Sunday, May 20, 2012

I think i found out why my eml files won't open now.  They're from OE which i don't have any more, and win 7 won't do them.  Don't know if there's a fix to this or not.  I was supposed to transfer from OE to Win Live Mail, while i still had it.  Now, who knew that?  I sure didn't.  Maybe i can get a tech sometime and check it out.  Supposed to be a chat help online.  Not gonna get into it now tho.  And all i was wanting to do was to put one on here,,,how to give a cat a bath.  One of the best of all.  Sooo, if anybody has that, please send it to me.

The bbq was great!  B cooked some steaks and pork chops, but those chops were MY choice.  Had lots of sides.  I got full too fast,,,lololol. wanted more.  There was washer tournys too.  Then all the younger ones went down to the river.  I got home just before dark.  Was a great time.

This new neighbor next door has this long greasy hair,,,well, he did.  (And there's nothing wrong with long hair, if it's taken care of)  I heard all this yelling yesterday, thot they were fighting, but,,,he had managed to get that hair hung in a pulley or something on his trailer.  It had rolled it up to his head.  And there he stood, bent over with his head against it.  One woman came out with scissors, and couldn't get it done, then the other one tried, no luck.  They called EMS, so the ambulance, fire trucks, cops, all showed up.  One of the ems finally got the hair cut loose.  Was a lot gone. lmao.  When i left to go to Ns, he was sitting on the back porch getting the rest cut off.  That whole group is weird.  I don't associate.

DD was talking about how he liked to talk to people.  I've always loved to hear the stories from the older generations.  Like, my x father in law,,lived like a hermit out on the ranch, but how i wish i had recorded the stories he told.  This is just one,,,,The first settlers settled there, where this ranch is, and of course, there were Indians that would raid their crops, livestock, etc.  The Indians would leave for the winter season and go South.  Comanches, i think.  One year, there were no crops, so there was no food for the winter coming up.  The Indians loaded up and left.  BUT,,they came back with food for the settlers to last them thru the winter!  On a bank of the creek there were still prints of where the tepees had been.  There is still an old cemetery, surrounded with an old iron fence, a log cabin, and out in a pasture, 2 granite grave stones, one with German names and dates.  There's also a family cemetery too.  The man that my son took for the ride in the GTO owns that now.  It's on the river of course.  There were lots of stories about the fil too,,,lololol,,like,,he would get on his tractor and come to town to go to the bars.

I think a nap is calling,,so yall tc, and