Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just Forgot

No post today, forgot, too late now.


Monday, January 30, 2012


My left ear has been itching for weeks, and i know that if i swab it out with vinegar, it will stop. It's usually caused by a plug of wax that will come out when i do it. Well,,,i finaly got it done. This works a hundred times better than a prescription med i have used before. I was talking about having a list of things vinegar is good for, yesterday. LOL,,don't know where it is, but,,,i do have a list somewhere. Have a list for WD-40 too,,,somewhere.

If i ever find em, i'll try posting them here.

OMG,,,my son brought a video by last nite, and after i watched it, i called him and told him,,won't be able to sleep tonite!,,And i didn't either. I had told him i would try to put it on Youtube, but,,,right before i uploaded it,,,i stopped!! Thot, NO WAY,, You'll know why when i tell you. He has another 29" coral snake in an aquarium,, and he's filming it, and notices that it is shedding it's skin! Amazing,,,,It goes just fine for me,,,UNTIL he reaches in there and PICKS UP THAT THING! With his bare hand!!! Lets it crawl around on his hand,,,and arm. Gosh, getting kinda upset again right now. He does that several times. I think he filmed this last fall, before i told him about there being no more anti venum for coral snakes here in the US. And i think my g/dotter helped do the filming. I can't put that on Youtube. I don't want someone seeing that and thinking it's ok to handle them, then get bit. NO WAY, i tell ya. The last part was a chicken snake, drinking. Forever. He told me later it drank for about 45 minutes, because they go so long in between. Now,,that one's ok, might just put that one on Youtube. Has anybody seen a snake drinking?,,,I never had.

What do yall think?

I just about died laughing when i opened DDs blog. hahahaha,,It's contagious!

Yall tc, and


Sunday, January 29, 2012


Got started on the petition yesterday, and just around this neighborhood, i got about a dozen signatures. Not gonna be hard. No one wants that road shut off. Bro said he got about 20 at church on domino nite.

I saw a pic of a roadrunner on Jojo's blog, and it made me remember the pair that were here for years. Those are some fasinating birds! They are nosy, and funny. When i was out in the yard, they would stretch that long neck out from behind a bush or something, watching me, seeing what i was up to. I watched them playing chase one time, around a big bush. One would catch up, and both would jump high in the air, then take off again, round and round.. I didn't have my flip cam then and missed so much. They raised one chick a year, and you never saw it til it looked as grown as them. I got to watch their mating dance once, just happened to look out the window, and saw one running across the street with a lizard in it's mouth. Guess it was the "he", cause "she" was here in the yard with her wings hanging down, kinda fluttering. He ran up to her with that lizard and dropped it right at her feet. Then they did all this crazy looking dance,,jumping, bowing,,round and round each other. A vehicle went by and scared them off. LOVED those silly birds! They were around for about 5 years, then i just never saw them again. Saw one, once, and had high hopes.

They are like the armadillos, cotton tails, and other things that have just about disappeared around here. Where i live, there should be lots of cottontails, but i've never seen even one. Last year i told my son that i had never seen a rabbit here, and the very next day!!!!, i looked out my back door and there was a jack rabbit in my neighbor's back yard, til the kids there saw it and ran it off. And to this day, that is the ONLY one. I called him and said,,you're not gonna believe this,,,,,, I think the fire ants have a lot to do with the disappearance of ground nesting things. Well, even tree nesting. I've heard they have even hurt our deer population, getting to the babies. Haven't ever heard anything else about those knats. Maybe i ought to contact that man again, and ask about the progress. It's a knat that kills those ants. Imported,,,lol. They had been released in a few counties when i had first contacted him at the UT. He told me they were as close as the next county over from me, and if i would, to let him know if i saw them here. I never did, but last year, didn't see the ants either. They stayed way underground, due to the lack of water.

My yard needs mowing so bad. I told the man that does it, to do it any time it's dry enough. I haven't seen these weeds get like this ever. Not these. I think they are ragweed. About a foot tall, real thick now. Frost sure didn't hurt em.

Not excited about super bowl, probably won't even watch it. If i go to my bro Bs house, it'll be on for sure, only way i would see any. I'm not in any pots, so no interest.

Well, gone for today, yall tc, and


Saturday, January 28, 2012


No post today, need a day off.

Friday, January 27, 2012

the GATE


Finally remembered to do this.  Was getting kinda late, but enlarge em and they’re ok.DSCF0005



Not only is the gate all the way across the road, but the ditches are fenced too.  No way around.  Can you tell the road is paved?  Which means it’s a city maintained street, city owned.  (which is US)  LOLOLOL,,,Don’t fence me,,,,OUT.  hahahaha.  Also, I don’t remember if I told you, he does not own both sides, he owns one side, leases the other.  That was the argument that the city manager said why he could do this.  But we don’t think that’s true at all.  Guess we’ll find out.

Today is Friday, which doesn’t mean a thing any more. lolol,,,Used to be,,Party Time!  I was so surprised yesterday to find out the date was the 26th!  hahahah,,,Was paying my taxes and asked.  Got my little gadget, calendar, on this, just need to look at it.  I do look at my sticky notes, and most of the time, glance at the calendar.

I wanted so bad, to ask DD about his swamp, but I have so many times,, I didn’t do it.  Soooo,,,I was really thrilled to see it today.  TYTYTY DD.  Again.

Guess I’m out of things to say, HA,,in print, anyway.  So yall tc, and


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time, Time, Time

Not much time today after bro came by and we polished up our petition. Got an appointment to get a hair cut in a bit, so time is short. Which doesn't matter anyway, nothing new going on.

Just tried to eat a couple of slices of pizza for lunch. That stuff just won't go down, had to quit. Gets hung and i have to upchuck a little to get it out. No more! When it is shut down, liquids won't go down either so you can't take a drink to wash something down. Won't go!

Also been messing with one of my scanners, not picking up the dispatcher, which is strange. I think it's the antenna connection but haven't been able to help it. Got another one plugged in now, checking. I get it on one of them, so i should be on the others. Get the ones talking to the dispatch, just don't get dispatch. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR Had 2 people call me and ask what was going on nite before last...hahahaha...was a hi speed chase from maybe Brady, for the man, driver, supposedly very suicidal. He ran over tack strips in 2 different places and still didn't stop. When he finally did, it was in the lot at my son's place. hahahaha,,,and he was one of the 2 that called, and missed it by about a minute, had just left. They took him to jail, and about 15 minutes later, were calling for EMS. See how exciting a little town is? hahahahaha,,,My ears really perk up when i hear my last name on there...seeing who, what, where is going on. One time my nephew told the cop, they just wanted to go walking in the dark!!!,,,lmaooo,,,told him later, couldn't you think of something better than that!! They had looked suspicious. He started laughing,,said he told his friend,,,my aunt will hear this! They had parked their vehicle at some storage units and walked to a tower and climbed it,,,sure couldn't tell that. Wish my son hadn't told things HE did, don't need others doing them.

