Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ho hum,,

Got quite a bit done today, and not in the mood to do this.  I cleaned a little in the kitchen where i used glass cleaner, (i make my own), cooked some hamburger helper, and just generally took my time.

This is the glass cleaner, best i've ever used.  Came from Ann Landers a long time ago.  Makes a gallon.

1/2 c sudsy ammonia  (i use plain, can't find sudsy)
1 pint isopropyl rubbing alcohol
1 tsp dishwashing detergent

add water to make gallon.

Easy huh?  Cleans grimey, greasy stuff excellent.  No streaks. 

G came by yesterday for a bit, then said he was going out to Ns, asked if i wanted to,,of course,,i did.  Had a great time.  B and SIL showed up too, going out to a Volunteer Fire Dept. barbq.  Got home barely in time to eat supper and get thru by 8.  My movie time.  Water for Elephants is a good movie.

I sure love that site at ustream,,petespond.  All kinds of wild life show up there.  Elephants, zebras today too.  And i read about something new on Google Earth,,lets you take a road trip thru some Nat'l Parks, like you're really driving it.  Gosh,,need to do that and see them.  They are in CA.

There's a site on facebook for this area, a swap, sell one, and i put my other laz y boy chair on it, but didn't think the pic loaded, so i just left it,  couldn't find how to delete.  SIL told me it was there, and people were asking about it, but today it's not.. Think they kicked me off.  And i don't know why my pic never loaded.  Then did, later.  I'll try later, and if i can't maybe she will do it.

DD is talking about why people like blogs.  I agree with all he says.  But the one thing i like most, is when the blogger comes back and answers the comments.  It lets you interact more with them.  The ones that never answer are the ones i rarely leave comments on.  And sometimes i might miss going back and not seeing them, so i apologize now if i do.  Any way,,, that's the best ones,,

Time for lunch, or,,,i'm hungry,,lol.  Time doesn't matter.  It's crunchy taco,,,good.

Yall tc, and