Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mouth Watering New Recipes

Gosh DD, still can't post on urs. Didn't know u were sick, somehow i missed yesterday. But glad ur better. Fire ants do that to AC compressor units too. The ones that sit outside. My dotter knows now to just go out and check herself. She thot her whole system needed replacing, when her ac didn't work this year. She wrestled a window unit into a window, then when a repairman came and got into the ceiling to look, was a wire loose. It's a really old unit, but she sure was glad was just that home call to pay for.

It's just sooo sad about pesky,, keep hoping and praying that he will get ok. Then reading BBs blog just a few mins ago, how can he disappear???? Gonna keep checking all day on this.

Really appreciate all u readers. U can sign up as a follower any time,,,lol,,,and talk back too,,,,hahahaha.

Don't look at new recipes. Unless u wanna start something. That's just what i did, this morning. Now,,gotta get some raw shrimp, and pork chops. That's for 2 recipes!!!,,,lol, not together. One is for searing shrimp in a skillet,,,ooooo,,,gotta do that one SOON. Might just be able to eat 2, now, but it will sure be a good 2, then 2 more later,,,,etc. After a year, this lap band is working RIGHT. yeaaaaaaa,,,,,Just shows ya, don't put up with stupid, inept doctors...try another one. Should have taken that advice 6 months ago.

DD,,i think u picked up something else at that flea market,,,lololol,,but glad ur feeling better. I carry a package of those thingys to sterilize my hands when i've been in some places. Like walmart during the winter, etc.

hey yall tc now.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Boring Boring Day

OK DD, i still can't post to ur blog. How r others doing it?,,And,,just where r u today???? Blogger has fixed a couple of things on mine, but not all yet. oooo,,,i didn't try posting to mine today. It hasn't been letting me thru google account, have to use name/url.

Still no plans for today. Nobody wants to be out in the heat, including ME. But u never know about us. There r things i could do in the house, but.....maybe, r maybe not. There is never anything i have to do, i can always say, do it tomorrow. Have tried to tell N that. Won't do any harm to wait a day to do a full house cleaning, u do NOT have to do it on Tuesday! It's a compulsion, she can't change it. So,,even when she's sick, hurting all over, r anything else, she cleans on Tuesday! I'm gonna be gone Wed, with her, to see a chiropractor about her problem with both arms and hands. She still might have to go c a neurologist.

Well, boring day here. I do need to get up and do a couple of things, like, dishes and teeth. bbl, maybe

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Short and Sweet

yipppeeee, got recent posts and followers back today, still no spell check, nor the add-to thingy on the bottom, but now,,,i have high hopes.

Can't post to DDs yet. Just tried. Goes to sign in, and that starts the circle. I'm signed in already, shouldn't ask.

My bro, G, came by to visit and stayed most of the afternoon. He lives just down the street, like 1/2 block. lol We always have lots to talk about. And always have.

Got out and about for a bit late yesterday. Was the first time since Wed. Too darned hot. Glad to get back home. At least i can move ok now. Only sore spot is where the surgery was done.

Woke up last nite about 11;30 and went to the bathroom,,could hear someone talking. Finally figured out it was the new neighbor 1/2 block the other way, sitting outside and using her speaker phone i guess, cause i could hear a man talking too, and what they were talking about should have sure been private, lmaooo. I just went on back to bed and couldnt hear them back there. She's not someone u want to know, so i'm having nothing to do with her. At least, won't be a druggie place and a sign says sold,,so she mustve bought it. Gotta call G later and see if they were hearing all that. hahahaha

Gotta be short and sweet today, nothing going on, nothing new.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey, i Can Move Today

DAMMMM google!!!or BLOGGER!!! ,,,i can't even post on my own unless i go thru name/url,,,and just use name. that worked. But,,on DDs,,he doesn't have that, so i still can't post on his. Tried his open id,,but didn't work. soo,,,sry DD. I think it is really Blogger that's the problem, since it still doesn't have 2 of my side bars. Keep thinking they will fix it. Soo,,enough time on that, today.

A friend asked me yesterday if we had any plans for the week end. Told her no,,we never made plans, always did things on the spur of the moment. The spur hasn't happened yet. And that's ok too, too darned hot for humans out there. I never got out of the house yesterday, well, a few steps outside. Still was tooooo sore. About back to normal today. My son told me that when ur put on a metal surgery table, they ground u, and that puts all ur muscles in a strain holding u still. Only thing that makes sense, since i was sore from my fingers to my toes, unbelievablely sore. Had to take pain med for that. Has anyone else had this happen?

My sis, N, called all upset. Her cat we all thot was male, had 1 kitten, only one they knew of, and this morning, it's missing. Well, all kinds of things couldve happened. There's a wild cat out there, had one of those kill 2 of my litters. Then, maybe she just moved it. N had fixed a bed in a box on the porch, but maybe mama thot there was a better place. The mama is one of her 2 outside cats. Now all it will take is for the other one to turn out female too,,,hahahahaha Sure thot i could tell the diff, but.....all of us were wrong.

Now, back to that one that got 2 of my litters. That cat used all his 9 lives. Was shot with an arrow, lived. Then after the first of mine, my son came in from the pasture with his 22, and told me i didn't have to worry about that cat any more, butttttt,,, he survived that too. Later, my 2nd hubby and i trapped him in the garage, and he shot him multiple times,,then shut the door. Good thing, next morning, found that darn cat at the door, finally, dead. And no, i DO NOT FEEL BAD. He had killed 2 litters of mine. Got what he deserved. After the 2nd time, i sat out in the yard with my 22, waiting for him to show back up, to get the other 3 kittens he had just killed. He took 1 with him. And i would not have hesitated to shoot him. Siamese r the only breed that does not do that. And not all males of other breeds will do that.

Ok, gotta move a little, bbl.,,,lol, maybe.

Just realized, this new setting does NOT have spell check.

Friday, May 27, 2011

TGIF!!! only i thot it was Saturday

Bloggers messed up, googles messed up, and i can't seem to fix em. On my blog, recent posts are missing, and my followers too. Also, the little thingy on the bottom (the pencil looking thingy) isn't there that lets me go back and change it. I went thru all the settings this morning, and can't make it work. My google account works everywhere but DDs. It makes me log in again, then after i do, it sends me right back to the same login window. Anyway DD that's why i'm not posting on ur blog. CAN'T. lol. But we did have a 57 4dr HT, and thats not a typo, Then after that one, had a 57 pontiac that hubby put 3 deuces on, would put u in the back seat, fastest car around, and it was tried and proven a lot! But it also had this little problem of a tie rod breaking sometimes. First time, i had just left the house, was going really slow when i came up with no steering. 2nd time, i had just turned a corner, going slow too. Got rid of it after that.

Update on soreness, STILL there!!! maybe not quite as bad, but, still bad. Finally did try the shower and made it. Didn't help either. I'm down again, no problem doing that lol. My son said walking would help,,,well, i sure can't do that right now. Barely could get up out of bed during the nite, then had to walk holding on to things.

My mower man came by and mowed today, looks so good. Why do i keep thinking it's Saturday? Done that all day.

