Sunday, July 7, 2013

Phones out for Days

Wow, our phone service went out on Tuesday nite, and just got back yesterday about 1 PM.  It's Verizon here, and a tech called this morning asking if my number was correct, so they're matching numbers with correct names now.... He said it was some kind of software crash, and they were STILL working on it, had been since Tuesday nite, 24 hours a day.  I also asked if there was going to be some kind of compensation, and he said call in about that.  I used all my cell phone minutes, even having to call 800 numbers, and had to buy more.  All this side of town, N of the river, were out.  THANK GOD, my internet stayed on.  Takes 2 wires for phone, just 1 for internet,,,,in connection... was told that before.  It's kinda horrifying how much we are dependent on these things now. 

I'm no better nor worse,,, just getting by until I know what's gonna be done, and not even sure the doc will be able to tell me that on Friday.  I DO have high hopes of maybe getting a shot in there to help, but he might have to wait and see an MRI report.  The other doc, did fix my wrist with the injections, and there is no pain there now.  He just doesn't do spines.  As far as the therapy, between the phones out (doc's offices here) and my doc not in the office until Wednesdays, a holiday, last week was a lost cause.

Our forecast has a chance of rain, 30%, tomorrow.  I'm keeping my hopes up.  Not able to get out and water anything.  Don't care about the weeds, but my trees are precious,,,have to have all the shade I can.  In case you don't know, it's Texas.  That means the weather makes liars out of forecasters,,,lol.

Think i'm gonna doze for a while,,,lol, nothing else to do.  Did get a load of laundry mostly done,,gonna put in the dryer now.

Yall tc, and