Gonna go ahead and pay my house taxes today. We used to get a discount by paying them early, now,,it's the same til the end of Jan. So i never give them my money to use any earlier than i have to. Doing it today, cause i am kinda forgetful,,,lololol.

Hey, yall tc, and


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Late Today

I'm still laughing over my imagination of BB driving around a Walmart in one of those electric carts!!! Don't blame his son for telling him he wasn't gonna be with him any more....hahahaha

My bro G came by this morning and we got this river stuff ready to start getting signatures on. I also talked to our game warden yesterday, and he said he did know about it, but understood that the gate was going to be way on down by the railroad tracks. Said he would go by when he was back here, and get back to me. My phone line kept cutting me off and on yesterday after the rain started, and when the repairman came by today, (problem was on the pole) he was even shocked about that gate. Said he even used that street to take his kids to the river. And he will be glad to sign our petition. Everybody has said that too. The friend on the city council called this morning, asking how we were doing on it, and when we wanted to get on the agenda with it. Also, asking how she could help.

Just saw on the weather, how bad Houston is getting it right now. wooooohoooo,,DD,,gonna get that swamp full YET! It started here about 1';30, i was awake,,bad wind, then later the rain. lololol,,,we got a total of .54! Always that way. Maybe a little more coming tonite.

I ordered some pants, online of course, and just don't know HOW i managed to get the size of 2 wrong!! How can you do that? Makes NO sense to me. Anyway, i sacked them back up, went to the post office to get them sent back and,,,WHEN did the postage go up so high? Cost 8;05 for just 2!!! Way back when, woulda been about 4;00. Is that the way they're gonna use to stay in business? lololol. At least i won't have to pay postage on the exchanges coming back to me. Which made no sense either, but i asked several times,,to be sure.

*&^%^%#! it!,,,set my vcr to record Idol last nite, and did it wrong! Hate when i do that. I've watched some shows later online, maybe i can find this. Looked for the one on Sunday nite, but never found it, so missed it too. And,,i would turn my tv off if i couldn't get something besides Obama. When i see a blog doing politics, it's OFF for me! Who the hell cares what their opinion is??? Got mine, yours won't change it, soo,,,won't listen,,or read.

OK,,enough of that,,,lolololo,,yall tc, and


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did You See Him?

Did i see Hobojoe???? Sneaked in to BBs blog! THEN, didn't do a post on his! OMG,,just don't know what to think!

Supposed to have big rains the next 2 days. HUH!,,I just looked and it's all over to the E, map showing big rains THERE, in places. Austin just had some hail. That's what made me look, to see where we stood. No worries. It is cloudy, cooler.

Guess what i found in my pantry,,,hahahahaha,,,Don't know why i didn't look at it when i went thru the pantry before. It's a box of cake mix,,,expiration date,,,9-00. hahahahaha,,,I don't have very many boxes any more. lololol. And that pancake mix i used today,,,gone! It wasn't out of date, just horrible tasting. YUK,,,I will get to the store today for waffles. (I'm out). Out of milk too. The $store might have those.

I'm still walking, did a little more yesterday, i think. Gonna have to start wearing my monitor. Hope there's not a minimum,,,hahahahaha. Maybe these shoes that rock and roll, are the difference. Can barely stand in them,, make me stagger. lololol. I can just see trying to explain that to a cop! Hey officer, it's my shoes. Bet that's a new one.

Seems my posts are getting shorter all the time. Don't want to quit doing dailys tho. Even if they're short. Just nothing to say. Same ol, Same ol,,, Maybe it'll get better. For all of us that seem to be stuck in a rut.

So,,yall tc,


Monday, January 23, 2012

I Did It!!!

Just before the kids showed up with supper,,kids,,lol,,, i somehow did something,,that saved all the 2011 blogs to documents, then i put them on a flash drive! It looked like it had just saved a little over a month of them, but,,,you can clic on the links and go to ALL of them. Comments too! I think it took all of 2 seconds. I showed the kids, so they would know that little fd had like,,my journal for the whole year. This beats a book, and those little fds don't cost much now.

BB, got your email this morning, after the fact, but TYTYTY. I can't believe how much help i get with things on these blogs. Another thing was using metallic blinds on my new metal door. I had never heard of them, and seems no one else i know here, had either. Even the men that put them on. I looked and even Walmart had metallic curtain rods, etc,,,too. And another thing,,BB,,my son loved your ideas for that gate!!! hahahaha,,Even mine, putting glue in that lock. lololol...Think he might have done just that,,,later. He was sure laughing about it.

I sure hated to read DDs blog today. But i know how he feels, these take a lot of time. (Which i have, but others might not). And i type FAST...lololol. My boss bought a throw away ribbon for MY typewriter one time,,you got to the end, threw it away,,WELLL,,I hated that thing, chewed him out for messing with MY typewriter. I would be right in the middle of something and have to change that **^^%!#^# ribbon. Also, i could type faster than it could move. So a lot of letters hit blank spots. I never let the word,,boss,,,mean anything to me. You ASKED me to do something,,,NEVER ordered!!,,Better even say,,,"pretty please",,,hahahahaha,,,not really.

My son and gf stayed til after 9;30 last nite, and by the time i got to bed, i couldn't go to sleep again. So i'm double tired today. Doesn't matter, i'll nap later. Nothing going on today,,,lolol,,like there ever is,,Well, sometimes i guess. After they left, i turned the tv on, and the game was over, but then the post game came on, so i gave up on watching Idol,,,Haven't figured out WHY it was on that late, and on Sun,,,anyway. Couldn't record it, didn't know the times. I can watch it on this,,later. Have to do that sometimes when i miss a show i wanted to see. OMG,,Steven Tyler sang for it! lmaoooo. Saw that on the Today show this morning.

OK,,yall,,,tc, and


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Too Tired to Think

Well, i got some research done about the rivers, access  , and the way i read it, it's illegal to block a public access,,,and a city street is public access.  Printed out some of the reports, just to show in case it's needed.  We want to get others to sign a request for taking that gate down, and that won't be hard...NO ONE knew or wanted that done!  That lock needs some glue in it. hahahaha

Talked to sis N,,and they were into a really bad job.  LOLOLOL,,,Had a dead skunk under the house, all swollen up and putrid, to get out.  Had been under there about a week, she thot.  She said it had porcupine quills in it, so that was wy it sprayed at the end of the house, about a week ago.  She has no idea how it got under the house.  She thot it was skunk proofed a few years ago, when she kept having families living under there.  I'm not gonna let her know how funny i think it is,,,,hahahaha.

