Friday, December 9, 2011

Sooo Late Today

Just had my waffles.  lol, I know it's almost noon.  It was my last 2, gosh, i'm getting a long grocery list for next week.  I guess i need to think about what i'm gonna cook for Christmas, but,,,that thot just now hit me.   I did those hunks of red potatoes for Thanksgiving, but just don't wanna do those again.  Hate the thot of the same foods again.  But nothing sounds good, anyway, at least not often.  HA,,,that way i won't eat much.  I just might do some stir-fry veges ( not spinach,,hehehe).  I CAN make that good tho.  Stir fry with some bacon grease, onions, bacon bits, good seasonings,,,  I still have my lemon pepper, Mrs Dash, 2 or 3 unopened, and a couple more of good ones.  O yeah, garlic powder.  I keep that in the fridge, with a few more. 

Those frozen veges i cooked yesterday, were ok, but not something i'll do again.  They looked better than they tasted,,to me, but of course, i never cared for veges.  (except that spinach,,hahahah).  I drink V-8 sometimes,,does that count? lolol  One year, long ago, i craved green beans, fresh, and since i did ONE garden and no more, i started looking for them at road side stands, grocery stores, (we had 3 at that time).  Months went on by, and NO GREEN BEANS!! How can that be?  My craving had gotten worse, i'm dreaming about them.  No one around here had a garden either!  Well, about 3 months down the line, i went into one of the little mom and pop groceries,,and ,,,,there they were!!!.  I bought a BIG bag of them, some new potatoes, and got my pressure cooker out, cooked them right then.  Nearly ate the whole pot.  Don't know why i did that,  my body was screaming for em, but i don't know why.  Think it was just my taste buds,,,

Nothing screaming at me today.  Trying to eat stuff out of my freezer, and making pretty good progress.  I have to do that sometimes, to keep stuff from getting old, and to make room for other things.  I should take some of that venison out, but,,,not sure i want to do that much cooking.  lol,,It's just one pan, but makes a mess battering it and all.

Today seems so much like Saturday.  Several times i have reminded myself it's Friday.  It's not a bad day, kinda sunny sometimes.  Not really cold. 

Ok,,nothing but babble, so,,,yall tc,