Yall Idolholics like me?,,,,liked that Scotty from the start, but would rather have had James or Casey as winners. I'm just not a country music fan, gimme ol RnR any time. But there are a few i can listen to. Willie lives just down the road, and can just show up any time. A man loaned me alll of willie's albums, and i made one tape from them. Took me hours and hours. Loved that tape, loaned it to my son, told him if he liked it, i'd make him a copy. Never got the darned thing back!!!! Was irreplacable. Don't loan him things now. My fav on it, was, Seven Spanish Angels. oooooo mercy, still could just listen to that alll day. Bought another tape with it on there, so i do have it. Think it was with Ray Charles.

Went to the library last week to renew my membership, and got a few books while there. One is a biography on Dolly Parton. Wanted one on Gene Simmons but they didn't have it, nor one on Steven Tyler,,,lololol. These are new books. I love Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and it's gonna be back on in June. He is hilarious. He's a multimillionaire, but only knows business stuff, no common sense. Like, he was going to a pet shop to get rat traps. lololol Shannon had to explain ,,,,go to a hardware store. Then he didn't know what to buy, so bought 2 of everything. That was one of the funniest ones of all.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feels Like I've Been Gone a Week

Gosh, feel like I'm weeks behind, just missing 1 day. Was in Austin all day, got that port replaced, and was home about 6 PM. Amazed how sore i am, all over!!! How did i use all the muscles in my legs and arms? That Palestinian Minister of the National Authority was in the same hospital, thot he had a heart attack while in Austin, n they unclogged an artery and he left the day before i got there, lol. I was gonna sneak a look hehehehe, Like, Yeah. Sure, u know i coulda.

Was so cool this morning i opened windows for a while. Yesterday was supposed to be Austin's hottest day so far this year, but,,i was in and cool. Can't handle that hot weather any more. Used to be acclimated to it, but not now. Worked too long in AC places, and lived in AC homes. Drove an AC car,,,lol,,let's c, anything else? My mother wouldn't run her ac, and you'd go over there, and it would take ur breath away, inside her house, so hot. Saving a few dollars. Told her, i run heat to stay warm in winter, I'll run AC to stay cool!!!

whew,,had calls, ate lunch, now i hafta have a nap!,,bbl

Can someone tell me whyyyy i'm soooo sore?? I don't think i've ever been this sore, and i can't figure it out! Every muscle i have! I'm taking that pain med for that. Might even get that refill. Gosh if i don't i might not be able to move at all. You don't use all these muscles just laying there for a short surgery, so,,,,wth happened? I am NOT kidding, i barely can move. My youngest son laid around the summer before his freshman year, playing video games, even tho my other son kept telling him he better be doing some running, etc. He loved football more than any kid i've ever known. Well, he got home from the first day of 2-a-days, and went to bed, and would NOT get up the next day. Even the coach came by and tried to get him to go up there and get in the hot tub. ,,he couldn't move. I tried everything i could think of, nothing worked. He did not play that year. Well, that's how i feel now. If it's worse tomorrow, (second day) OMG,, i'll have to call 911. Bring meee aaaa bedddd pannnn. hahahahaha

Went to my web site for my cable tv lineup,,well,,since yesterday, it's changed! Tried and tried to find another one i liked, finally just had to settle on one that'll do. When something is working,,,leave....it......alone..........

Wonder if i can drive? Not sure i can even walk out to the car. Guess i'd better stay put for a while. Gonna try the new pain med, see if that helps. lolol,,,it says,,,do not drive. ok, enough already.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Multivortex?

My google account wouldn't let me post a comment on DDs blog. Would on the others, strange. Not sure it will publish this, lol. Messed with it a while, then just gave up. So, DD, sry, but can't do it today. Time might cure it. Anyway, the comment i tried to make is this. Gonna copy it right out of the Austin paper today. The tornado that hit Joplin ,,,was a rare destructive phenomenon known as a multivortex, hiding 2 or more cyclones within the wider wind funnel!!!. WOW, never heard of this, have u? Hope i never ever c one. Still get tears for all of the destruction and lives.

Just was hearing about a chase for a man on foot in Kingsland. Had jumped out of his car, left it running and took off when the cop tried to stop him. Just now caught him, and now they need EMS. hahahahaha Teach him to run!!! Don't mess with Texas could mean lots more than throwing out trash. lmaooo. Rumor has it, that when they found the man that had shot to death a young deputy here, just for stopping him, the sheriff said shoot to kill, don't take him alive. The man knew he would go back to prison and had a gun, so when the deputy leaned over to look at the serial # thru the windshield, he shot him. He was found later camping out at the lake, and he WAS shot, but didn't kill him. There were too many witnesses to finish him off. The sheriff took it really hard, and didn't run the next election. The deputy was just a young kid fixing to get married. The man was an exchange parolee from up North. WE DONT WANT UR TRASH HERE!!!

Won't post tomorrow, will be in Austin having this port replaced. Will bb late afternoon. They told me yesterday i had to be there by 9;30!!!, an hour earlier than previously. I am NOT the early bird. Will stumble around n get dressed, brush my teeth, n go. I even called n asked em why, was told the anesthesiologist needed an hour!,,,How can that be? Not gonna worry about being a little late. Doesn't bother N, she's up early anyway. That's a heck of a long time without my morning coffee. Gonna do it anyway, just no creamer. Surgery's not til 12;30.

Ok, lunch time, little late, lol.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What is Today?

Hey thx Bob, i remember that too, the train brought water here. I think 1 of my earlier blogs talked about this. Only time our river dried up. My neighbors across the street, were bringing home these huge catfish they found in the holes left. My mom took pictures, one time there were 2. These were the Jehovah Witnesses neighbors. There were 2 girls, 1 a year older, the other a year younger, were best friends. I even went to,,services,,with them, but always told em,,can't convince me about ur beliefs. I was a die hard Baptist even then. lol. One thing i gotta say, they lived their beliefs like none other. I had to admire them for that. 2 of the boys went to prison rather than serve in the service. Saluting the flag was like worshipping another God. The younger girl died of a heart problem that could have been fixed with surgery, but that meant blood transfusions, so she wouldn't do it. But really gooood people.

Tears all morning, seeing the news, the tornadoes in MO. Lot more killed. I did tell yall my nieces were ok,,didn't i? Geezzz, we could have some bad weather pop up today,,weatherman just said.

Loved that ol Hermit's blog today,,,lololol,,,had to teach a canadian some of the Texas talk 1 time. I sure didn't ask to learn canadian. hahahahaha. What true Texan would??? Most i ever learned is some Tex-Mex. hahahahaha,,,Now,,u do know,,that's NOT spanish. It's like true mexican food, not near the same as tex-mex, which i prefer. Gosh, how did i get to that, from Texas talk? Sometimes, my mind just wanders, randomly. hehehehe Might be my upper age, r something.

Yall ever seen that movie, Hachi? Was on last nite, a real tear jerker. Bet YOU would even shed a few. For the ones that haven't, it's about a dog. lol,,,The dog whisperer is on, saw 1 like him. Not gonna tell u another word either, but it's worth watching.

Is today Monday?,,,gosh, think so. Ok,,yeah it is. bbl

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do Nothing Day

Did anybody watch the video? I was hoping to hear some input about it. It will make u laugh no matter how u feel, lol.