My son called just a minute after i got up, asking if he and his gf could come by and make supper,,,WOW,,,sure don't need to ask, far as i'm concerned!,,,I don't know what, didn't ask, doesn't matter.  So they'll be around later, and i'm gonna get a nap in,,couldn't go to sleep last nite, so,,,nap time today.

I still haven't figured out how to save my blogs.  Emailed blogger help, and someone said to go to settings, export,,etc.  BUT, it's gibberish.  lol.  Then sometimes,,it just saves one.  Sure would like to do this, but,,gonna take time, i guess, to figure out how.  That other thing i downloaded, HTTrack, i had to take off.  It wouldnt' work either, or it was me, not able to make it.  Anybody got any ideas?

Might not ever get this done.  Might just be short,,er,,,today.  I've been up and down, doing a few things, like, a load of laundry, using my floor sweeper, and tried to nap a little.  Think i'll call it a day, here.  Yall tc, and


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't Know How to be OLD

Got my Schwan's order a bit ago.  Will have something from it, for supper.  I have a choice of pizza, or lasanga.  Sound good?

My bro G came by and we discussed what all we need to do about getting that street opened back up.  I talked to a friend that is on the city council, and she told me kinda what we needed to do,,,and in her words,,,"make us look like fools,,,",,,hahahaha.  They listened to one man, and then let him put a gate across this street, all in the same meeting!!!  No posting, no notifying to neighbors,,,US, ,,,just did it all in that one meeting.  That street is the only access to the river below the dam on this side.  I'm going to check to see if it was even legal to do that.  The man did it because of so much vandalism there.  WELL,,, put the dang city cops to work, doing their job!!!  Gonna be hell to pay,,,when we get thru....lololol.  Let him fence his OWN property, not close a city street.  Come to find out,,,the street isn't in the right place,,,it actually needs to go thru a barn he built down there.  hahahaha.  So,, take the gate down, or move the barn!

I read these other blogs,,,like climbing ladders,,cleaning vehicles,,,etc and how much it does to our bodies.   lolol...I don't know how to be OLD!  Can anyone tell me?  If i get down on the floor, how do i get up?  I did that yesterday,,,loolol,,,but,,i did get up.  When i moved some stuff to vacuum,,YEAH I DID,,,i pulled out the plug for the verizon wire.  Didn't know it til later, and that's when i had to get on the floor.  Finally got everything back right.  And up.  lololol.

When i walked yesterday, i went quite a bit further.  Surprised even me.  Sometimes you need to take a day of rest, like i did the day before.  Maybe that's something we learn,,,getting old,,,hahahaha.  I'm even kinda getting to LIKE it. The walking, NOT the other.   I've had to make myself do all this stuff, like the raising myself up and down from a sitting position,,,after i realized if i didn't use it, i would lose it.  And,,at this age, "lose it" takes on a whole new meaning,,,,, So kinda liking the walking is GOOD.  Anybody have any good ideas on this?  Be glad to hear some.

Gosh, didn't think i had anything to say,,,just goes to show,,huh,,,yall tc and


Friday, January 20, 2012

OMG,,,Forgot it is Friday,,,lololol

My friend Sue called and invited me for supper yesterday.,,,And OMG,,it was so good, my mouth still waters just thinking about it. Grilled steaks, baked taters, and all the other fixings. I had craved steak for a long time, not knowing if i could eat it or not. Hadn't been able to the last time i had tried. Can't chew it enough to work with the band. But,,,this was fine. I took one of the thin ones,,,think that made it ok. Sue was ok with it too. Her band is tighter than mine. Brought home leftovers, from my plate, for lunch today. yummmm.

Saw a comment on another blog about neuropathy in the feet, and i have that. NOT to the extent i can't wear socks, but my feet hurt mostly at nite when i go to bed. In the last few weeks, i've figured out that if i stick them out from under the covers, in the cold,,they quit. lolol. Neuropathy causes the nerves to make the bottom of your feet burn, and sometimes shooting pains. Well, the cold makes that burning stop. Without having to take a pain pill. Wearing those diabetic shoes on the trip to Austin, all day, had made them hurt so bad, they are still sore. Not going to wear those any more. I tried some others yesterday, and they are fine. I was way too tired tho, to do my walking. BTW i take neurontin for it, have for several years. Is it helping?,,,Who knows, haven't done without it.

I'm doing this in Chrome, with the old blogger format. But,,it's different. I sure don't like the new one. I downloaded this HTTrack, so i could make copies of my blogs,,all of em. but,,omg,,,don't think i'll ever understand how to do it. I wanted to put them on a flash drive or a cd, but,,have to get them into that first. I'll look at it again,,later, to see if i can maybe understand how to use it. If anybody knows how, or does it, let me know. I know i can have em made into a book, thru blogger, but,,,,,would cost a lot to get em all. This way, would be just as good.

Have yall realized Jan. is nearly gone!!!,,,I'm still amazed how fast time goes. LOLOLOL,,,i might make it to 80 yet!!! hahahahaha Just turn around a few times,,,be there,,,,hahahaha....

Do you know, i haven't even gotten into the shower YET!,,,And i did eat those leftovers, and YES,,,,they were soooo goood. Still thinking about that vacuuming,,,,gonna be walking on a carpet of cat hair if i don't use it soon. Jude gets in front of the heater, does all his cleaning,,pulling hair out,,,etc. Saw a puff of it in there earlier. Ok,,enough,,things to do,,,(or think,,,hehehe),,,yall tc,,and


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Monday Blues, on Thursday,,,

Hmmm,,, i just DON"T like this new blogger get up.  Looks horrible for one thing.  All white and lite blue.

Went in to use the desk top earlier, and found out i had never put google chrome on, nor taken firefox off.  So that's what i'm doing in there,,  I couldn't get my printer to work from my laptop, had to go use that one.  I was trying to do a prntscr, and never could get it to work.  When i turn the desktop on, i always find lots to do with it.  Updating mainly.  Still got those going.  I really like sitting in that room better, lots of windows to see out of.  But the room is colder, or hotter, than the others.  Won't matter today!!,,,Springtime is here. lololol.

Got it done, and put blogger on the old option.  Got to do this one too.

I'm still tired, and didn't sleep again, last nite, til well after midnite.    So it's a do-nuttin day, too, BB.  Got a good book, good chair,,all i need.

I've been laughing since i read HJs heading on his blog,,,hahahahaha,,talking about Hand Jobs,,  hey HJ,,,didn't you mean,,,Hand Jive?  hahahahaha,,,loved the pics,
 have seen em before, but been a long time.  Zipping it, now,,,hahahahaha.

