Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whole New Setup Here

Not sure i like this.  Just don't understand why IE isn't right for blogger now,,,really strange.  Blogger told me my browser, (IE) didn't support it any more.  And like Jojo, i couldn't post to some blogs, got a blank page, going there.  Also, just changing pages sometimes, too.

Was sooo good to hear from Hoboroad.  Had nearly posted to his blog the day before.   Don't know if he keeps up with these or not, if it's not done daily, you would get so far behind you couldn't.  I would, anyway.

Been walking a bit, in the last couple of weeks.  I've increased a very small "bit" too. lololol.  And will keep on.  I walk somewhere where i can sit down if necessary, and now it's been at the park.  Yesterday and today the stock show is out there, and i didn't see the geese.  They were probably up around the building pulling their begging trick on all those people.  lololol.  I didn't have anything for them anyway.

Well, i'm just sitting here, nothing to say, so,,,yall tc, and