Wish i had something to write about. Yesterday was a do nothing day, and so far, this one is too. My sis, N, called late yesterday and told me she had caught a 40 pound catfish, in the river out there!! I got all excited, then she told me wasn't true. DARN IT. After all that talk about catfish, too. Dug thru my freezer yesterday, didn't find any fish. But there's sure a lot of stuff i need to start eating. Soooo, today for lunch i had buffalo wings, and ff, baked. Sure was good. I even drank tea with it. Not supposed to do that with a lap band, buttttt,,,,. Was told it makes the food pass thru faster, so ur supposed to wait an hour before liquid. That way, u feel full longer.

Watching Moneymaker on tv. He's in the championship play in poker. Guess i kinda like him because he's a rag to riches story. And,,, i love poker. We play a lot of games, it's always dealer's choice. Probably most unheard of, except around here. Had a few quit saying those games aren't poker, but,,,just cause it's not 5 card draw, or 7 card stud, if there's a way to bet, we do it. Not any fun if u can't make a bet in games. Even if it's just nickel, dime, quarter poker. It's not the money.

Heard on my scanner this morning, someone had shot a coyote just outside of town. Wanted it to be picked up, checked for rabies. There have been several cases around here, so everyone's over caucious. I don't think anything about seeing wild things around here, up from the river. I love it. Even the half grown possum that keeled over like dead when i opened my back door. lololo,,,i just waited a few minutes and it got up and ran off. This was in the day time, and i sure didn't panic and think rabies. Right now, everything is hunting food and water. Animals and insects. Think it was DD this morning talking about this being the worst drought he's seen, but back in the 50s,,was worse. Even our river went dry. DD, was before ur time,,,lolol,,,in Texas anyway.

BBL, if,,,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

BB Made my Day,,,saying no birds,,,hahahaha

Just told ol Hermit that i had to have fried cat fish for supper last nite. ummmm ummm good. Had all the trimmings, even peach cobbler/ice cream. And that is the child's plate. lol Well, after next Wed. won't be able to eat like that. I hope. Getting the port replaced on my lap band, in case u missed it, or in case I didn't post it. Gosh, now i'm hungry again. hahahaha. No left overs,,, guess i'll do oatmeal with raisins, applesauce on the side. This dietitian at that seminar last week, said throw away everything you've ever heard about how to eat, even the pyramid. Said we have been taught wrong for well over 50 years and that's why there's this obesity epidemic. Just got started, so don't know anything else, lol. But you do eat mostly protein, mix bad carbs with the good ones, to balance out. Grains are NOT good. Blew our minds. All this info.

My son changed the oil and filter on my car last nite, even vacuumed out the driver's side, (only place that needs it). Checked all the fluids, tires, etc, and now i'm good to go. When i worked, i would get this feeling of,,need to do that. And would hit it on the nail. Now----get it wayyy too late. Like,, it had been a year, about 7500 miles. He told me it was a good thing it is a Taurus,,and that he always puts in motorcraft oil that lasts. Sooo, now i have an extra sticky note on this LT, and i had always put it down in the owner's manual, but who takes those out to look? HE put it in the manual, i put my sticky note up. Now i have the car, and the mower done,,for another year?,,,hahahaha

brb, gotta look at tv schedule. Might be a few movies to record. Back,,,guess i'll just skip today. Saw that Planet of the Apes was coming on. Gosh, loved that movie when it came out. Special effects were just starting to get good around that time. Star Wars took my breath away.

Saw this video yesterday, and it's on youtube. Can't find the link, but look it up as baby dancing to bon jovi. Will make ur day,,,I sent it to so many in email, it wouldn't let me do any more for a while!! Was trying to send myself one.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Fishing Around

Gotta tell ya, Bob from AThens,,we have those fire ants, don't have the cutter ants much, but i do everything i can to get rid of them. A professor at UT has been working with a knat that kills fire ants, but so far, i haven't seen them here. He said they had gotten as far as Burnet County, and told me how to check. You rub the hill with your foot, get them upset, then go back about 15 or 20 mins later, and if you see ants laying there like they are dead, the knats are here. Would take gazillions to work, tho. One knat per ant.

The Hermit was talking about cat fishing today. wooohoooo,,,got this river, and that's our thing. One of my sons made some grappling hooks, and one day, I looked out and here is my younger son walking up the road from the river, carrying a hook, and some fish!!! We just had forgotten to tell him those hooks were illegal. We lived less than a block from the river, so they kinda grew up on it. One time, he and a friend came dragging in an huge soft shell turtle, cause he wanted turtle soup. Geezzz,,,hth do u take that shell off? lololol,,called my mom and between us, we finally managed to do that, and ,,omg,,there's nothing but white meat under it!! Had no idea how to cook it,,now, (was before internet) so i called around and found one that told me how to make the soup, but then another told me the best way, was to fry it like fish. All i've ever used to do that, is just plain ol salt and corn meal. So, that's what i did, and ooooo mercy,,,was that some good eating. To this day, that's the only time i've ever had turtle. Now, i do occasionally order frog legs, tried cooking them one time, but too much trouble. lol, And yeah, they did move around. hahahahaha Hubby wouldn't help clean them, nor would he eat them. hahahahaha

I grew up mostly in the 50s, and we didn't know, either, how poor we were. Everybody else (mostly) was the same. We started off on a farm up around Paris Tx, but you sure couldn't depend on the weather to make a living, so when i was 6, we moved down here. Dad had jobs with regular work hours, but we were still poor. On the farm, we had beef, pork, poultry, to eat, but after moving here, all we had were the fryers he got every year, like a 100 of them. So once a year, we spent the day killing and dressing them, to put in the freezer. That was the limit on meat. We had it once a week on Sunday. Mother always had a pot of beans, and corn bread for us. Had our own veges, from our garden too. Biscuits, eggs, bacon were breakfasts. Sometimes, just biscuits and gravy. She did buy bacon. Now,,we find out that was sooo healthy. Dad also taught us all the games, and we grew up on dominos, card games, all outside games. He had horseshoes set up in the back yard wayyy back before Bush made it national. He used a heavy wire to make a picker up thing, that we called his lazy stick. There were always other kids around to enjoy this too, Dad loved that. He was pretty special. Still miss him and always will.

yall tc now

Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Critters, Great and Small

All critters, animals and insects, are looking for water now. So you will see abnormal things, does NOT mean rabid. Saw my next door neighbor run off a skunk one time, with her water hose, it put it's tail down and took off. All it was doing was hunting food in the wet ground where she had some barrels of water. Lack of water means lack of food for lots of things. I have my mother to thank for teaching us to love all critters. She didn't teach us to be scared, she taught us to care. That's why I have my red ant hills left alone, in my yard. They are part of our ecosystem, here for a reason. O,,,by the way, they don't have a trail going by my car any more. I have 3 cocoons of eggs hanging on the outside of my house, that that huge ladder spider left there, last year. I loved to feed her a grasshopper, (when i could catch one, lolol),,,and watch how fast she wrapped that thing up. Got N doing it one day, then she found 2 or 3 at her house too. When she laid and hung her last egg pouch, she just fell off her web and died!!!! I cried. I put her up on a table so the fire ants wouldn't get her. We had watched her doing that last pouch. The pouches are still there, conditions have to be right for them to open.