Got kicked out of a game site,,one time,,,cause i said something,,,Had to sneak back in with another nic,,,and keep my mouth shut.  lolol  OOOO,,,make that 2!!  Didn't want to go back to that other one,,tho,  I told em they sucked.  I was banned for 10,000 days,,,hahahaha,,,You had to pay to use that one, so ,,,,

Ok,,mind's a blank, so yall tc, and


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recuperating Today

Made it fine yesterday,,,,but my feet hurt a lot later.  Not from walking either, from wearing shoes.  What am i gonna do? lolol,,, and these are diabetic shoes at that.  The 2 pair i wear make the balls of my feet hurt, then my whole foot gets sore.  It feels like there's no padding there.  Even sitting, like most of the day, makes them hurt, if i have the shoes on.  I'm gonna try another shoe today, see if that makes a difference.

I just joined the Schwan's pool,,,for home delivery.  Somewhere a few days ago, i picked up one of their little catalogs, and found a few things i'm gonna try.  Prices weren't as bad as i had thot they would be.  Years, (and years) ago,,,when they first started this, i used them quite a lot.  The prices kept going up, so i finally just stopped.  They were the ones  that had the first chicken strips, and i bought em in a big 5lb bag.  Gosh we loved em, made a quick meal, and weren't high at that time.  I'll let you know what i think about the small pizzas, and the lasagna i ordered.

I went ahead and let the Doc put in 1/4cc fill in the band yesterday, and he was wanting to put in a 1/2.  BUT,,i remembered how bad the 1cc was, so i thot the 1/2 would still be bad too.  And i was right, the 1/4 is ok,  but i had bad indigestion last nite after i went to bed, (LOLOLOL,,,besides my feet hurting) that i finally just got up, took an aleve, 2 tums,,read for a while.  I just don't think this is going to work.  With this 1/4cc, it's not at the "right" place, and my body won't handle what it would take to get there.  Got 2 months to decide what to do.  O yeah, i haven't gained any, since Oct.  He was trying to tell me,,that as i lost weight, i could have more put in, but,,,it still won't ever be to the right place.

Going off with these 2 others, is a load of laughs all day.  The doc's nurse said she didn't know what she was gonna do with us,,,hahahahaha.  I blamed THEM for going to the Red Lobster to eat,,,,Then Sue told her, NOOOO WAY,,i had said even if i wasn't gonna get fills any more, i still wanted to go, just to eat there.  (we're not supposed to eat like that,,,,hahahahah)  And,, we laughed most of the way down there, about something i had heard ON THE SCANNER, a few days ago...And this did happen.  Some man called in, said his penis was cut and bleeding bad.  WELL,,,WE wanted to know HOW< WHERE< WHEN< WHO<,,,hahahahaha.  We found out,,,,LMAO,,,like Sue told the Doc,,,he was pleasuring himself, and stuck a rod up it,,,twisting and turning,,and it had sharp edges!!  Can you imagine????,,,Anyway,,,we KNOW it's not really FUNNY,,, but,,,it is.  We still don't know Who.  But,,we have connections,,,hahahahaaa.....

DD, that sculpter came here quite a bit, to get granite.  You would never have known what he could do, nor how famous he was.  And i think more so now.  Cause this was back in the 80s.  I worked as BK at our granite company for about 8 years, learned just about everything about it too.  My boss had pics of some of his work, and i was amazed.  He was getting granite for something for the capital, in Austin, the first time, i think.

Somewhere along those years, the manager started doing business with some Indians,  for India granite.  The black was so beautiful.  Well, one time someone wanted a statue of the state of TX, so i called them, in their office in CA, to get a quote of that in the black.  I told em the dimensions, and to be cut like the state of TX,,,AND he said,,,,,,WHAT'S THAT???? hahahahahaha  I had to fax pic.  Put me in my place,,,i thot the whole world knew what TX was!!! hahahahah  Like,,one time in order to figure the freight, i asked this man where Utah was,,,at least he laughed,,asked where Tx was.  It was just one small marker, and i couldn't see how it was worth it.

Hey, lunch time,,yall tc, and


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Short Today

Got up way early,,,well, 7:30, and we're leaving at 10:30, so that left me a little time.

DD I knew that sculpter you were talking about.  He came here back when i worked for the Granite Company and bought blocks, to work with.  Think his name is Moroles.  You would never have known he was a famous artist,  he dressed in old ragged clothes,  just like he worked in, i guess.  Jesus Moroles?

Copied my weather thingy from rvsue.  Had to contact them to get my settings, since i am so in the hicks here, but they emailed me right back.  I just didn't get to it til yesterday.

Well, got a long day ahead, so yall tc, and


Monday, January 16, 2012

Mem,,,ories Are Made,,,,of This

I see other blogs, in the comments, that have a reply option.  Mine still doesn't have that, so does that mean it's not updated yet?  I'm using Chrome mostly, lol, since it works.

DD sure brought up some good memories today.  I still can see that ol store where we made lots of trips to, when we were visiting family there.  It had the barrels for things too, and an old wood floor, benches outside for farmers, or whoever, to sit on most of the day.  A pot bellied stove inside for heat.  Couple of gas pumps just off the porch.  This was in a place just below the OK border, a few houses, mostly my kinfolks, and that store.  A couple of churches too.  And ,,, a community center.  This was where both my parents originated, so we went up there every summer for a couple of weeks.  Us kids LOVED it,,we were free to roam day and night.  That old store closed not too many years ago, after a new stop and go opened there.  SAD.  I haven't been there in so long, about 20 years, maybe, which is a shame.  In my Dad's family of 8, there is just one sister left, my fav Aunt, and she's not doing real well.  None of my Mom's.  Lots of cousins tho.  It's just so sad to think about "family" now,  doesn't mean what it used to.  Maybe because of both parents having to work now, and living so far apart, usually out of necessity.  Also, seems to be, to each his own, not helping each other like we did. 

LOLOL,,,gotta tell this,,,One Sunday morning, my Dad called and said,,,"which side of the house do yall want to paint today?,,,I'm bar b q ing,,,"  There was never a thot of saying anything but,,,"we'll take the South",,and the others did the same.  The younger kids, teens, got the back.  Bad mistake,,lololol,,,.  That's what started it all,,,hahahahaha,,,when my bro B painted a white stripe down the back of Dad's black dog. Then someone else painted one in someone's hair.  Before you knew it, there is a paint fight going on....hahahaha.  But,,,somehow,,the house got painted,,and a few other things,,,And somehow,,,we managed to eat that,,uh,,,ummm,,bar b q....lol.  Did i mention we were all black headed?,,,  We had so much fun there at that house, and i was a grown up,,,(whatever that means),,We played anti-over, mother may i, pitched pennies, and invented a new hide n seek game.  Called it capture.  Had the whole neighborhood involved in that.  Dad loved having kids around, so all the friends would be there too.  Mom said she never knew where she'd find someone sleeping when she got up.  In the yard, under a bush, on the porch swing,,,lololol.   We played all the old games from my parents childhood, and on back, and hopefully, we passed them on.  But i think they are in the past now, and families don't play together any more, like we did. O yeah,,,i did show g/dotter and her hubby how to play marbles.  I was there when he opened the bag, but didn't know how to do it.  The kids with the steel marbles,,(bearings),,were the good ones. lololol. 

