Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Lucky Day,,,

Yeah,,Friday the 13th,, why not?  That's how i'm gonna look at it,, (let you know tomorrow,,).

I have no plans,,of course.  I can always handle spur of the moment.  My favorite grandfather,,lived here the last 6 years of his life, from 80 to 86,,his age,,not the  Totally independent.  I would go by and ask,,do you need to go to the store or anywhere?,,and he just picked up his hat, put it on and out the door we went.  I think i've mentioned this before, but most of the time, he wanted to go to the liquor store,,and why not?  He would get his bottle, and the next time,,he'd say,,go to the other one...hahahahaha,,he didn't want them to know how much he drank.  I never saw him tipsy.  He went with me one time,,,up to Goldthwaite?,, about 60 miles North, and never said a word about my driving, but later told Mom the fence posts looked like a picket fence...lololololol.

I so enjoyed him.  He would give my son J,,born the day he moved here, a paint brush and a coffee can of water, and tell him he could paint the porch.. J loved it.  He'd paint and paint,,go back and start over when it dried.  Kept him out of a lot of trouble.  He died of liver cancer, in just a few months, later.  When he said he wanted his pistol, i wanted to go get it for him.  A man like him,,totally bedridden, having to be waited on by Mother, his dotter.  She was a nurse, but still.  She had him at home as long as possible, so he wasn't in the nursing home but just about 3 weeks.  I went by almost every day, with J and by then, my new one.

Welllll,,, i've looked at tv for tonite,,NOTHING.  Not even any movies to record today.  Good thing i have several done.  My life is so boring.  Not even cooking today, have leftovers, good ones,,

Can't sit on the porch, like BB,,,too darned hot.  Just thot about it,,,HEY DD!!! How much rain have you had?  You didn't even mention it.  I got just a bit more after pouring out 4 3/4", not even a 1/4". 

Ok,,enough of this, yall tc, and