Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Js gf called about 8:30 Friday nite, and he was in bad shape again.  I rushed over there, and in a few minutes decided to call an ambulance.  He had collapsed, couldn't feel his legs, couldn't talk, but there was a little more than the last time, like the way he was holding his arm and hand.  Later I realized it was like a seizure.  They did all the blood tests and the one thing that could do this, was low sodium.  I just happened to ask what that meant and later looked it up online.  He was told to drink no more than 1000cc of fluid a day.  His white blood count was off too, but he said he had run a little fever off and on for a few days.

After about an hour he said, water,,,and I knew he was getting over this.  He has an appointment with his doc for Wednesday.  Will find out more of what to do.  But it is amazing now, of how much better he is, just cutting the fluids.  What he had been doing was the opposite of what he should have done,. cause he was told this in late Dec.

It's been too hot to be out doing anything.  The trees don't have leaves yet, so there's no shades.  If you get under a live oak, they are shedding leaves like crazy and get in the car, with the red wasps that are everywhere.  I've had to sit and wait to see if the wasp will fly back out or not, several times.

Nothing else going on, so yall tc, and