Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So Glad TVs Back

Well, now i don't feel like i need to go to the doc,,,isn't that how it happens?  Going any way.  I would like to know why i get this way sometimes.  Once, it was my potassium.  Too much of this, not enough of that,,,lol,,,who EVER knows?

Gosh, that America's Got Talent was so good last nite,, and these were acts brought back after being voted off!  Wild cards.  That DeLeon kid,,,that looks like OMG,,,don't know what,,,was back.  He's the one that dresses gothic, has WEIRD blue eyes (contacts) and sings OPERA!  He shocked everybody when he first sang, then the next time, nerves got him and he froze up, got voted off.  But he was great last nite.

I'm still lol about BBs tv,,and still don't know if he is not getting signals, or really doesn't have a tv set.  Hard to imagine not getting something on one.  Even here, you can get one channel with not much of an antenna, the tower is right outside town.

I turned off my ACs yesterday, and they are still off.  This is TX !!! In August!!!  How can that be? 

Well, yall tc, and