 Like i said, so many good memories.

OK enough memories,,,well, for today,,,lolol.  But they do set the stage for having a good day.  Yall tc, and,,

HAGD too

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Football, and a Little Baseball

It's taking me longer and longer to do my gitupngo.  Maybe cause this is Sunday, lots more paper to go thru.  Didn't find a thing worth passing along. 

Guess everybody is footballing now, being it's after noon.  Gosh, i used to be such a die hard football fan, that that's how my whole weekends were spent.  I ran a pot, made it lots more fun.  I ran copies of the form for doing picks, out of the paper, and it cost a whole dollar to play.  You would be grabbing Monday's paper, checking your picks.  lololol,,,lots of fun and made you keep up with all the teams.  Then you had to wait til after Mon nite's game, back then, to see who won the pot.  Then OMG,,, the pots for playoffs and the SUPER BOWL!!!  There were squares, numbers from 0-9, and maybe a couple of others.  I never won any of the squares, but i sure did on the numbers.  I don't know why i've never gotten into the fantasy, like all the others have.  Bro B thinks he lost out last nite when the Saints lost, wow! what a game, on a 700.00 pot.  Doing the fantasy thing, with just 7 in it.  Somehow, i just lost interest.  Maybe because of not doing the picks any more.  Quit the Cowboys after years of frustration, and had to live with everybody calling me a Yankee lover,,,,lolololol.  Cause i bet with my head.  Even bro B has finally quit them.  I would be so upset, it would last for days.  Finally decided, not worth it.  No more fav team.  Took each game, bet the one i thot would win, never for a fav any more.

Don't think i ever told about back when my sons were playing peewee, little league baseball.  One year my youngest son's team didn't have anybody to coach them, and after a couple of weeks, i volunteered.  It was like,  WHAT???? A woman???  (I had played softball for about 15 years).  There was this BIG discussion, and they decided, welll,,, if my hubby would too, then ,,ok. HA,,He didn't know doodly.  So,,, he was named the coach, me, the assistant.  This was for a PEEWEE team, not like major league!!  That was a break thru, then another year i coached a little league team. 

But,,my proudest moment in all baseball history was,,I got a call one day, from my son's coach, asking if i could fill in that nite, he couldn't be there.  I said sure.  They were playing this team that hadn't lost a game.  lololol.  I got there and his dad handed me the line up, i told him i had my own.  All the kids were  talking about not being able to hit off this pitcher, (my son could cause i had shown him how) how fast he was, etc.  I told em,,yep, you can, and i'm gonna show you how!  So,,i take em off behind the bleachers, draw em the batter's box, and proceed to show and tell them HOW they were gonna hit off this pitcher.  It's just 110* that day, so i also tell em to go get drenched at the water fountain,,,they go whooping and hollering, and so the game begins.  When each one picks up that big ol long heavy bat, i take it away, say, here use this one.  My son's short lite weight aluminum one.  I remind each one of how and where to stand, how to hold the bat, and all that good stuff. AND,,,THEY ALL HIT LIKE CRAZY!!!  hahahahah.  WE beat the unbeatable!!  Their coach was standing over there, getting redder and redder,,,and i'm laughing behind my back. hahahaha.  We didn't just beat em, we stomped em.  Cause with all these kids hitting, their pitcher got more and more upset.  Yep, my proudest moment.  I broke the mold around here, for being female.  I was a lot of firsts.

Ok, i'm gone, yall tc, andd


Maybe i should explain a little.  I was raised with brothers, neighbors were 3 boys.  And thank God, my Dad never told me i couldn't do anything because i was a girl.  So i grew up, knowing i was as good as the boys, in sports, games, whatever.  I think he was proud of me, being like i was.  Heck, he's the reason i learned how to use a hammer, do some plumbing, cause he let me join in.  Mom didn't object, but still liked to put me in dresses, made me keep my long hair.  Later, they had 3 more, that's how i have the 2 sisters. and the bro B.  But not when i was growing up.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Whole New Setup Here

Not sure i like this.  Just don't understand why IE isn't right for blogger now,,,really strange.  Blogger told me my browser, (IE) didn't support it any more.  And like Jojo, i couldn't post to some blogs, got a blank page, going there.  Also, just changing pages sometimes, too.

Was sooo good to hear from Hoboroad.  Had nearly posted to his blog the day before.   Don't know if he keeps up with these or not, if it's not done daily, you would get so far behind you couldn't.  I would, anyway.

Been walking a bit, in the last couple of weeks.  I've increased a very small "bit" too. lololol.  And will keep on.  I walk somewhere where i can sit down if necessary, and now it's been at the park.  Yesterday and today the stock show is out there, and i didn't see the geese.  They were probably up around the building pulling their begging trick on all those people.  lololol.  I didn't have anything for them anyway.

Well, i'm just sitting here, nothing to say, so,,,yall tc, and


Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogger Messup

OK wanna know why blogger is saying my browser isn't supporting it, try google chrome.  Saying that's why we are having problems with comments.  Sooo,,what are we gonna do?  And why do i see comments on some with "reply" right under them?  What's going on?  Other browsers?  Someone said trying chrome didn't work either.  So yall, i've tried commenting today, on several, and just a couple worked.  Jojo, you're one.

OOO OYeah!! I did the research on that pneumonitis, and it's just another way of saying pneumonia.  Antibiotics cures it, so it does go away.  It's not like, if you get it, you're stuck with it for life.  Like my COPD.  Which, by the way, makes me more vulnerable.

I'm enjoying another new one, Mystic Mud, which is gonna be MM,,,so, thx, HJ.  Which is why i'm later and later showing up here,,,lolololol.  Lots of  blogs to read.

Read about the Parks and Wildlife doing the rabies drops again.  Someone said something about spraying houses!,,,NOOO spraying!!  It's little packets, like mustard packets you get at fast food places, and the animals chew into them, get the vaccine.  There's just a few places now, in Texas, that needs it done.  It's been wiped out in most counties.  And another thing,, these YANKEE dumbos need to learn a thing or 2 about cattle.  Way back maybe 70s, the ranchers here started using donkeys,,YES donkeys, to stay with their herds of cattle to protect them.  Just one donkey kept coyotes, and mountain lions away.  They stayed with the herds.  Now they use those huge dogs, that live out on the range with the cattle or sheep, whatever.   A friend bought a pair of those dogs, for $5000. and he had to be on a  list, took 2 years to get them.  But then he sold the pups everywhere.  Ranchers now are into goats and they sure need more protecting.  My newphew has one of those dogs, but ruined it by making a pet out of it.  And, they still have cattle.  Hard to do now, with the drought, and feed prices.

