Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another Day in the Life Of,,,,

Just watched weather, saying BIG rains coming Thurs nite, over 3" or more.  Do we believe that?  I'm for wait and see.  Would love it, tho.  Around here we never get enough.

Gotta get my oil and filter changed in a bit.  Been a year, and about 6000 miles.  Just don't go anywhere.  Was going to take it to another place, but J volunteered.  Just don't want him doing anything to hurt his back.

Well, Christina's team was in last place last nite!,,,hahahahaha,,she ruined her own chance, and i really feel sorry for the singer Chris.  I went to the web site and so many felt the same way i did.  She needs to be taken off, after what she did.

I was so sore yesterday was hard to move at all.  I finally remembered what i had done and that was bending over so long, cleaning out a cat litter box, all parts of it, outside.  Then, combining 2 of them, cause one hasn't been used in so long, i just emptied it.  Jude goes outside, so this one is rarely used, but there in an emergency.  SS, Jude is the one i brought home from your house years ago.  I was there helping SS with a garage sale before they moved, and this woman and i got to talking about cats, and she told me about him, then ,,,brought him to me in a carrier, said i could have it too.  He had wandered up to her house, and she had taken care of him, til i showed up.  lololol. He's a fantastic cat.  And, the only one i have now.

That's all,,,so yall tc, and