Saturday, December 17, 2011

Counting Down

Good morning, all.  Yep, it’s Saturday, and we are running out of time for that last minute shopping.  Which I’ve already done.  Been reminiscing about past times when the kids were little, and this time of year was so exciting, for me too.  When they were under 10, we made double recipes of sugar cookies and decorated them.  Got really fancy sometimes, too.  I had the cutters for lots of choices.  So that was one way we enjoyed a whole afternoon, cooking, filling up the whole table several times with cookies to decorate.  I put them out of the pan onto torn open paper sacks.  After years of doing this, no one ate them,,,so that ended a family tradition.  lol.  One year, my daughter was in about the 2nd grade, and I was always a room mother for all of them, and my son still wasn’t in school yet, but got to go to her Christmas party.  He wanted to carry the box of cookies, several layers in a box ,  so Ok,,,,As soon as we started walking he started shaking that box,,,hahahaha,,and,,,we had cookie crumbs that day.  lololol.. No one cared.  When they passed out the gifts to each one in class, OMG,,he didn’t get one!!,,He kept asking,,where is mine?,,I felt horrible, and NEVER let that happen again!,,There was always a gift for the little one too.  I can’t look forward to it now, kinda dread it.  It’s always the worst time of the year,, when there are ones missing.  I try to look at it as just another day now.  We have a big family dinner, and there’s lots to do, we never sit around bored.

I made a copy of HJs  Firecracker recipe and just need one ingredient to make them,  the Ranch Dressing mix.  So now,,it’s that and the potatoes. 

My niece called yesterday, said they opened the box I had sent them.  Actually, when I ordered the stuff, I had them send it.  And, it worked great.  They even printed on the outside of the box, not to open til the 14th, like I put in other instructions.  I didn’t have to pay shipping 2 ways!  Love it.  One of the items was a chocolate water fall thingy. Runs, flows, over 3 tiers.  Even I would love to have one of those, well, not really, but,,one accessible. lol.  That was kinda a family gift.

My son told me last nite, that he wasn’t gonna think about what all he had to do next week.  He is finishing up some craft stuff in the next 2 days, then,,all the rest coming up.  He’s the one I donate to, and he knows all the needy kids, here and in other places too.  He goes thru the parents if they are not druggies or worse, so the kids never know it’s him.   He loads up at Goodwill too. lol.  If a bicycle needs a little fixing up, he does that, makes them look new.  Lots of merchants help him, knowing what he is doing. 

Ok,,enough, I need to get up and get dressed, lol.  I have leftovers to eat on, so don’t have to cook.  Cabbage casserole with biscuits,, yum.

I have written all this in Windows Live Writer, after reading about how to not lose your blog, going thru blogger.  This is wonderful.  Rvsue keeps losing hers in whatever she’s using, and it’s one of my favs. Readers told her a lot of remedies, and even I’m doing one. llololol.  I have lost mine too.  I know readers have said to use Word, Works, whatever, but this is so much better.  You just hit publish, and it all goes to your blog post.  It has nothing to do with IE, or your browser.  And comparing the browsers, Chrome is first place, followed by IE, then Firefox.  I looked at a chart, showing each one’s features.  I took firefox off, installed Chrome.  But, I still like IE.  lolol.

Ok folks,,yall tc, and