Monday, December 30, 2013

Soooo Tired

Woke up at 3, did my bathroom thing, went back to bed, and could NOT go back to sleep.... I was cold, I was hungry,,,,.  Finally got up at 4:30, got the heat going in the front of the house, made coffee, and stayed up til about 6;30.  Went back to bed, still cold, but I had left the electric blanket on, and still couldn't get back to sleep.  Got up at 7:30 and here I am. 

Was trying to nap in my chair when my bro and a handy showed up.  (his son),,, and it didn't take them but a couple of minutes to hook my ice maker back up with a new coupler and fittings.  When the boys moved the refrigerator back last week, the end broke on the line filter, so I told them to just take it off, was too old anyway. 

B's getting ready to leave for the Alamo game, and he's antsy.  His other son gave him 2 tickets for the game for Christmas, and he asked him to go.  So, they're both going.  He's picking T up in San Marcus when he gets off work, and going on from there.  He said 2 or so and that will give them time to do the rest.  Games at 5;30.  They will LOVE it!!

My right wrist is getting to where it hurts most of the time, so I called the Doc for that.  Can't see me til next week,,,on Thursday.  It's been several months since he injected it and that had worked so good.

I get my flu shot in the fall, as soon as they get here.  So far, no flu.  Way back, years ago, I had something that I was so sick I couldn't even get up and go to the doc.  Days later, when I could, he said, well, you've toughed you way thru it already, but he still gave me a round of antibiotics.

Yall tc, and



  1. I am a boring person, so if you want to slip off to sleep, listen to me talk for awhile. . .

  2. I just don't understand hand-washing. During the time it takes to open the door of a store/grocery, walk through, pass people in the aisles, get home and wash my hands, I've already been attacked through the air. I was 100% well, and I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer, but got smacked down for the past 4 weeks with bronchitis and viral pneumonia AND I have a flu shot. I just can't avoid this happening to me twice a year. Then I have to wonder what idiot is SO sick, but still feels well enough to get out and shop and spread their germs. (can you tell I'm tired of being sick?) LOL

    1. It's always got to me,, you wash your hands before you leave a rest room, THEN, you have to use the door handle to get out!

  3. Trouble you just got a small sample of what living with insomnia is like, imagine not being able to sleep for days on end :(

    You are so lucky to have a brother and a nephew "handies" to help you out. Wish I had that especially with all the problems we have had with the water heater.

    Hope your wrist gets to feeling better, at least you are going to go see the doctor...always a wise choice.

    1. About once a month I pull that "no sleep" deal. Don't know why.
      My kids would never help me, but,, my family does.
      Got my appointment for my wrist,,, the 9th.