I quit working for a woman and a company, in home health one time, after she sat there telling my supervisor how they poured kerosene on baby rabbits and set them on fire when they were kids, then my super told her how she put out antifreeze in her drive way for the neighbor's cat!!! Still MAKES ME SICK!!! I raised baby rabbits when my german sheppard brought them in.

N invited me out for supper yesterday, DEER MEAT again, didn't take me long to say when,,,lol. We got the last 4 hens named, hahahaha, eenie meenie minee mo,,,can't tell them apart, so doesn't matter which is which.

Bout lunch time, well, I'm hungry, so bbl? always maybe

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

People and Places

After blogger went down, i now have my old one back, yeaaaaaa. I tried the setting before, and it didnt work, but somehow its fixed now.

Wow, yesterday was a lonnnngggg day!!,,N saw the eye doc, then a couple of hours later, saw another doc about her arms and hands going numb, then had to have an xray. Took alll day,,,
I managed to warm up leftovers for supper, and thats it. Well, no, did get my trash out, before i got in that lazyboy chair and kicked back. Not doing doodlely today either.,,,i can do that, im retired!! N was cleaning house, cause she missed doing it yesterday,,,i told her she needed to learn to let that go sometimes, house wasnt gonna fall down. Told her to go out and watch the birds, or let the chickens out and watch them. There was a woman in the waiting room i talked to, had 40 someodd chickens, and loved them too!!! Also had a big garden and spent almost all her time outside, watching her chickens and working her garden. Had already canned green beans. Planted them in Jan, taking a chance on weather, and made it. Had to cover them a couple of times, she said. Right now, swamped in yellow squash. lolol,,, Getting that craving for those green beans, again. Wish i had gotten her name, would drive over there and get some of her garden stuff. In that waiting room, at the eye docs,,i dont think there was anyone there from Fredericksburg. There were others from Mason too. One i knew, had grown up here, went to school with us.

Just saw someone getting cpr on tv. Did yall know theyve changed that? U dont do the mouth thing any more. Also, yesterdays paper said for someone choking, just do 5 hard slaps on the back with the person bent over. Add the stomach thrusts if that doesnt work, alternately. 5 and 5. Ive taken those classes a few times, and they always change something. I was working in an insurance office right in the center of town, long ago, and a man going thru passed out and hit cars parked in front of the drug store across the street. No one helped him and he died. I was so horrified, i took the next cpr class offered, and i think everybody should. U never know when someone will need it, might be a loved one. After taking another one, years later, that same day nearly had to use it on my baby nephew. He was choking. Just before i grabbed him, he coughed it up. So, u just never know.

Well, lunch time and im sure ready. Dont know why im so hungry today. bbl

Monday, May 16, 2011

Garden Time

Monday, Monday,,,Thank God i quit going to respite for now. Have to be gone tomorrow, going with N for most of the day. Won't be a post til Wed. Have to get up early, like 7;30,,gonna be rough. She has a doc's apt in Fredericksburg at 9;45, so we need to leave about 8;30. Maybe,,i will have time to get my coffee down. Really Really hate to brush my teeth BEFORE coffee. She's seeing an eye doc, so might need a driver later. Then has another apt later, so will be a day thing. I volunteered, have nothing else to do, lol. She's gonna drive me to Austin next week, on Wed., for my port replacement. That will be another whole day trip thing too.

Loved that worm on Hermit's blog...wooooo. Saw one on my back step one time, and that darned thing hissed at me!! Was almost afraid to pick it up. hahahaha,,,Never had a worm hissing at me before, nor later for that matter. If i remember correctly, (?) yall quit laughing,,,,i think that's the one that turned into that huge lime green luna moth. Those r the most beautiful of all the moths and butterflies. And the biggest. They're rare around here. Hey Hermit,,maybe next year, plant just one tomato plant off all by itself, just for them. lol
Reminds me of my bro, B, and his tomato plants a few years ago. He bought 4 different varieties,,and didn't mark em when he planted em. Well, one was the most tomato making plants u ever saw!!! It made clusters of big fabulous tomatoes, so heavy they had to be tied up to the cages. Everybody asked him,,what is that one????,,and he had no idea!!! Don't think he ever found that one again. That was the same year they left for a few days, and i went by to check on the garden. WELLLL,,,i didn't know what i was getting into. I went by there and saw that the green beans needed picking,,,bad. They had just been picked a couple of days before. There were just 3 rows about 10 feet long. Well, i picked, n i picked, then picked some more, and i hadn't even done one row. Decided i had to have help. So i went a picked up my g/dotter, and then,,, again,,,we picked n picked n picked. I never knew green beans could make like that. We had 2 tubs full when we finally got em all picked. Now,,,the next chore. hhahahaha,,,how to get all of those in the refrigerater. We did it. All it had was green beans. hahahaha. That was the makingest garden i ever did see!!! That was before the year i had the greatest craving for em. That year, nobody had any. NOBODY. Finally in late summer, one of the grocery stores got some in. I loaded up, cooked em in my pressure cooker with the new potatoes, and thats what i ate,, nearly ate em all when they got done. MERCY,, got my mouth watering right now. hahahahaha.

Well, got my lawn mower all fixed up for the season. The man just brought it back after changing the oil, filter, cleaning plug, etc. I used to do all that. Dam, hard to get old. lol,,on DDs blog today, he was asking what ur fears were. Well, that's my worst one, not being able to do for myself, at all. I want to fall over dead like my Dad did, or just quit breathing like i did 3 years ago with pneumonia. My Mom did that, too, in her sleep. Enough of that, im gonna enjoy what i have left, find something to laugh about, keep the negative thots away. I learned mind control a long time ago. Had to.

Break time. later yall

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Welllll, i survived the pre prom. Took hours for those 2 girls to get ready, lmaoo. Good thing i went out there, cause i also spent hours on 1 of them, while N did the other. Curling hair with just a curling iron is nuts!!,,I asked if she had hot rollers, r something but,,,curling irons it was. When i got out there they had just started, n the 1 i did, had tried to do her own, BUT,,,messed it up by putting the mousse on AFTER using the iron. SOO,,,redo,,,all of it. N got thru before i did. o,,by the way, i got out there about 3;15, prom started at 8. So, u c what i mean?,,taking hours to get ready?,,,lololol We got thru with the hair about 5;30,,THEN,,came the make up,,which they did their own. OOOO yeah!!! Here i spent hours doing Ks hair,,n she had a t-shirt on!!!,,had to come off over all that!!! Guess i had sprayed it good, cause it made it thru that ok. They finally got to the dressing part, but then here comes the picture taking episodes. lolololol,,,Here they were outside, with flops on. hahahaha,,,couldnt wear those heels in the dirt. U can bet i got THAT,,on my flip cam. hahahahaha,,,Then all the yelling later, about "I cant drive!!!" cause she couldnt get in with that huge skirt. hahahaha,,,this was all hilarious, n i got it ALL. K said,,"surely ur not filming this",,I said,,o yeah. Was the best part!!! Making them some cds lol. Remember me talking about my dotter's theme i helped with?,,the jungle one?,,Well, this 1 was ,,,get this,,,black n white!! U saying, huh,,,like i did?,,,black n white?,,,whatcha mean? I am totally out of touch.

