Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lots and lots of Gooood Blogs Today

Gotta read Ol Jules today,, tells it like i tried to, about being sent to homes.  I SOOO agree with him.  If it's in my power, i won't ever be done that way.  Family care is a thing of the past, gotta face that.  Your kids grow up, and there's never a thot any more about taking care of elderly parents.  My Dad sat down in his chair, fell out and was gone right then.  That's how i wish it.  My Mom chose to go to the Nursing home where she had worked for a lot of years, but didn't last over 2 weeks there.  She HATED it tho.  I did my training for my cna license in one, and it's a horrible place to think of having to live.  Being able to stay in your home with home health care was the best thing ever!  And i loved doing it.

Ok the next thing,, i said i would post a cure for sinus on here, so here it is.  I read this in a yoga book way back when i was having it so bad i would be sick all the time with it.  Taking the meds just dried my mouth out horribly.  So, when i read this, i was the kind of person that would try anything,,and this was simple.  All you do is put your head upside down for 10 minutes each day.  Won't take over 3 either.  I laid off a bed with a pillow under my head, but,,,BE SURE to have plenty of Kleenex when you come up, it's gonna pour out.  Common sense really. Your sinuses are pockets and when you turn them upside down, they drain.  The first time might make your head hurt, but that will be the only time, won't do it any more.  And you're probably having headaches anyway.  OOO,,,don't mean it will give you a headache, just might hurt for a few minutes.  My Mom's doc told her to do that to drain her lungs, she was so prone to pneumonia.  My son had ear and throat infections all the time, lots of antibiotics given, before he was trying to learn to stand on his head,,,lololol,,,and he did that so much he got rid of the ear, throat stuff!!  Back then, there was no vaccine for mumps,,so when my dotter brought them home from school, and he got them 3 weeks later,  the doc said to just keep him from jumping.  WELLLL, i gave THAT up after 3 days!!! That kid was jumping, running, standing on his head,,,constantly on the go.  I just knew i'd get them, but,,when i didn't,,i sure got the vaccine when it came out.

My best friend and i had the boys within 6 days, and when neither one had married and had kids,,,we both started wishing some kid would walk up and say,,hey, your my granma,,,hahahahah.  Never did, and they still have never had any.  Mine says why bring another one into the world, when there are so many needing families now.  He works with lots of kids, thru the church, thru mentoring at school, everywhere he can, and he does take the precautions that go along with that, knowing how the world can be.  He knows all the needy ones, and makes sure they can have something ,(supposedly from their parents) for Christmas... That's why he shops at so many Goodwill stores.  For kids mostly.  He went out to the dump one year and got 4 bicycles and redid them for some kids.  Said he had to quit that ,,so many were donated the next year. lolol,,,New looking ones at the Goodwills.

Had to laugh when he told me last nite, he got a call from some city policemen,  about 10:30 a few nites ago, that they had a coral snake in the park down by the river.  The kids there with their parents were playing basketball, and saw it,,,called 911, and the 2 cops showed up.  They said the kids were jumping up and down yelling,,,call the bug man, call the bug man,,,and they finally figured out who they were talking about, and called him,,,(that's what the kids call him at school, he does show and tell). He went down there and caught it, put it in an aquarium, and made his speech about being careful, and they had done the right thing.  It's a big one too.  He had welder's gloves on, and it bit him on those gloves a few times.  He had taken a coral snake up there last year for show and tell, and all those kids saw it crawling around with that little white mouse...Btw, i put that on youtube,,,look for TROUBLEnTX videos,,,it's the Best Friends one.  Then.. i got to make the MOM"S speech......Do NOT handle that thing, there's no antivenom in the US any more!!!  The drug company quit making it, was used so rarely.  There's another one of my bro Bs rattlesnake pit.  Just in case you want to see it too. hahahahaha.

What am i forgetting?,,,My glasses aren't right.  GRRRRR... Don't know if it's the prescription or the making of the lens.  My right eye sees blurry at a distance.  Checked that out this morning.  Did the same with my old glasses, soooo,,,who knows?,,,Something's not right. 

Wish i had something around here to eat.  LOLOL,,without cooking i mean. 

My friend S called and told me she got a turkey at the store for a total of .11.  Yep,,11 cents.  They have a coupon today that gives you  7.00  off.  I told her i would go get her another one.  I sure don't want one, don't like turkey anyway, without cooking in a smoker.  So i'll do that and pick up eats at the same time,,,

Yall tc, and HAGD