Ok, off my bandwagon ,,,at least for a while.  Blogger published before i was thru, so there's gonna be 2, so just read on,,,all.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blogger Trouble,,,AAAAgain


Thot it was my puter, til I read that others were having problems loading blogs, too.   It’s fine with me, if they’re doing some improvements, just get it done!.


Went out and fed these, they were upriver, but swam down to me when they saw me,,,lolololol.

 DSCF0004 - CopyDSCF0005

Then,,after they ate, they hovered around and went to sleep.  You can see in the middle pic, the white one asleep on one leg, head under wing.  They hang around til I leave.

Someone mentioned shingles today, and I had  them about 12 years ago.  Most painful thing I ever went thru.  Every 4 hours I took vicadon, which is something I hate, but with that, you take whatever you can.  They were from my navel around to my spine, and NOTHING could touch them.  I wore an old pair of sweats, low.  Couldn’t sit, either, couldn’t lean back.   I think I got them after falling about 2 weeks earlier, set them off.  Was misery.  They would wake me up during the nite, and I would walk the floor, waiting til I could take another pill, tears rolling down my face.  After they erupted, the pain got better.  They start down deep, on nerves, and travel out to the nerve ends, erupt in blisters.  The “down deep” is the WORST.

Don’t know what I’m gonna do, if I keep finding good blogs to read.  lololol.  I’ve added several, now more time is spent on them…

DD has me worried, you don’t let blood pressure get that high.  NOT GOOD DD!!!  I hear ppl calling EMS all the time with it not even that bad.  The worst I ever had was about 200/105, but that was before I started treatment.  Now it’s too low, I think.  Like,, 100/55, or something like that.  I don’t do a regular check.  I just keep trying to get my Doc to take me off meds.. LOLOLOL.  She took me off Atmos about 2 months ago, and now, you see commercials about that, saying call if,,,so n so.  If I were you DD, I would be in that Doc’s office, or an emergency room.

Read that homicides as cause of death, has been replaced by pneumonitis,,,Never heard of it, but,,,it’s what I had when my band was too tight.  Aspirated pneumonia.  NOW,,,what am I gonna do?  AND, I don’t know if that one time pneumonia gave me a permanent disease, on top of my COPD.  Gotta do some research on it.  Supposed to get this thing tightened again, next Tuesday, just a tiny bit tho.  What to do, what to do?..

Gotta do that, so yall tc, and













Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Today

Just didn't make it today, too much to do, then too tired,  bb tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Too Much Time

Well, nothing worked on my fixing yesterday.  Still have 2 bubbles, where i should have one.  And the numbers i put into a scanner never said a word. 

Sure got a lot of  "comment removed by arthur" yesterday, lol.  Have no idea what that was. 

Don't have any plans for today, but i think i'm going over to Marble Falls tomorrow grocery shopping.  I have a long list, kinda my monthly trip.  It's supposed to be pretty warm too.  Be a good day to be out.  When i went out to the park yesterday, it was cold, and wet.  And did NOT see those geese anywhere.  Had a 1/2 loaf of old bread for them, so i will try again today.  I'm still seeing several cranes.  They stay below the bank as much as possible, and when they fly, it's just barely above the water.  I'm never close enough to get pics.  Think i already told ya, tho, i'm not much on taking pics.  Never was.

I think we got about .8 rain.  Not anything like DDs.  Can't wait to see pics of his swamp, back full again.  He has lots of "happy frogs",, Might even have a crawdad or 2,,,Gosh, i remember when i was a kid and caught those using a piece of bacon tied on a string.  Up there around Paris Tx, they had pools.,,, down here, the ranchers have tanks. lolol,,same thing.  Up there, it was mud, lots of those crawdads.  My son said long ago, he would see some in the river, but,,,like the fresh water oysters, and lots of other things, they have disappeared.  Way too much toxins in it. 

I'm spending way too much time on this, trying to think of something to write about, so,,,not gonna any more.  Most of my days are about the same, and what do you do with that?,,, That's my problem.  Sooo,,,yall tc, and


Monday, January 9, 2012

Love This Rain!

Doing pretty good on standing up.  I think i'm doing it about once an hour.  Even at nite, watching tv.

It's been raining since 11:30 pm,,last nite.  That was just a 1 or 2 minute shower, then later, the same.  But when i got up this morning, was a steady rain, have had some thunder too.  No hail, as far as i know.  Wish i had a good rain gauge.  Will try to find out the amount.

Last week, on Monday nite, it was some new shows on tv, soooo,,,,what happened???,,,Reruns tonite.  Good thing i have lots of movies recorded.   Just don't do reruns.

Ol Jules will give you a laugh today, just in case you need one.

Wow ,,,showing around Houston getting flash floods,,big rains!!!  Bet DDs swamp gets full now,,,wooooohooooo.  O gosh, horrible thot, is he far enough away?  He might have to make a dash outa there in that new rig he's got..  DD!!! Let us know.  Plzzzzzzzzzz.

My youngest bro, B, had a birthday yesterday,,,Yep, on Elvis'.  He's the only wayward one Mom and Dad had.  Way off in Jan.  Rest of us,,5,,,Have birthdays within 3 weeks of each other.  Makes you wonder, huh,,,what was so special about that time 9 months back?,.... Then,,,that one other time,,,,lmaoooo.  Oct-16, 30, then Nov-6,7, 10.

There's 2 things i need to do today.  See if i can fix that bubble on my scales, should be one, not two.  Bro told me his levels did that, and he just tapped on them, made them go back to one.  I told him that i had sprayed that canned air on it to clean all the stuff out, and that was what made it do it.  He said he had never heard of such a thing,,canned air.  Neither had my other bro.  Told them i got mine at Walmart.  Then, i accidently found some new numbers to use in my police scanner.  Gonna check them out. 

Looks like the rain is about over.  GRRRRR, showing us having 1/2 - 1". 

OMG,,,,, lolololol,,, 2 gay women competed in the Miss USA pageant.....

Zipping my lip on that.  Yall tc, and



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pork Ribs, Anyone?

I'm trying to remember to stand up about once an hour.  Even walked a little yesterday, out at the park.  Will try to increase more as time goes on.  The way they were explaining it, you just had to stand up, moving not neccessary. 

