Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Memories Today,,,

Got a good nite's sleep, and here i am, still sitting here not doing anything...lolol.  Well, i did read all my blogs, just got thru.  Were lots of em today.   HJ made me get lost over in youtube,,playing that Stagger Lee song.  I can just keep going, and going,,,,over there,,,lololol.  OMG,,i watched Amy Winehouse doing it and was horrified.  How could anyone keep drinking after watching themselves look like that?

 Don't remember which one reminded me of this, but,,once upon a time,,,lololol,,, My youngest bro has always loved to burn,,,fire has always fascinated him, and when his first son was about 4 or 5, i watched him trying to start a fire, in a fire pit yall,,,with those paper matches, burning his fingers over and over.  Well, guess what his favorite Aunt gave him for Christmas that year,,,hahahaha,,,boxes of strike anywhere matches!!  Told bro and SIL that he was the only one i would do that for.  Knew it would be ok with them.  My other nephew, grown, asked me WHERE i got those,  all he could find were strike on box ones.  Well that kid is grown now too, and he never burned the house down.  My bro still likes to burn, and has lots of stuff to burn, being in construction.  Has a really good fire pit, where some of us were on Christmas day.  lolol.  Watching some little fire bugs,,throwing stuff in.


This is a place you can use to make books of your blogs.  I love it, and intend to do it.  This is as good as, or better than a journal, since it's something we do almost daily.  I have a list of all my passwords in a note pad thingy close by, (cause i have to use it sometimes, lol).  I don't have any reason not to have them all written down for anyone that will maybe need them in the future. 

Caught a glimpse of the weather forecast,,HA,,but,,it says warmer thru the next week.  One day about 3 or 4 weeks ago, my china berry trees had dropped their GREEN leaves overnite!! Every last one of em, all laying there on the ground, still green.  How did they do that?  Don't think i've ever seen that before.

Ok,,think i'm gonna have to go back to youtube,,hahahahaha,,,but yall tc,,,and