After those 2 finally left, we sat on the porch, watching the birds. There r 2 pair of painted buntings. I didnt know the female was all green. We had a bird book, looking them up. N had seen 2 all yellow ones 2, but we didnt find them in the book. Then theres all the others, cardinals, tit mice,,sparrows, etc. C opened the gate of the chicken pen, n they came out, but kinda hung around it. One Feather n 4 of his hens had never been out of a pen. They ventured off a little ways, but would go back at anything different, like the 2 big dogs running around, which just ignores them. They didnt pay any attention at all, to Sassy, the little tiny one. Shes the 1 that sings the taco bell song. I put her on utube.
Its so amazing to me, that those tiny little dogs think they r so big. Size has no meaning to them. Even the chickens ignore her, lmaooo.

Think i might get dressed, almost 2 pm,,but ive been busy ,,lol.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dearly Beloved,,,Pets

Got all my blogs back, but c some others that didnt. Sure enjoyed Hermits today. Had 2 German Sheppards, at 2 different times, in my life. Loved those super intelligent dogs. The first 1 was really large, black n silver, n loved all baby animals, lol. Would bring me baby rabbits (i had to raise), n would take kittens away from their moms. I would be met by the mom,,,wanting her babies back. N there they would be, with the dog, getting rolled around with that tongue,,while she licked em. She would never nip the kids when they accidently hurt her, but would lick em in the face. She was always right there with em, when they were outside. Great ball player too. Had her for most of their childhood. Had 1 more after that, but he died with distemper, because i didnt know his puppy shots had worn off. OMG,,sat up with him for 2 nites, feeding him some stuff the vet gave me, trying to save him. That was it, for dogs. Never had a good place to keep them, so just never had any more.

Now, i always had the siamese. Bought my first pure bred, registered 1 around 1980, but never fooled with papers, even tho i did sell them. Gosh, had some of the most beautiful, would have been best in show, if i had ever cared about that. Had been given a registered male from a friend that couldnt keep him. I just loved them as pets, n was very very picky about who i sold them to. Was also given an himalayan with papers 1 time. Thats a persian with siamese coloring. She was so beautiful. Sold her kittens too. 1 time the 2 females had kittens at the same time n every morning i would be met by the 1, just howling, wanting me to get her kittens back from the other. hahahaha,,,n there would be this 1, with all the babies, happy as she could be. This happened every nite. hahahaha. Just have 1 now, but its because i dont want to leave pets behind. Hes 7 years old, so maybe i will be here as long as he is. Hes such a wimp, so gentle. My son would take him, if not.

My sis's dotter has her prom tonite, n shes soooo excited. Ive been invited out to witness this "getting ready" thing this afternoon. Maybe i should film it?,,,hahahaha,,,probably take hours just to do her hair. N is going to do it. Was there back a few months ago, for a frosting job that turned disastrous. OMG,,,there should be a warning on those kits, saying DO NOT DO ON LONG HAIR!! That cap thingy had to be cut off. After pulling all that long hair thru those tiny holes,,no way go get that frizz back thru. Besides, it didnt even show to be frosted. Took hours to get that cap off. Now,,thats what i should have filmed. hahahahaha. Looked like she had been in an electric shock. I told N,,finally, to pour conditioner on it, n that helped, but still had to cut it off. So this should be good. She just called, wanting to know the name of the chinese place here, reminded me.
Now im hungry, bbl

Gotta add a little more, after reading DDs comment. I was always a room parent from the get go, with all my kids. When my dotter was a Jr.,,they gave the seniors the Jr-Sr Prom, n had to decorate the gym for it. Was a jungle theme that time. My dotter called n said,,plzzzz come up here n help,,the girl doing the art work was doing it really bad, so i got to draw the huge pictures,,on the paper to put on the walls. I was drawing monkeys n things, walking around on the paper. lolol We got it done,,somehow,,then the big nite came. Welllll,,,since i knew almost all the kids drank, i asked another room dad if he had anything to spike the punch with,,,hahahah, u he sure did. Sooo, we spiked it n no one was the wiser. But,,,my bro, B, was a senior n 1 of his friends did NOT drink, n i saw him going back for more,,,n more, n more, n i finally went over to B,,,told him to tell D to stay outa that punch!!!! D didnt believe it, said was the best punch he ever had. Then it was like a stampede!!! OMG,,,am i the only 1 that ever spiked their kids party punch? At a school function? hahahaha,,,was so little, woulda taken a gallon to make a difference. (D mighta drank that much that nite). Lord have mercy. Havent thot of that in years. Now i could be put in prison for something like that. Cant have any fun any more. lololol

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13TH,,

Hope all the Thursday blogs get posted back. Sure is late for everyone today. Kinda normal for me tho. Did keep checking to c if it was back.

Before i got out of bed this morning, for some reason, i remembered it was Friday the 13th. Usually dont even know the day, let alone the date. Dont have to keep up with em any more, so i have to look at my calendar a lot to c where i am. I look at my sticky notes on here, then my calendar, and that way, keep up with dates i have to.

bbl, maybe

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poor Hey Jude

OOO Gosh, gotta put flea drops on Hey Jude. He had a flea on his face, last nite, n i thot he was having a spasm. Dont think he likes em. lol Hes been hiding all morning, has forgotten what all that noise is, that thunder n rain stuff. Just now came out, so when hes done eating, gonna get those drops. Hafta kinda sneak up on him. When he hears that surgical glove, he gets suspicious. Then when i open the actual med, hes ready to run. Takes a lot of convincing to do this, but gotta.

OOOKKK got that done. Now hes outside, scratching like crazy. By later today, he can come back in flea free, n sleep on my lap while im kicked back tonite watching tv. He likes Idol too,,,hehehe.

Had to look up that song, "Signs" n c who wrote it,, wasnt Dylan, was Les Emmerson. Somehow i thot it was Dylan. But way back i remember when i bought his first music,, like a rolling stone, blowing in the wind. Still like his music. I still have all those ol vinyl albums, from way back. I would buy the album, then record it onto,,well, 8 tracks first, then later cassettes. That way i could pick n choose the music on my tapes. Back when bro B was in hi school,,i kept making him a tape of Dr Hook, (party music back then),,n it kept getting stolen. SOOOO, i cured THAT problem!!! The last one i put Mel Tillis on the label!!!! hahahahaha No one EVER touched that 1. From the first time i heard Dr Hook on Dick Clarks dance show, i bought all his albums. It was mostly songs u never heard on the radio. lololol,,,Like,,Freakers Ball, True Love,,,Get My Rocks Off,,,Penicillan Penny, hahahaha,,,might have to play those now. U did hear Syvias Mother, Marie Laveaux, Cover of the Rolling Stone.

BB,, lunch time,,aaagain,,,leftovers.

