Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Actually,,,it’s July 4th,,2012


Just about all empty now. 

My favorite aunt passed away last nite.  She was the last of my Dad’s 7 siblings.  I can’t feel too bad because of the shape she was in…I just can’t help but feel I’m glad it’s over for her.  It’s sad too, not having her any more.

Got a text from g/dotter saying they’re cooking a brisket, come and hang out.  So in a few minutes I’m going out there.  Waiting on a load of laundry to dry, then I’m outa here.

I’m gonna be gone tomorrow, driving my son to San Antonio again.  He had a bad episode Friday that I just found out about, and couldn’t stand or walk.  When he talked to the doc on Monday was told to come Thursday.  These will be the shots he’s needed the last few times.  The only place the doc will do them, is in SA office.  He will use local anesthetic.  I’m hoping and praying these will get him by until he can get some medical coverage.  The doc told him he could just do these every 2 months.

OK,,gone,,but yall tc, and