Got an appointment on the 17th, in Austin, (hate that thot), to see the lap band doc.  Might be my last time.  Gonna talk to him about how filling it back to the right place will work, doing it slower.  Won't it still have the same effect when it gets there?  I can't do that.  Guess i'll find out.  Am i gonna be the one it just won't ever work on?,,,Horrible, to think of all i've been thru, and might not work with me.  It's been a little over 2 years now, counting the months of classes i had to go to.  Think i might get on the Biggest Loser??? hahahahaha

There's just not much of a choice on eating places here.  Fast food, bar b q, make up the most.  The one place i called has started closing on Sat. PMs!!!!  Unreal.  They have a fantastic chicken fried steak.  I can get the kid size, with a baked potato.  But,,no,,not today.   Then, the Pizza Hut left me holding too long, so i hung up.  Then when i called back,,twice!!, they wouldn't answer.  Ok, by now, 2 down.  Next?,,,Let's see,,,,,hmmmm,,,really getting hungry now.  Ok,, just gonna go by and get a couple of those pork ribs, way expensive,,but 2 makes me 2 meals,,at Coopers.  And that's how it worked,,The 2 ribs were almost 10.00, but you get the fixings with em.  I had potato salad of course.  And i have a meal for today.

Must be getting colder out there.  Sitting here feels like it.  O yeah,,,about my heater.  I think it was just the pilot lite, that went out when i walked by.  There was no smell of gas at that time, then in just a couple of minutes, i smelled it.  Gives me an instant headache.  When i relit it, there wasn't any sonic boom,,,lol.  It's been ok since then, too.  I've kept my eyes on it. 

Just got up and moved a bit, lol.

TYTYTY Ol Jules,,Turned the sound off, but watched the whole thing of Elvis.  Still love to watch his old movies, just to look at him..hahahahahaha,,Never get too old.....He was my man,,ummmmmhmmmm.  When he first was on the Ed Sullivan show,,all the neighbor kids came to our house to watch him.  We were the only ones with a tv.   I think my mom even wanted to squeal hahahahaha.  I was maybe 14.  Already into that good ol R&R.  Still am, as a matter of fact. 

Hey, yall tc, now, and



Saturday, January 7, 2012

Late Again

Gosh, gonna be short today.  Too much time gone out of it already.  Been changing how i pay my phone bill, and of course, on hold for ages.  Had ONE question, so had to wait for a person.  Gonna let them draft, and also, email the bill each month.  Did get to tell her something she didn't know,,,lol,,that on the bottom right of your checks, is printed the amount the bank actually holds out of your account.  I didn't know that til i worked for a CPA. 

One time, i spent days hunting a nickel.  Finally remembered and checked that, and sure enough,,there it was, the bank had held out 5cents less than the check was for.  When i asked them what they wanted to do, they said,,,just ignore it. lolol  So, i made a journal entry, corrected mine, and was good.  Didn't waste that much time any more, looked there a lot sooner.  It's so rare, you don't think of it.  I was taught double entry BK, so, i balanced to the penny. Something else i never knew, hope i'm not boring you, was,,,if you're off and the difference can be divided by 9, it's a reversed number somewhere.  Used that a LOT. lololol.  You can look and look, but you see the numbers the same, until you go away for a while.  Then they might jump out at you.  Or, you wake up in the middle of the nite, and KNOW where it is.  Done that too.

Did a lot of years bookkeeping, a lot working in an insurance office, but,,,my favorite was working in home health care.  Didn't know how much i hated sitting in ONE chair, 40 hours a week, until i didn't.  Which reminds me,,,lololol,,,on the news this morning, they told that no matter how much you exercise, eat right, and keep your weight low, you can still fall over with a heart attack if you sit a lot.  Too long at a time.  Like jobs at computers,,,BAD for you.  Said to get up once an hour.  I'm gonna have to do that too.  Even watching tv at nite, don't sit too long.

Ok, this is it for today, yall tc, and


Friday, January 6, 2012

Where are the Blogs?

Didn't see a lot of new blogs today.  lol, Must be a lot taking time off, too. 

Had some other things i had to do this morning, so i'm late.  But, got them done.   Had to write a letter of recommendation for my sis, and look up some other things.  This is how my time slips away, i look up and it's just gone.

Just had lunch, sausage roll, with pico, and potato salad.  Had a burger from the Sonic for supper last nite, a single meat one.  What i do is,,i cut the meat patty in half, then take half the bun off.  That way i have a double meat 1/2 of one,,lol, fills me up.  Wow, they have gone way up on the price too.  From 2.19?,,,up to 2.89 now.  Don't get one but about once a week.  Gotta remember to go on Tuesdays,,1/2 price day.  On those, anyway.

On Fridays, the paper has an 8 or 10 page section that is Fry's.  I don't need anything but like to look thru it.  Still kinda looking at those tablets.  Do NOT want a 7", gotta be 9 or 10.  More and more coming out all the time, and prices getting better too.  I don't need to be doing this,,,cause if i find a bargain, uh,,,u know.    That http://www.dealnews.com/ sure has em.  Don't go there very often.  But, if yall are interested, check it out.

Got lots of old bread to feed the geese out at the park.  My son gave me 2 loafs.  They LAUGHED when i told them, those things recognized my car!  Well, they do.  I  can tell how hungry they are, by how fast they come running and screeching.   Sometimes, not at all.  I never had those, nor guineas but would have liked the guineas.  They are like guard dogs too.  They don't miss anything.

Rambled enough today, yall tc, and


Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back, Aren't You Glad? lololol

Darn it, HJ, our timing is off.  You post at nite, i read it the next morning.  But what's bringing this up, is,,i was asking where those mushrooms were native to.  I've never seen anything like em, and would love to have some just to look at, they're so beautiful.

 And since i doubt if you see my comment on your blog today, i have to tell you, those Firecrackers went VIRAL here!  lololol.  My dotter called last nite, said something about Firecrackers,,and of course, i had no idea what she was talking about, i didn't take firecrackers to g/dotter's house,,,Well ,,,, i did,,,the cracker kind,,,hahahahaha,,Everybody LOVES em!!!.  Dotter works for the largest employer here, and when she made some and took them to work, she had to make copies of the recipe all day!!...She had made a double one.  Just want to thank you again, for putting that on your blog.

And, about that other comment... joking.  lol,,had to say that.  I always had PMS, but that was before it was a diagnosed thing,,,Knew it would be there, knew it would go away, so was never a problem.

DD, i've learned to ignore the things said about all the stuff i like, eventually they will say the opposite,,right?  Didn't make it long enough to hear em say cigarettes were good for you,,but,,,sure did try.

Why am i still sitting here, not doing my do today?,,,

Yesterday, i was in the front room at my desk top, and smelled gas.  Got up to look, and sure enough, my heater was out.   It's supposed to have all these safety things built in.  When it used to do this, there wasn't a smell of gas.  And that was caused by lint that needed cleaning out, that fixed the problem.  The only thing i had noticed was, the pilot light (3" flame) sputters all the time, always has, and is right in front of the burner.  Yesterday, it wasn't making any noise at all.  Maybe when i walked by, just that made it go out.  Sooo,,,i aired the house out, relit it, and watched it the rest of the day.  Wasn't sure what to do when i went to bed, but ended up leaving it on.  lol, Didn't go to sleep for a long time, and got up to look a couple of times.  It was fine.  Still is, so i don't have any idea what happened.  It has a clean flame, no yellow, nice and blue, so, i'm just gonna see what happens.