Made it,,,rid of all those left overs now. When i got up this morning,,around 8;45,,i opened up some windows, n let it get cold in here, hahahah, felt sooo good. I put on a jacket, warm shoes, n enjoyed. Still cool. I bet DD is getting that stuff right now. Its almost 1;30, n on the news, showed that whole thing just about to the coast. Hope all of ya got some of it too.

Just heard, Walmart parking lot,,on tv,,something about a pup being found there. Reminded me of when i went to San Antonio for my sons spine surgery. I went a day early, because it was Jan, n this horrible ice storm was predicted, n i didnt want to drive down there on that. It hit next day, n when i got up n went out to leave the motel, my car had 1/2" of ice all over it. I couldnt open the doors. The drivers side was worst. Finally, a man came out n helped me get the passenger door open, then i could reach in n start it n put the defrost on. Took a long time, but finally that ice started falling off n i could get in. My son n his dad, hadnt gotten to the hospital yet, so i stopped by a Walmart, n when i came out, i loaded my stuff, n left the buggy parked nearby. The hospital was just behind the Walmart. A couple of hours later, i heard my name, was wanted on the phone. Im going,,who in the world could it possibly be? Well, it was my sis, n she told me a man had called saying he had found my purse in a buggy at Walmart.!!! I gave her the address n in just a few minutes, this man came walking down the hall, carrying my purse!!. He had looked inside n found people to call, here, then they called him back giving him the address. He was right there. Can u believe this? It really did happen. There was quite a bit of money in there too, but nothing was touched. He wouldnt take a cent for doing all this either. WOW, Still makes me humble, knowing that there really are still some good decent people in the world. That was a 3 day iced in situation. The doc did get there n do the surgery, but just called in the next day, checked, n said he could go home. So we drove home on the highway, in 2 ruts, creeping along. It had just been opened. I got stuck behind an 18wheeler going 10 mph.,,,drove me nuts. They pulled out n passed, but i didnt for a long time. Finally did it, got up to a whole 15 mph. lol, but made it fine. About 35 miles from home, got out of that, n stopped to gas up. lmaoo,,,couldnt get the door open to the gas cap. Still had a sheet of ice over it. I pounded on it enough to finally break it off, fell off in big sheets. My sons surgery had been on a vertebrae in his neck, n was done lapascopally. He had to wear 2 different neck braces for a long time.

ok yall, outa here

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Over the Hump Day

Over the hump day. hahahaha,,,dont know WHY that matters now.

Just found out nieces r safe, storm was close tho. Her puter had been down til today.

Sure enjoy Gypsy's blog. And like her, im alone n pretty self sufficient. I do pretty much everything, n even when i was married, did, too. I am a darn good plumber, can do a little electrical, n can take things apart n fix if it can be done. Also, carpenter, lawn, (weeds) care. Even built my own waterfall for my pond. Just dont have the muscle now to do things like i used to. And like her, if i want to go somewhere, i go, rather go alone than not go at all. Im alone, NOT lonely!! lolol dont think i could stand someone around all the time, would drive me nuts. Especially if it were someone that couldnt do for themselves.

Gosh, Idol is down to 4 now. 1 of my favs was voted off last week, Casey. So now i have to decide between James n Scotty. OMG,,,HOW???? The 1 that wins is the 1 that gets forgotten later, n the 2nd place is the 1 that goes on to good things. Most of the time. lol Got started watching Voice now,,sure dont like the way they eliminate AT ALL. When u put 2 good singers up there together, then have to pick 1 to stay, that sucks. DUMB way to do it.

Gonna warm up leftovers, (last i have). BBL

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chicken Time

Have some low lying clouds around today, no rain tho. Even if it did, would just be 1 of those pop up showers, wets the surface, goes away in mins. Was it last week, we had those during the nite? I was up around 1;30 n heard this loud pop on my roof. Then another, n then another., Wasnt raining, just large hail about nickel? size. That lasted about 2 mins, then quit and rained. No one i talked to had any hail damage, so it didnt amount to anything.

Got to quit dressing my toe yesterday, guess itll get well. lololol And i still cant contact my niece in AL, so i still dont know about them. Read in the paper, theres no lists r anything to check, yet. Theres too much mayhem to even do that.

Was reading a blog today, about chickens. Could NOT believe the stupid people there. If there was any way for me to have them, i would. Years ago, i had a few, and they knew exactly when id get home, n were waiting at the fence. I always let them out til roosting time. They would have a great time, scratching n eating the bugs, n never got out of my back yard. When i went out later, they would go back in the pen. Never had to chase them back either. One time, i let a hen sit on some eggs, n she hatched a few. One turned out to be a rooster,,,grrrrrrr. I went out one day, n my old rooster was laying on the ground, in the pen, wings all spread out, on his side. I thot he was dead, but when i touched him with my toe, he jumped up n ran to the other side, n laid like that again!!!. His head was all bloody too. I went straight into the house, got my 22, n goodbye, young rooster!!! My old one healed, but lost that 1 eye. I never again had 1 that would hurt him. That same thing had happened to my sis's hen, tho. The rooster n 1 hen tried to kill her, n left her with 1 eye,,,hence the name,,1 eye. lol,,,ive about named all of em. One is ms clean, then theres stripes, n little bit. Have 4 more,,,,lololol Of course, theres Mr rooster, but now im calling him 1 feather. hahahaha,,,When she got him, the others had pulled out his tail feathers, so now he just has 1. Hes an americana, n they r so beautiful.

bbl, folks

Later, just not much going on today. Got my trash ready to take out, got my sheets changed, tried to shut my eyes for a bit after lunch. Thats it.

cya tomorrow

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wonderful Mothers Day

TYTY Hembree, glad to c a new follower.

WELLLL, about 1;30 pm yesterday, my door bell rings, and its a florist bringing me flowers from my dotter. Never knew they delivered on Sundays, but,,they did. Gave her a call to thank her, and , lol,,,she thot they had been delivered on Sat.,,, Surprised her too. A few minutes later, my son called, asking if i wanted to go to Marble Falls n eat at a Mexican restaurant, and i told him YESSS. lol,,,He also had to make a stop at Walmart. My dotter came by and brought my card, but didnt go with us. All in all, a GREAT Mothers day.

Ok, time out for lunch. bbiab

Good leftovers, and no, i didnt eat the mexican food, had steak n shrimp sheshkbobs. Cant eat much of the steak, even without my band being full. It still wants to stop me up. Got my surgery date set to replace that port, this morning. It will be on the 25th. Told em, i wanted it filled right then, too, lololol. Well,,,hells bells, ive lost a year already!!!

