Tuesday, October 13, 2015

4 weeks now

Aint he beautiful? lol,,, Told his Mom boys are supposed to be handsome but,, this one is more...

He smiles real big, and is kicking and playing with his arms and legs now. Cooing some too. We did tie dye shirts at her shower, and this is one.

Have another question for you travelers. How much less gas milage do you get towing a small vehicle? A Prius. Got a 400? engine. In my opinion you wouldn't hardly know it was there.

Our weather forecast still doesn't show any rain!!!,,,We are so burned, i'm not sure about my big tree in front, and a couple of other things, and i can't get out to water. Hit 101 yesterday !!!

I'm seeing the orthopedic doc next week,,hope he says, get in that hospital and let's put a new hip in you... lol Hard to sleep when you can't lay any way and not hurt. I doze in my chair a lot during the day.

Welll, nothing to say, said it all, so yall tc, and