Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weather, Gives Us Something to Talk About,

Got a notice thru email yesterday, city going into stage 3 water restriction. Outside watering with hand held hose only, restricted to certain hours on ur 2 days a week. Even the golf course can't run sprinklers. Can't wash ur car except at car washes, and in the hours that apply. Gosh, don't think this has happened since maybe the 50s. That was when our river dried up,,,and i can see that happening now. So much hot weather coming, months and months. Only hope is a stray hurricane, and they usually don't get this far inland. Don't remember who was talking about global warming recently (now called climate change) but i sure don't believe in all that crap u read. Weather changes!!! Always has, always will. Ain't nothing we can do about it. We didn't cause it, we can't fix it. So, now u know. lol Grin and bear it.

When i got home with Jude yesterday, i just set the carrier down and opened it outside. Got kinda worried later when he wasn't out there. He did finally show up about 2 hours late. He gets in his cool spot, and stays. Anyway, he's fine. Cats are like elephants, they NEVER forget. So next time i need to take him somewhere, i will still have to be sneaky about it. Sneakier, probably, lol.

DD sure hate to see ur swamp drying up, taking with it all the little things that have lived there. Plus all the things that water there. So sad.

Told the Hermit that when i read that story today, about the rapist, I LOL,,,God forgive me. Hope the old lady did too!!! She musta been one hot mama. hahahahaha

Almost lunch time, and i have 1/2 of that left over pork chop, yummmmm. I'll try to put the recipe here, making it short. Buy 1/2 to 3/4" rib cut, bone in. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, little bit of sugar (for browning) on one side. Put into cold pan, (i had poured out oil, but didn't wash pan, so had the pan oiled), turn on med heat, cook a few mins on each side, reduce heat to low, cover, cook til done. That's it!!,,,Was sooo juicy. Let me know if u try it, and how it turns out.

Ok, chop calling,,,yall tc