I still HATE this new format for my blog. I waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to preview, edit, spell check, etc. and then to get back to the blog itself. Have figured out that there r drafts i can get to, n just today, help told me to clic on just edit, to get back to this. I thot i had changed it to be like the old one, but guess that didnt work. Doesnt surprise me. lol

Reason im so late today, is my power went off for over an hour. That put me wayyy behind. I finally called to be sure it wasnt just me, n they told me they were doing repairs. Way back, our power went off, n we didnt think much about it for a while, but then,,noticed all the neighbors had theirs on. Got to looking, n the main switch outside had been cut off. lmaoooo...Our ol tom cat always got on the roof, n then jumped down to the utility box to get off, being in a corner. Guess he missed, n hit the big switch, n off it went. From then on, first thing we checked. That ol cat was the king of the hill,,,n i wish i had filmed him,,,Our neighbors 2 houses down, had 3 boxers, in a pen with an 8 foot fence. Mean sobs too. Heard them ranting n railing 1 day, looked out n there my ol cat went,,,walking down the fence line with just the wire between them,,ears laid back, tail up ,,,twitching on the end,,,daring them to come on. They were jumping so high, they could ,,,almost,,,get over the top of that fence!!,,I had to laugh,,,thinking what he would have done,,had they made it. hahahahahaha He woulda died of fright. hahahahahah. He knew exactly how to push their buttons, n did it every day. Im sure my neighbors just loved him. One more story bout that ol cat.,,,Hed been missing a couple of days, n my hubby went out the door and there he was, sitting there, slobbering,,sick, drooling. He said omg,,hes got rabies!!,, well,,,i watched him a few minutes n he would try to like, spit something out, working his tongue trying to do it. So,,,i went over, against my hubbys warnings n yellings, etc, and looked in his mouth. And there it was, a round bone out of a fishs spine, stuck down on his back tooth. He couldnt swallow!! I just got a pair of pliers, pried his mouth open, n took that bone off. lolol,,,He was fine!! n besides, he had his shots anyway. That hubby couldnt ever handle emergencys. I was always cool hand MOM<<< lololol

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Strange Happenings

Gosh, here it is almost 11 am,,,n i havent heard one word from either of my kids.

A lite on dash board came on late yesterday, showing a door ajar on my car. And,,my interior lites wouldnt work, n it didnt lock the doors when u put it in gear. Went from drivers door, on around til i had wd40ed em all, (the latch thingy),,and i think the last one i did, fixed it. Aint that always the way it happens? OMG!!!! Just connected something else to that. When that happened, my sis used the button to unlock it, n at the same time i get a phone call from her, over where im waiting, and i cant understand a word shes saying,,,then when she stops there by me, i close the phone, thinking ill c what she wanted now. WELL!!!! SHE HAD NOT CALLED ME!!!! but she had!!! It was all garbled, like slurred. My phone shows the call, too. WOW hahahaha,,using that unlock button somehow made this happen!! Had another incidence similiar to this a few years ago. My computer went down, n i was told the main station had been flooded there in San Antonio. I went out n my car had a dead battery. Called my son, then came back in. Later, my puter came back on. N still later, i went out, n for some reason, tried my car again. Worked fine!!. I think the outage affected that chip in my key.,,,somehow. Yall ever had anything like these things happen?

My sis, her bf, n i went over to Marble Falls n ate at the seafood place over there. yummmmm,,,i had fried oysters, baked potato with all the trimmings, slaw. SOOOO GOOD. Havent had oysters in years,,just always had shrimp. Now im hungry for frog legs, gonna have to find a place for those in the future. oops,,,if i get this band fixed next week,,wont be able to eat but a bite and be full. lol,,1 plate=lots of meals.

When i went with the 2 friends last week, we went to, guess ud call it, a diet siminar. That lady said throw everything away u have always been told, its not true. Like the food pyramid,,,not true! Grains,,,not good. The way weve been told to eat, is why theres the fat epidemic. The basic thing she said, is eat #of carbs to equal # of proteins. Add a little good carbs to bad carbs to equal 2/3 of meal. Thats where i have to quit,,,going back to another next month. Just for the ride. By then my band should be working.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well, here it is, after noon ,,,n i have NOT heard from either of my 2 kids yet. Wonder if they know tomorrow is Mother's day, lol. Not gonna sit around n wait to c. If i want to go somewhere, im gone. My mom died a few years ago, so i will go by the cemetery for a visit. Might go today.

Guess i gotta tell u the story of,,waking up the dead. Lost my first son when i was 19, and it hit me hard. Of course, we didnt have cemetery lots, so we went ahead n bought 3. Well,,,I just couldnt make myself go up there, for a long time,,about 6 months. When i finally could, THERE WAS A MEXICAN MAN BURIED IN ONE OF OUR LOTS!!!! I went right on down to the city office, and the city manager was a man i had known most of my life, n his family lived across the street from us when i was a teen. I went in,,,n said,,,"George,,just dont know how to tell u this, but theres someone buried in 1 of our lots." He went,,,OMG,,,jumped up,,,said, "I knew this would happen some day!!!" After checking it out, sure nuff, we had em first, so they had to move that man.,,,,OOO HORRORS,,,I sure wouldnt go back up there, then,,,afraid id catch them with him outa the ground all yukkkk,,,Well they did get it all done, and all was good. Until my Dad died. They had bought about 10 r 12 lots, and when he died, here come George again, to c Mother,,,saying,,"This had NEVER happened before, but somehow theres another person buried in 1 of ur lots". Mother looked at him,,,n said,,"o yes it has, George",,,n told him about mine. They didnt move that one, just did some trading with the lots to make it right. That was when that old man,,kinda a drunk,,,lost his job.

While i was gone, i got the call to schedule this port replacement. Ill call them monday n c what choices i have. And also, c how long the whole shebang will take. I deliberately do NOT give them my cell #. Back during my last job, made that mistake. And back then, had gotten a cell just for emergencys since i was on the road so much and therefore had just like an hour a month. After they called me twice on it, i changed my #, never gave it to them any more. They had given us the things,,oooo gosh, what were those things,,,oo yeah,,,beepers, to call so we could call them back. I asked why they had called my cell, the answer,,,,it was faster!!,,,well, they werent paying for it, so stay off.

Friday, May 6, 2011

CC Fraud

Had a call this morning,,,wanting to verify my purchase of a new macbook. I said,,"What???",,,They gave me the order #, my cc#, my name n address, etc,,and i told them no way, i did NOT order that. So,,next thing, i had to call my cc company and get that n 3 other charges taken off. They told me to cut up my card, NOW, which i did, and they had a new one on the way, would take 2 days. And by the way,,,I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW FORMAT. No automatic spell check. Ok back to cc. lol,,,But wait!!!,,,one more thing, ive lost this post 3 times already, hahahaha, n had to redo. Not leaving any more til im done. sooo,,,I am NOT gonna stop ordering online, have done it forever. Love the convenience of shopping online, finding the best buys, and getting it brought to my door. I also like the mostly no tax, n free shipping. When i smoked, i ordered my cigs once a month, avoiding the 10.oo a carton TX tax. The doc in Austin asked how i could afford the 2-3 packs a day, and i told him about the online thing. He said,,,dont tell anybody else. lololol Now its gas,,,wonder if i can get that online,,hahahaha.

Now,,let me tell u about this new pair of house shoes. I just found them in my closet a few weeks ago, and have been wearing them because they have an open toe. WELL,,,,the left 1 came up with rocks inside the sole,,somehow. So i took a hammer n tried to crush them,,but,,omg,,,made em lots worse. Finally cut the bottom open in 2 places, and wow,,,inside was this,,,stuff, hard like black glass r something, and i emptied it out best i could. But its still like walking on rocks. Hello, trash. DAM,,,sure liked em too.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Been gone again, today,,just went along for the ride with a couple of friends.  Had lots of fun, great lunch, but too tired to blog today. 

cya next time

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dumb Doctors

Like DD, not much going on besides doing appointments.  Have to go have my toe checked today, n make a stop at walmart. 

