I might see him too.  Had to laugh a few nites ago, about Jude.  Heard him at the door after dark, and when I opened it, that big fat coon ran off while Jude came in.  He's not at all scared of these wild animals,,was just scared of Rescue.

I'm feeling about back to normal today.  I think that neti pot did it,,,catching it at the beginning.  I haven't had the cough like the others.  YET.

J brought by a big roast a few days ago, and I just stuck it in the freezer,,,,got it out last nite, so today i'm cooking a roast in my crock pot.  I cooked the roast itself for a while in one of my pots on top of the stove, waterless in it's own juices,,,Just makes for a better taste.  I have the stainless steel cookware to do it with.  That will all be ready by supper time,,,yall come,,,  there's a recipe on the back of the box of onion soup mix.  And o yeah, those roasted potatoes on there,,,ARE SOO GOOD!

Well, couple more things,,,someone's horse got run over, over on the highway about 3 blocks from here,,,, last nite.  Then this morning,,another gun shot wound,,a man shot himself in the leg.  Makes 4 for sure, maybe 5 just in the last 2 o4 3 months.  Where's all the gun safety???? 

Gotta git, so yall tc, and