Guess i'm gonna get moving, at least for a bit.  Yall tc, and


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank God, It's NORMAL

Lots to do today,  FINALLY back to normal, right?  AND, it IS Tuesday, take out trash day.  Nearly did it yesterday.  LOLOLOL,, my older bro came by ,,and he said he did do it!  That's the one that lives 1/2 block away.  Besides a lot of stops, i have to get a new sticker on my car, and get more books from the Library.  I'm still on Lee Child, the Jack Reacher series.  Hard to put down.  I can't even watch tv without a book to read, during the commercials,lol. 

That reminds me,, a new change is ,, those commercials have to be the same volume as regular stuff.  HA,,,they did this a long time ago, and they never changed them.  They still kept blaring out, so i don't expect this new law?,,change? whatever, will work either.

Nothing bad happened around here over the weekend.  That's Great!  The jail might have had an overfill, but,,it was New Year's Eve,,,lolol.

I'm wondering,,( lol,DD), if i can put my blogs on a disc, or a flash memory.  I know i can get them made into a book, have that link thru blogger, but there's so many, i'd like them all on a disc.  Gonna check that out.

Well, i've sat here and let the time slip away, now it's noon, and will be lunch time for the places i need to go.  So, i'm here another hour.

I'm renewing my paper, even tho it's changed and i'm not sure i like it any more.  Tried doing without it for a couple of months, a few years ago, reading it online.  Well, that didn't last.  There wasn't any ads!!
I had never realized how much i used them.  It's changed owners, and now the first section has changed to something i  don't like.  I've gotten this as a daily since way back, in the 70s.  So you can see how much of a change it would be, not to get it.  I even got up  earlier back then, to read it with my coffee, before everybody else was up.  Besides, i like knowing what's happening in the world.  I can take my time now, and do. 

Reading rvsue, makes me wonder why she's camping in a family place, then complaining about the kids having fun.  Pack up and leave!  LOLOL,,,don't even have to pack up,,,start it up and leave.  We had motorcycles, 3 wheelers, mini bikes,, from the time our kids were little, theirs were kid size.  It was,,alll in the family,,,lolol.  We ALL had fun on them.  Looked out the window one time, and OMG,,saw my g/dotter, about 4 years old, going across the yard on my son's 3 wheeler!!! all by her self, him standing out there and watching her.  That 3 wheeler was big, but he had taught her well, she had no problem doing it.  He had her driving at 10, sitting on his lap.  When my second hubby and i hosted the biker meets out at his ranch, someone painted my name on the front of mine.  Years later, when i sold it,,lol,,that name was there.  All of these things are like guns, you teach them safety.  So, just don't stay there, if it's not your thing.  But don't complain, if you do.

 I still had my motorcycle license up until a few years ago.   I was the first female in the whole area that had one, and the first to need the license.  That man was so shocked,,his mouth dropped open,, then saying he didn't know what to do.  hahahaha,,I asked him why it was different than a male.  This was in the 60s, very few males had em, let along a female.  Besides, i was small, petite, weighed about a 100 lbs.  Like i say in my profile, i was one of a kind, not afraid to be different.  Somewhere back in these blogs, i know i talked about this.

Well, almost time to get outa here, so,,yall tc, and


Monday, January 2, 2012

What Day is It???

So far behind, today.  Almost 1 pm.  I have read all the updated blogs, which weren't a whole lot. 

When i got up this morning, had a hard time remembering what day it was!,,,;lololol.  Too many holidays, ready for normal.  And yesterday sure wasn't Sunday!  O well,  i'm back on track now.  Took a while,,tho,,hahahaha.

No NYs resolutions, learned a long time ago, waste of time, and guilt,,  Almost 99% were to lose weight,  and like i said, waste of time.  Got an appointment at my lapband Doc's on the 17th.  Gonna decide if this is a waste of time after i talk to him.  Getting to the right place gave me pneumonia by making me burp up stuff during sleep, even with a lot of pillows, almost sitting upright.  My Doc here said i could have  choked to death too.  BUT, being there, i lost 3 lbs in a week.  Wasn't hungry either.  Sooo, major decision.  To keep on trying with this, or not.  It will depend on what it does to me when i sleep.  He said he would go very very slow, now, to get back to that point.

Just saw the tv lineup for tonite,,it's some NEW ONES.  Couldn't believe it.  And The Biggest Loser comes back tomorrow nite.  And i think So You Think You Can Dance starts again this month.  LOLOLOL,,just saw where American Idol starts again on the 18th.  So,,I've made it thru the nothing,,,time.

I know this is short, but absolutely nothing going on. so, yall tc, and


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Got My Blackeyed Peas Ready

And, here it is, the beginning of another year,,,Where did last year go? 

Had to lmao, reading Ol Jules today.  It's always good to start a day with a good laugh, and he gives it to ya today.

I remember how we fussed at DD, going away for days and not letting us know, and how worried i got, and now, here's rvsue doing the same.  She is back today.  Her telling about her tank cover, made me remember an incident, way back when my dotter was in high school.  I took her, and one of her friends, to Austin for school shopping.  On the way, she realized she had lost her leather bracelet that had her name on it.  They looked in the car, and when we stopped at the mall, they did a thorough search, no bracelet.  Now, how is this possible?  We hadn't stopped anywhere, but, the thing is GONE.  We go on, shopping the rest of the day,,,and they talked me into buying her a top, like, for $25.00, crocheted with fringe on the sleeves and the bottom.    A see-thru thing at that!,,Had to wear it over something else.  This was in the 70s, yall.  But, $25.00????  That was half the budget, hahahahaha. back then.  (She still has that thing lol)  Well, any way, after a long day, we head home.  All is quiet, even they are.  Til i SLAM on the brakes, and yell, OMG, YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS!!!  Half way back, out in the middle of nowhere, there is that bracelet!!, Laying on the yellow stripes.  Well, i think it is, and turn around and go back.  Sure enough, it is.  Been run over all day long, slung here and there, but,,,there it is!!.  She remembered cracking her window and throwing out a gum wrapper, right about there on the way TO Austin.  It went with the wrapper somehow.  But to be there a full day down the line, unreal.

Got my can of blackeyed peas out, some ham steak thawing, and potato salad, all ready for today.  Starting my new year right, by golly.  Not that i'm superstitious or anything,,lol. But, take it as is.

Gosh, got so much to pay this month, that even with this HUGE raise i got, gonna have to be penny pinching.  lololol.  Like i'm not,,,hahahaha,,,Besides house insurance, taxes, car inspection, then yesterday, i got the bill for my paper, which i pay for 6 months.    Maybe i should double up on those blackeyed peas or something.,,,lol.

Hey yall, i'll share,,just come on,, otherwise,