Sunday, December 21, 2014

WEEEE, Winter Solstice Today!

I'm always ready for this one, but then, the summer one too. lol.

I think i'm ready for Xmas, didn't do much. Family got too big so i cut everybody out but just my own. Was looking around in the Alco (that's closing) and there weren't any Xmas cards so, snooping around in the Xmas stuff in the back, i found this little bitty Xmas stocking, about 6" tall with white fur around the top, glittery pink stocking. OOO yeah, perfect for g/daughter to put some money in, with a note that's it's only for personal. Hate to give money, but in this case i'm gonna. She's getting a divorce, moved, and money is tight, so i know she wouldn't spend anything on herself now. I have to shop where there's electric carts to ride.

Now for my health, hate to even bring it up, but was doing so bad, went to see my doc on Tues, then went back Thurs and she put me back on steroids to try to get me along the way to see the lung doc. That's the only thing that has helped, dont know why. My O2 won't stay above 90 without it. That's with the elbuterol treatment, 2 different inhalers, and the oxygen! Need to get me fixed! Oxygen on 93 right now, lololol, good for me. I still think i have something that will go away, allergies?, lots of stuff coming out of my head, and coughing up stuff too.

Well. guess thats all ive got, sitting here staring at the screen, so yall tc, and


Mentioning those burr stickers reminded me of what my son and bro did a few days ago....They built a torch,, hahaha, my x heard them and asked what they were doing, and when they told him, he said "i remember what happened last time yall played with fire",, lololol. (set the back lot on fire, had to call FD). I haven't seen it, but bro told me it burned BIG. So he's been in the process of burning them out of his yard, they would never be able to get them out of the house since they are having Xmas there. When others heard about it, he had to go do theirs too. I'm waiting to hear about my son getting burned,,,was always that way. If things happened it was to him. O yeah, they did his yard too. If i remember, (brain won't work good with low 02) i'll try to get pics.