Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Still Here

My g/dotter drove me to F'burg yesterday, I got the injection and,,, I THINK IT'S GONNA WORK!
They deadened the whole path from the skin down, but at times I did feel the effects of the med going in.  AND, it was the places that have been hurting.  Just took a few minutes after the prep, then they stand the table up and I walk off it,,,lol.  They said it would take about 72 hours, but it's already better.  Now,,,if my shoulder was fixed,,,hahahahaha.  The way I had to lay, on my back, made my shoulder with the bursitis really hurt.  (they went in from the front groin area!). 

We made a stop at HEB after we left the hospital, and I used an electric cart, took my time and browsed for quite a while.  Got lots of great stuff to eat.  One,,,jerked pork, already cooked.  Got the slaw too, just forgot the buns....hahahahaha.  Some lemon pepper leg quarters to cook with my convection oven.  Some stuffed pork chops,,,making anybody hungry yet?  I haven't been able to shop in months, at a good place, so I stocked up.  These were all things I can just stick in the oven or already cooked.  A small bag of potatoes, i'm good to go.  Chunk some up, oil and season em, bake em,,,yummmm.  Boil with an onion, another yummmm. 

Can't keep that up, making me hungry and I just ate.

My g/dotter asked me how I could eat all that junk,,,lol.  O,,, yeah,, I had just put 1/2 doz donuts in the buggy.... Sometimes you HAVE to fulfill that craving.  Yep, had one yesterday.

That's the update,, yall tc, and