Wow, found out why my lap band hasnt ever worked.  DAMMMMMM.  A whole year wasted!!!!  My new Doc, after checking the fill level again,  NOT 5cc, like supposed to be,,was 1cc!!!, the dam thing has been leaking from the port for no telling how long!!!  The stupid Doc in Round Rock had never done that, had just kept blaming ME for not doing things.  Like counting calories, exercising,,etc, even tho i had told her for months, that the fills had done nothing n had had the lap band because diets had never worked.  Why was she telling me to diet???   It was NEVER ME,,,,it was HER. But its made me lose a whole year!!,,,I told him that all those docs owed me an apology.  Now i have to have a day surgery thing to replace the port!!  OMG,,,Just have kept thinking about the wasted year.  Cant think right now about finally knowing what the problem is.  And u know what, right now im not gonna think about it at all!!

Not leaving til after lunch today.  Appointment is at 1;45.  Going to that first, then walmart.  Just a few things on my list.  Main thing is exchanging that sevin dust granules for dust.  Then just 2 r 3 more things to grab, then outa there.  Will pick up something for supper, not sure what, yet.  Finished off my Red Lobster plate for supper yesterday. 

Well, finally got my 2 prescriptions delivered, so dont have to wait on that any more.  They r building an huge new store that will have a drive thru.  lol think i wrote about that earlier.  I have my license to have memory lapses,,,lololol. 

Yall tc,,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Austin today

Gonna be just a short post today, im back from Austin n just tired.  Found out why my lap band hasnt ever worked like its supposed to.  It has a leak where the port is, (thats where they go in to do the fills), so when i would get fills, over the next few days, it leaked out.  Now,,,i have to go have day surgery to replace the valve.   Ill find out more later, didnt today.

Did go to Red Lobster to eat.  yummmmmm.  Brought home enough leftovers to last a couple more meals, lol.  

Well, got errands to do, n just a little time left, so im outa here for today.

Monday, May 2, 2011

RAIN,,,COLD,,,on MAY 2!!!

Been raining off n on all nite, n still is.  LOVE it.  Its also 48* right now, at 10:35 am. Took the day off from respite because of the trip to Austin tomorrow.  Sure glad i did, didnt go to sleep til about 3 am.  Ill take something tonite, but NOT those sleeping pills, lol.  An aleve works just fine.

Sure was glad to c that DD got to enjoy his races.  Didnt know how long it took this front to get there.  By then he mighta been wishing for it. lololol   And glad also, that he found the old pig.  Better to know than to always wonder.  And NO! i dont want to c the pics.  Ive had things around here that just disappeared, and i still dont know what happened to them.  Like the pair of roadrunners.  They were around for 5 years, after i moved here, and raised their young, too.  Then,,just never saw them again.  They were comics.  When i would be working out in the yard, they would be lurking behind a bush r a tree, stretching that neck out to c what i was doing.  They would bob their heads up n down, n all u would c is that long neck n the head.  My cats just ignored them, like all the wild life that has shown up around here.  No telling what theyve just laid there n watched.  Had a fox that climbed my plum tree n ate all the plums. lol,,, I didnt care, i didnt pick them anyway.  Watched it out the window.  Went out my back door one day n surprised a half grown possum.  lmaooo,,,it DID keel over n play dead.  I waited it out, tho, n it finally got up n ran away.  Coons, deer, r common.  And snakes. lol  At nite when i come home, i let Jude lead the way to the door, if i havent left the lite on.  I have a good lite on my key chain too, so i can get the key in. 

Got my bro, G, paid off his 4.00 yesterday.  He won that in our moon game last Sunday.  I had made a sticky note,,EOG,,4.00. lol,,,Even if it is a nickel, i never forget a debt. 

OOO GEEEEZZZZ Obama on, taking up my news time.  Muted it, as bad as a soap, hearing him.  Only reason i didnt turn it off, is so ill know when hes gone.

Not sure how, but ive got to clean my small fish thing out.  Last nite i couldnt stand that buzzing from the little motor that runs the air flow, n unplugged it.  Guess they dont have to have it, lol, theyre fine.  Might not ever plug it back.  Ok, gonna start on it, get a move going here.

Remembered after i went to bed last nite, yesterday was 3 years since i quit smoking.  Not even a puff.   Never thot i could do that, and it wasnt even hard.  Had the head start, tho, when i had quit breathing with pneumonia, and spent nearly a week in the hospital, so by then, maybe the worst was over.  I was in ICU, and told 1 of the nurses to hand me my purse, and took them out and told her to throw them away, which she did.  lololo.,,,later had to ask her to get em back out, the case had my spare car key in it.  Then back in they went, and my dotter took all of the ash trays, cartons, etc, out of my house before i came home.  Used chantix?,, for 30 days, but after that, nothing.  Used those plastic stirrers to chew on, but not a whole lot.  Now i can fuss about second hand smoke,,hehehehe.  It really does bother me, tho, chokes me.  My house stays cleaner, n the new paint stays the same, doesnt turn dark n grimy.

Not sure how many fish i killed, outa my 5, but so far, 2.  Really dont care, ready to get rid of that aquarium anyway.   Maybe they dont like clean water.  I used the drop in it for chlorine.  o well,,,,whatever.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Late Easter Spell,, lololol

59* right now, 2 pm.  How about that?   Havent had a drop of rain, but maybe later.   Its been cloudy all day, and the wind is right out of the N, and,,,, cold!  

Still no word from the niece in AL.  And my toe is all kinds of colors, but not very sore now.  Wont wear a shoe yet, but do have socks on,  told ya, its cold!  

All this to-do about sevin dust, and yesterday i was digging around in my store room,,AND,,u guessed it.  Found 1/2 of a small bag of SEVIN  DUST!!.  Used it right then, too, and this morning,,no ants.   Just a little 2 foot line across their trail,,stopped them.  Got all my chicken feeders n stuff taken out to N.  I wont ever have chickens any more, which i really regret.  Love watching them.  And yummm,,,fresh eggs.  oooooo,,,forgot to bring in a dozen from Ns,, 

Well, 4 pm now, and i just turned some heat on.,  Its COLD,,,i tell ya.  My Hey Jude likes it.  He hasnt wanted me to comb him today.  I get tons of hair off every few days.  lololo,,,When i came back home a little bit ago, there were these ants in a group, around the 2 holes,,like,,theyre so cold they dont know how to go back in. hahahahaha   I stopped by my dotters house, n she was out in shorts, saying she was soooo hot.  I asked if she was having hot flashes, then saw the mower.   She had stopped to re-gas it.  Here i am, in sweats, telling her i had to get outa that cold wind, n shes sweating!! lmaooo.    What a good day to mow. 

Sure hope DD is getting to c his races.  All i can c is a strong wind advisory for the coast until 6, outa the S. SE.  Dont know when the front will get there, would think soon, tho.  Here it is 4;30, 54*.   Gonna have an early supper, so cya later.