Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Day Has Disappeared!

Geezz,,,the day has just slipped away.  Well, almost.  Have a load of laundry in the dryer, not totally useless today.  So tired, couldn't sleep again, last nite.  Not sure about this new pillow either. lolol  It's not foam, but sure is thick, then when i put the case on, makes it too hard.  In the middle of the nite, i was jerking that case off, worked then.  If i slept on the edge, on my stomach, it was ok.  But NOT in the case.  No room to expand.  Gosh!  What a freaking problem,,,lololol.  Haven't had one i liked since the egg carton foam one, that is not made any more.  I've looked online, everywhere.  And that's been a long time.  Not sure what to do about a case.  Now, none,,,lol.

I gave up on leftovers today, rest going out to the park, stray cats.  Just can't take it any more,,,,hahahaha.  Hate turkey for sure, now.  Friend S had insisted on filling up,,not ONE,,but TWO, of those BIG foam plates to send home with me, one with mexican food.  Tamales, yuk, never liked em.  I really didn't like any of it, and that turkey and trimmings, (plate FULL),, time to go.  I ate 3 meals off of all that.  OHHHH yeah!!,,another plate of sweets!!  Believe it or NOT, i'm tossing almost all of that too.  She had so much in her fridge, i know why, but don't know what she's gonna do with all the rest.  OMG,,,Sooo much.  She's the one that's lost over 200 lbs after having the lapband put in.  AND,, she can't eat hardly at all, kinda nibble.  She told me once, to eat meat, she can chew it a long time, then spit the rest out,,,that way she gets the taste and all.  Beef is the worst.  I have to do that sometimes, too.  Steaks?  Have to be so tender you could cut with ur fork.  Otherwise, can't do em.

DD's got a strange tree too, like that honey locust at my sis's place.  Never heard of DDs either.  They are both so out of place, makes you "wonder" how they got there.  I've lived in this county almost always, and have never seen another honey locust tree.  Actually, don't want to.  Here it is.  How could you tell by looking at Ol Jules pics, it was a dead tree?  Did i miss something? 

Gotta get out of the house for a bit,,,yall tc, and