Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fish Tales

My dad would call n say, "lets go fishing" up until he died.  I still miss that, n always will.  Not that we ever caught anything, lol, and not that it mattered.  We just enjoyed it.

Took my 2 young boys, and B, out to 1 of the slabs 1 time to fish, and they got tired of it, wandered down the river, and i wandered up, trying to find a better hole.  Looked back later, and saw them back on the slab, looking at some swimmers that had shown up,,,TOPLESS!!!!  Was i ever mad!!! I took off back down there n told those women off, loaded up the boys and left.  B still laughs about it, little me, 5-2, 115, telling those big women off.   They had boobs hanging down to their waists at that,,,gosh, why did they want to show that???  Guess it was 1 of those things,,,u laugh about later.  Years later.  B was about 12, n snickered all the way back to town.  He had my back tho..hahahahaha

DD asked what was B-brush, and i tried to explain it.  Might be called something else scientifically, but thats what its always been called around here. (gosh, i spelled that right).  Its everywhere, like rocks, cactus, n mesquite.  8-10 ft tall, brushy, cant stick ur hand in, no thorns but little growths that prick.  Blooms out every once in a while, little white flowers down the ends of the branches, smell almost overpowering.  Sickly sweet.   Bees love it.  and butterflies, hummingbirds.

Ranchers clear if off as much as they can, but its here to stay. DD, i think urs is called kidneywood.   While looking for the above, i found 1 that looked like urs too.   Lots of good pics there.

Late lunch time, maybe later.