Friday, June 10, 2011

Fresh Eggs Coming........

Hey all, realized late yesterday that i hadn't done a post, so just left it at that. I am getting a little better daily. This is what i've always called a head cold, just takes a while to go away. Got a cough today, and i guess i'm gonna have to continue the cough med.

Gosh, don't know why i can't sleep. Did it again last nite. Makes 3 now. Not sleeping at nite, makes me need a nap during the afternoon, an endless cycle. It will end on it's own, nothing i can do to speed it up.

Sitting on da porch with the Hermit this morning,,,reading all the facts, etc, which i love, then the postings to it. Had to laugh about everybody talking about USA as being the whole North American continent.

Just cooked some low salt ramen for lunch. Had some chicken fajita meat in the freezer, to add to it. Just sounded good today. Should get 2 meals from it.

Feeling lite headed, but took my bp, was 107/74, so not that. Was low when i went to see the doc, and she told me to keep an eye on it. Taking the meds for it, and losing weight fast , i will have to watch it. N just told me everybody has this "stuff", whatever it is. She's gonna bring me some eggs, but not gonna come in, lololol,,,i told her to knock and run. lmaoooo. She called a couple of days ago, asking what was a gray snake. Told her it was probably a racer, and leave it alone. lol,,,She had run to get her shovel but it had run off. I told her they would chase u sometimes, and she said any time one did that, was gonna be a dead one!!! She had been running a sprinkler and that had attracted it, not the water, but the insects it brings. They have a well, and are gonna put a pump into the river to use too.

Gotta take Hey Jude and get his update for physical and rabies. Next week will do, tho. Got the card yesterday. Too much rabies around now to ever ignore that. I have to get the carrier out and set in here, to let him get used to it. That way he won't run and hide. hahahahaha, well, maybe. Fancy always thot if she couldn't see u, u couldn't see her, and i always took her in a nylon bag. She was fine, invisible. Would unzip and she would stick her head up, big eyed, and never move while the vet did his thing. Way back, i would just throw 3 in my car, take them, and get them out one by one. They would laugh, because no one else had ever done that. The cats just made themselves at home, didn't mind the ride.

Don't know if we will have fire works or not on the 4th. Paper today said Austin and surrounding area wouldn't. Makes sense to me. They do ours on the side of the river, going out over it, so not much danger there, and for a small town, it's a really good display. When my youngest son was born, middle of June, we were in an horrible heat spell, like 110-112, for weeks. Back then all we had was an huge water cooler that did no good, running that hot water thru the pipes to it. (Right now, don't need hot water heater). Anyway, i would load up the kids and just ride around in our air conditioned car during the worst of the afternoon trying to keep my new baby cool. Did that for about 2 weeks before the weather changed. So now, seeing the 100 not too bad. lol And we were acclimated to it back then, and could get outside in the shaded yard as needed, but NOT heat that hi.

Blogger still messed up, won't publish this unless i go thru edit posts at the top. Still can't come back and add anything either. Can't post to DDs blog, and on Hermit's today, had to do it twice, wouldn't work first time.

Yall have a good day,,,