Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rain,,,,Don't ya Love It!

That rain hit last nite about 8,,and i don't think i've ever heard it rain so hard.  I could hear it over the tv, ac,,everything.  That lasted about 15 minutes, then it slowed.  All that's in my gage is 1".  Hard to believe.  Another round coming i think.  I just hope it rained in places that will help the lakes.

I'm STILL picking up these black beetles in my house.  There's a huge invasion!  Rain makes it worse.  The terrapin ate some of them.  J came over this morning and took it back where he found it.  All it did was crawl around the aquarium wanting out.  That's not a good thing to do to it.  And if it was taken to school, would be the same thing.

Is there anyone that likes this new blogger interface?,,,I finally got all the bells and whistles, at the top, but,,do NOT like it.  What's the new thing that makes it so good?   Does anybody know?

Think i'm gonna ride out to the park, see if the geese are around.  I have lots of stuff to feed them
so i hope they are. 

I called again today about that dog up the street.  Never ending whining, crying, barking, etc.  Nothing has been done.  I called back about an hour later and was told they had been up there yesterday and today,  like,,,that's all they will do.  lololol...gonna call til something is done.  Had to do that when a lot of dogs were running loose getting in my pond every day.  They finally did something about those.

Ok, outa here, yall tc, and