Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jude's Happy Now

When J rescued Rescue, he asked if he could stay here ONE day, after he was thru at the vet's.  I agreed,,,to ONE day.  He's a wonderful young kitty, very smart, BUT,, i was put in the position of having to choose, him or Jude.  Jude is so gentle, he doesn't understand that Rescue was chasing him to play, and he quit coming in my yard even.  That was it!  J took Rescue to his gf's house late yesterday and Jude showed up later, and was even at my back door this morning.  You could hear him purring thru the whole house,,,lol.  After all these weeks, he's still looking around like he's gonna be jumped, but,,,at least he's showing up now.  I wasn't gonna just dump him,,,i was gonna take him to J's house.

Not sure what time those storms showed up, think about 1 am,,,but there was sure a lot of noise.  It did that about 3 times, thru the rest of the nite.  Hail with it too.  News said it was up to 1" here.  I heard it at times, but i just went back to sleep.  Got the house open today, feels good.  Can't tell the front is here but i guess it is.

16 days,,,til surgery,,,lol.  Yeah, we're counting the days, he says it will be like pulling a thorn.  I've told him it will never be this way again,,,because he will have the medical coverage from now on.  It's been over 2 years getting to this point.  We didn't know that it didn't come with disability.  So going thru all the choices and being turned down, over and over,,took all that time.  Thank God for this PCIP that covers people with the pre-existing conditions.  And i will give Obama credit,,he's the one that did it.

Well, my dishes are still there,,,in the dish water,,,so yall tc, and