Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Same ol, same ol

Well, it has cooled off, had to use some heat earlier today.  NICEEEE.

Also, had a starter put on my car,,, hope that was the problem..  When i was putting it in the car book, i saw where i had had one done about 2 years ago....Battery in Oct.. soooo,,, who knows.

I did get out and go do the early voting.  There was one person i wanted to see on the city council.  He gives em hell,,,goes to every meeting, asks about the whys and whatnots,,, like the spending, etc.  Keeps them honest.  They even kicked him out of one not long ago.  lol.  He sure won't be a yes man to anybody, like others that get elected and forget who put them there.

OOOO yeah!  The new mayor and city manager looked over all our street closing folders, told us we were right on, (told him i knew that,,lololol) and that gate had to go!  So in the near future, that street will open up again,, and also, one that got closed years ago by a city council that didn't have us to stop it....haahhaha.

But, by then the river might be all dried up... No rain, lakes getting worse, just don't know what will happen.  Back in the 50s, i remember the river drying up, a cracked river bed.  Water was brought in by train.  You sure couldn't' water anything, barely could bathe,,,lol.  Then, it came down in a big roll, was lapping the bottom of the bridge by the time i got out of school.  Never has done it any more,,, yet.

Giving a report right now on tv,,about the drought.....

Saw a sign of termites a couple of weeks ago,,, again.  Every few years, i've had to treat my house for them.  The house i used to have, that my bro B has now,,,had them once,, was treated, and they never came back.  That was when they could use the good stuff.,, That worked.  DDT? lol don't know.

Time for supper, Idol will be on in a bit, so yall tc, and