Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will We, or Won't We, get our SS Checks

Looking forward to all ur pics, DD.  Wondering if BB will take off on Monday or not.  As for me, i'm here for the duration, staying in, staying cool.  Utility bill wasn't up much, about 15.00, and like i told my Mom one time, i pay for heat to stay warm in winter, i'll darn sure pay for cool in summer.  Well, maybe not this time,,if that ss check doesn't arrive.  Can u believe that???  And imagine the total disaster that would be?  For everybody.

River flow:  J=42 M=20 L=6  Don't know how J can be up 4 ft from yesterday, but GOOD to see!

Could not sleep last nite, and made the mistake of eating one of my breakfast bars about 3 am.  Never again.  Kept waking up with a mouthful of it and indigestion for hours.  I can't sleep on an empty stomach, but will eat something else next time.

Gosh, just remembered that today is my once a week watering day, later.  Have to wait until 8 pm to start.  Didn't make it up for the AM period.  I just lay 2 hoses down by trees and let them run a couple of hours.  Gypsy was talking about crepe myrtle today, and yes, there's a lot here in TX too.  It's hardy and takes TX heat.  I have 3 here, one really old one.  They can go without water thru the worst of summers.  When i landscaped this yard, that's the kind of plant i used,  TX native.  So almost everything i put out, will make it ok.  I made the mistake of putting salvia by my pond, among other things, like a butterfly bush, indigo spirals, and the hummers and butterflies loved all these blooming plants.  I didn't know the salvia spread by the roots, and before i knew what was going on, it had choked out and killed the butterfly bush, and a bird of paradise tree.  I dug up what i thot was all of it, but,,,,guess what?  It could just be dropped somewhere and come up, and it came back from the tiny pieces of roots i didn't get.  So beware people,,,put it away from everything else!  Way away.  Not much left now, tho, the pond is empty and i don't do yard work any more.  Gonna find out what the survivors are.  There's an old wisteria vine out in the front corner, guess i'll put some water on it.  It's huge and needs a good trimming.

Since i put out the big thing of water a week ago, i have some birds back.  And, red wasps, lol.  Gonna turn my calendar today, look at Aug. lol, just a few more weeks til Sept. where there's hope.  And the weeks fly.